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Things start disappearing on remote road on a small island in the middle of the pacific ocean. Meanwhile, elsewhere in space, two casts of aliens have been having a cultural war for millennia . Will the Chokeans survive the attempted benevolent genocide? No one could have suspected what happened, nor why there are so many pot holes on door of faith road! Read this sci-fi original to find out what the hell I am talking about!

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The Door of Faith

The Door of Faith
By Daniel B. Martin
August 17, 2016

Do you really think that you are alone? With everything everywhere how could you feel like that? Sure there are many holes in every theory just as there are many potholes in the road. Where do they come from you ask? Well that is a whole story on its own.

Part I
Millennia Ago…

Airabathus was a pretty planet inhabited by a wealthy species and they enjoyed many luxuries. Well most of them did anyhow. Of the sapiens there were two groups the Airabathians and the Chokeans. The Chokeans were far less well off, and their existences were comprised of struggle, rest, and more struggle. They often were compelled to try and survive amidst their poverty, and in doing so would rob themselves of their dignity as they became thieves in the night. Forced by societal pressures, they began to adapt and to steal from the Airabathians, who had too much, in order to feed their Chokean children, whom had far too little.

There were no reasonable compromises, at least not in the eyes of a disinterested party. However, the Airabathians had devised systems of law, and culture which required, in a manner much similar to how humans developed their own- that criminality must be punished rather than resolved. The easiest way for Airabathians to use their wealth and affluence to aff ect the socio-political spectrums of affairs on the planet was to create a police force, judicial system, corresponding correctional system and all of this also required the building of a prison colony on a remote planet far off in another quadrant of the galaxy far, far away from Airabathus. As the rights to terra and resources from most planets in most quadrants had already been laid claim to there was not much selection for the Airabathians without going to war.

Since it was a prison colony it did not seem pragmatic to go to war, wasting crucial resources and costing the lives of many good Arabathians just to gain territory remote enough for a prison colony. Rather they selected a reasonable sized moon which could more than accommodate the number of Chokean prisoners marked for export. The biggest hurdle in the relocation process lay in the lack of atmosphere on the selected moon. The best scientists and engineers were employed in creating suits that would create individual atmospheres for each prisoner. A permanent and confining suit which was legally allowed by being carefully written into the actual sentences administered along with the decrees of exile from Airabathus and Airabathian society.

The expense of manufacturing the suits, and the creation of the prison colony on such a remote and desolate moon was minute in relation to the perceived benefits that Airabathians would gather in having, over time, less and less Chokeans on the planet to deal with. The more and more they could get rid of them, the less ‘holes’ they would have in their society. So it took many years for the execution of this plan to evolve into fruition and for the suits to be produced and monthly drone ships were sent with loads of passengers already placed inside of their cell suits on a voyage of exile upon a desolate moon, a voyage from which they will never return to Airabathus.

Part II
Centuries Later

The suits were indeed as constricting as they were intended to be, and yet because of constant streams of exile the Chokeans continued to survive on their planet. They found ways of turning the desolation into motivation and they pressed forwards. They constructed things with the resources from the drone ships which were launched without ever sparing the expense of fuel for a return voyage. They were designed as cheaply as possible as they were intended to be disposable. But they began to litter the surface of the moon as more and more exiled Chokean prisoners arrived every month. The Chokeans, being resourceful, began the deconstruction of the ships. They took the parts and started sorting them out, and made what sense of them they could with the brightest among them.

As they had no means of procreating because of the limitations of their cell suits, they were not so limited by sexual availability. Both men and women prisoners were sent to the planet and the Airabathians considering their problem en route de salut spent no time or resources monitoring the prisoners who they assumed would live and then die in the exile prison colony without having any means of furthering themselves as a culture. This is where they were wrong.

The prisoners often fell in love, and enjoyed spending time and consciousness with each other. They were confined in sexual exile though by the limitations of the cell suits. And so while the men and women, men and men, women and women could be together there were confines on their experiencing the liberties of being-hood that they could experience prior to the rather intentional placing of their bodies and all of their sex organs within a cell suit. You see the cell suit, if removed implied certain death. The Airabathians had intended this to be a more benevolent method of genocide, though genocide is never benevolent and only at most appears to be pragmatic through the eyes of an un-dignified psychopath.

So instead as Chokeans began to die from natural cause, and ever more were arriving with evermore parts and resources and evermore understanding and knowledge as to how these resources could again be recycled and manipulated into something that would resemble a civilization with a clear path at future flourishing began to arrive. They learned how it was that the suits were creating atmospheres, and they applied the technology from the suits of those who passed to reformat the shuttle ships that were littering the moon into dwellings in which it was capable for one to remove their suit.

They constructed a magnificent indoor city, unit after unit was constructed and sealed into the labyrinth of units so that one could permanently remove the cell suit, and now that the Chokeans could breathe on their own once more they could also be together in every capacity possible. The brightest genes worked themselves back into prevalence as they re-consummated their sapient anatomies and capacities. In being together they redeveloped themselves over the next few thousand years. They learned to terraform the planet using cellular resources from new arrivals which carried bacteria inside of the suits, which could be grown and cultured in their new laboratories, and new species began to evolve further.

As life flourished in the reconstructed city, gasses were created by the life they were fostering. And eventually they were able to after many generations of cultivation and stewardship of the bacteria form single celled organisms into plants. They survived and tried to use the gases to form an atmosphere but there was not enough gravity on the moon to keep the gasses in orbit. They decided to begin alchemically transmuting the leftover fuel from shuttles and transferring the power into a shuttle such that they could take short vacations from the moon upon which they were dwelling. The colony was on a very dark portion of the moon but always on the other side of their struggles there was light. And on their voyages to the colony some had spoken of a nearby planet which appeared to have an atmosphere although it was inhabited by an alien species.

Part III
Just Last Night

They could convert just enough fuel that as their children entered adulthood, shuttles were scheduled to take the new-borns, those who were Chokean but were born on the moon and not on Airabathus and who were the result of new generations born out of the ingenuity of a people exiled and thought to be left for dead. They went to the nearby planet so that they could feel what an atmosphere feels like, and to see the nights sky as it is warped by an atmosphere. On these trips they experienced the entrance into an atmosphere during sunset, they felt the rain, and the wind and the nights sky and all the animals and creatures of an inhabited sapien planet swirled around them and they shared the land and resources with so many more forms of life during these quick experiences than they would ever be able to create in their bio-engineering labs back on the moon.

They would be tasked with resupplying the colony with animals, and plants and resources. All in the attempt at terraforming the moon with just enough biodiversity that they could once more claim their own place within the universe. The only problem is that in the remote places that they send their vessels on these resource gathering and life experiential missions, each and every time they take off they leave something altered. Mostly just crop circles, strange land formations, weird weather patterns, and most annoyingly and ever-so often their blasts back off to the moon create potholes along the road of The Door of Faith. It seems impossible for anyone to fill their own holes- without causing one for another. No matter how kind, benevolent, peaceful, compassionate or giving they may intend to be in their own forms of pragmatism.  

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