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This work has a strange focus on existential debates and their consequences. WARNING : this story is not for everyone, unless you understand some message without be overreacting. How I trust the maturity of the people, the story is for people over 18 years, because I didn't found an older restriction of age and 21 is too exaggerated. Anyway, just enjoy Greeting

Drame Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#horror #psychology #black-comedy
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Wrestling with one self and hence outside the circle

I'm now walking around roads without any type of leak, but at the same time

I'm feeling apart of that space who feeds slowly to a fragment of those fragments, which had been leaving out the darkness of something weird and spinning upon the whole misery and purchasing the entire soul of someone screaming inside the fog without a conventional input. My entries becomes erratic now, because I feel that I'm loosing the control while the time is coming up and consume my identity while I'm being aware that something is behind of me right there, between breaks onto the evilness covering to me and kills to me while it remains excited destroying to someone weaker at some instant. Anyway, Does anything matter ? I'm dying in any case. As far as letting something take care of the unknow presence and stop leaving of run away, the fate becomes scramble and ominous, when the light had disappeared between small intervals and starts to adding up some costume and one time being part of one self, becomes the absolute while your body is distorted, with no returns. I was prepared to defeat other types of something that exists apart of my own perception and now I feel drowned inside my first steps into this eternal ocean, composed by nothing real but at same time hurting me, when it travels from my skin to the awareness, who deserves in front the negation, being slammed by the whole weight of this curse, which keeps strangling to that strange, who divides the physical sense and becomes a broken mirror with many contradictions and infinitely many sentences with open swearings. Now can you ask about who am I, but it doesn't cares by now, because I figure it might harm you if something inside of me can disturb your mind, hence the secret will be hidden for a while. Speak of being sure, nothing had taking sense or something else, but it's part of a strange dream and still it just dreaming on the blinded price of be hurt or falls into an infinite well, without moving to some other direction. Still alive, but not around the circle is breaking to me in pieces and I'm still squirm softly, over and over again, while the only departure is running away of something without eyes and no other type of form, because maybe all is no more than a dream and I'm with no exit, because the scar is too deep for stay alive, but again Does anything matter ?

This reminds me when in that occasion, the circle feels remorse by those hope growning up in a blinded darkness, who ends to take me down for one second and afterwords and trying to entry, start to stab me without commit murder at this moment, but still being a constant inflection point. This head is revolving me, while it follows to drown me and only I can survive using the first costume and no letting me back around the silence, but by the fact of be no more than a remain for you and nothing else. If you need me one more time, I'm buried alive downstairs, stop breathing and being the best personification of yourself, while it killing me while I'm walking right to this long road yet, without an escape, with no objections, only cold and bitter memories about my separated steps. Aware of everything, nothing has sense now, but tomorrow the day will be other and everything bad will be removed and I may be happy as once time. Between this snow that freezes me and other points that you can deduce nowadays, my walk is full of anger and hate and I need to stop this painfull sensation of continuous suffering, while all is over the ground and the light and the shine remains far away of the whole perception. Still feeling in staggering, the sky had been modified in many laid and whose visions puts in doubt the twilight comming up and letting me up to the space, while my own time is crussing out and begins to descend by this long slope, crossing in front to this eternal road. The sky is idly laying another maze without feeling pity for me, but putting me in other place, Why is pity is needly ? The real essence is not human nor it have something to compare some suffering or martyrdom in the choice of torture me and destroy the reason in some special birth of this beautiful tragedy. It has tied the strong ropes to the demons inside my head and violently crushing my whole body raped by the silence of misery and the awkwardness and abducting by some poison, while the air intoxicates me around the limits of the circle, which made me feel discordant in this long way and straggling me again, while the sunset is looking down, and above of the sky, avoids the oxygen that awake me right there inside the circle that I can see from the twilight. The great mirage now faces those faceless beings, who scream in front of the ocean that feeds of them and I ask to myself

Are you part of them ?

Maybe is just a division of the personification state of feel, mixing up with the mind in a chaotic sense, or just the grave opening the ground and leaving you free to live other way of suffering. Anyway I repeat the last question

Are you part of them ? and if that would be like that

Are you alive, but dead in an arbitrary lapse of periods nearby each one of them ?

Clearly, that assumes that the arbitrary lapse is before this instant, or just an easier way to explain this state with no sense in our physical expression.

Maybe I found a way out of this frontiers and I'm part of the not real sense, created by nowhere sense but me, or just the real sense is part of myself while this is a dream with no return. Above of it, the reason is a way of built and eventually update this weird sense of being in that state of live after being buried apart and find the way of be out. Between chars left and the wall at the right side and from the wrong step until the light, that burning the fears, I'm drowning and crawling after being suffocated. The entrance of darkness travels from my veins through my affliction and breaks my entrails and open my stomach, for being the food of some depraved, whose beginning the celebration, which it becomes vomitive and toxic. Anyway, I do the question

What else have those broken visions to offer me ?

What else is enoughtly trascendental to purchase me a gift and sell me a vague idea of some small hope about the good intentions of those who live beyond the mirror ?

Here we go again

Does anything matter ?

Hold you a bit were enough, but now it's too late, because you're dead and nothing is reversible. The strings are now a reminder of the opportunity you had to take, but is too late, because the harm is too deep for return back and being a normal guy.

Where is the wonder of being just an illusion and not a real point of perception?

Clearly the sense is over and now the anger is around the nightmare, which envelops you like a spiral with swords, cutting you from the inside and at the same time, from the outside of your own normality.

Deliver us from deadly writings like that and don't look back again.

Striving to avoid the words of those bastards, who prefer be victims of their own tragedy and no struggle of their own Odyssey.

Don't worry, You're well understanding the message, so you're not stupid, only you are not sure of your own comprehension.

In a sense, the world only has a right clove,spinning around its special orbit and landing below your subconscious but you had slept all week or maybe every single moment of your boried existence.

I'm apologise for the free line of expletives with a clear sense of honesty, thinking of you with no time of being someone different, clearly because you didn't and you failed giving to you the chance of birth.

You know why I'm sending to you this message and clearly you know what's my sense of talking using a type of special self cutting, for try to be kindly in a worried point of view.

You'll tend to a dumb position like stupid are your feelings of being apart of a unique way of being, only because you usually listen cretins like you, with depressions that nobody want to listen or read and more important, nobody care.

Breaking down the aims and putting down your skills, while you're dead and also avoid fighting with those monsters when you're committing an intellectual and physical suicide

You should not passionately push your life under this strange grave, while the corpses share a glass of tea from some crazy step from an artificial hell

You must preserve dignity and not be a fucking idiot. It's time to wake up until you lose all by the significant tragedy by your surround you and everyone of those bastards.

Or if it is preferable, you must live in a house surrounded by your blood and the blood of your enemies and friends contaminated by their own ignorance

That's sounds great, while you dance with the corpses of your lovely friends, covering in your costume the entrages of those motherfuckers, while your enemies dance in other floor under their eternal and lonely diamond of curses and broken dreams, coming to be someone like you.

What's that ?

Don't you think that's enough ?

These types of attacks are sending for someone in particular or are a psychotic moment of your deadly letters, are these types of message, right ?

It's coming up to me again that division inside of my head and I can't stop to harm to my surround, including me.

Another verbal crime, but with the particular sense of being an unnecessary warning written by nothing in particular

Instead of writing a letter with child expletives, why don't you end up with you?

After that, everyone else can believe you, before that you are nothing more than a normal reading about a lifeless loser or other things to do associated with hate yourself.

It sounds great, other meeting without a short result and again waiting up from receive the same message, now I'm at the same sensation

What did you expect about all this theater ?

You enjoy the life and you enjoy talking with someone about your intentions of being nothing more than a memory of others.

But I could dissapear right now

Prove it

Are you challenge me ?

Nobody are challenge you to do nothing. It just this voice inside your head, because you tried to make me other scene with similar results. Anyway, try again and fail over and over again.

Now, again, this confrontation between two opposite sides tries to give direction to the life of an asshole. This fight wont ends just in time to do something useful and stop following and telling you this story that starts in a same way and ends with one or zero letal hurts. We're too late, so please take a choice as soon as you consider and after it, tell us how your life will end forever.

Maybe you can find the sense to this story, because my own words have not a real sense, unless you create one, but what's the sense of give a meaning to some weird topic like this ? Or you possibly have a real surprise to me.

Surprise in 3,2,1 ...

Now one part of you had been dismembered, but don't worry because you're not dead yet. Can it made sense ?

All depends about what sense you did to this fairy tail

Ask you again the first question

Who am I ?

This answer doesn't really matters, only matters to know if you can answer this question inside your own mirror or inside this circle mentioned at the beginning.

Whatever, I'm still walking in this eternal road, maybe always in the same dream, or in the same twilight, or just I'm dead and I don't realize of that.

And I repeat the same question

Does anything matter ?

I can't answer all your queries, because you have no query.

Or at some point, I'm trying to sabotage to myself or maybe yourself

You have a gun right now, you have the power of decide what can you do with this adult toy, but you don't have the power to decide for others about the natural flow of fate and how can it continue with a domino effect

Whatever I warned you, while losing a good day in my own darkness. Now say something or start to burn alive.

Finally I would like to add something without too relevance

This is the own dream in which you can awake, but now...

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