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Silent film from 1911 with Jessalyn Van Trump (1887–1939) as Bonita, J. Warren Kerrigan (1879–1947) as Jack Dickson, the Sheriff, Jack Richardson (1870–1960) as the outlaw lieutenant and George Periolat (1874–1940) as the outlaw leader.

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1911 Silent Film Directed by Allan Dwan

Bonita of El Cajon

(American Motion Picture Co)

Bonita was the daughter of the leader of a gang of outlaws. She had never known female companionship an had grown up in her father's camp of lawless, reckless men as free as the birds in her mountain ranges.

One day her father's lieutenant ventured down the mountain, and, finding a beautiful girl outside her home, attempted to kiss her. Freeing herself, she secured a gun from the house and returned to find her assailant gone. When her lover, Jack Dickson, of the rangers, called she told him of the outlaw's attack, and he departed into the mountains to locate and punish her assailant.

Reconnoitering in the mountains, Jack meets Bonita, and the carefree, happy girl is deeply impressed with the handsome ranger. Their meeting is observed by the lieutenant and he informs Bonita's father. When Bonita returns she is told that when she sees the ranger again she must decoy him into camp, as he is dangerous. But Bonita, instead, warns the ranger of the outlaw's intentions. He departs to bring his posse, and Bonita, loyal to her father, returns with a warning of the rangers' contemplated raid.

They break camp, and while the rangers are searching for them the outlaws arrive at the home of the ranger's sweetheart, for the lieutenant has determined to make the plucky girl his wife and also to use her as a club to hold off the attack on their camp. She is turned over to the care of Bonita, and the mountain-bred girl is full of wonder when she sees the beauty and grace of her charge. She attempts to imitate her grace and manner. She sees a locket around the captive's neck and examines it curiously.

She accidentally touches the spring and the locket opens, disclosing the handsome, smiling face of the ranger. She asks her captive who he is and learns that the ranger is engaged to her. Bonita is full of jealous fury, but at last her passion subsides and she determines to rescue the girl for the ranger. This she accomplishes by exchanging places with the captive and sends her to her lover down the mountains.

The ranger's sweetheart shows him the way back to the outlaw's camp. The old outlaw, surprised by the sudden attack, points his gun at his daughter, thinking she is the captive girl, and warns the rangers that he will kill her instantly if they come nearer. Bonita, turns and laughs at her father. He attempts to shoot the ranger, but Bonita, divining his intentions, throws herself in front of the ranger and receives the bullet intended for the man she had learned to love. The ranger's gun barks in return and the old outlaw joins his daughter in the Great Beyond. The ranger's posse takes care of the other outlaws, while the ranger and his sweetheart kneel beside the body of little Bonita of El Cajon.

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