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My befriend hero lived with me and my mom. He has his own superpower ability to get enlarge and shrink down to a miniature size. Also, he helps her to solve some problems and avoid my evil sister Billionaire Donna's attempt to expose his secret identity.

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Contest Eating

March of springtime at the kitchen of 108 Burtonwood Dr. "Give me some pancake that I need to eat now," Dionne? My befriend hero sits on the gigantic leather tan chair near the table counterpart now. "Sighs. Here are some," Giant Dave. His normal-size pal African American tween girl served it to him recently. "All right. I use a normal-size fork to eat that." "Why are you eat too much," Giant Dave? She seems suspicious now. "Look at the poster Contest Eating. I am signing up on this," Dionne. He showed it to her. "It's saying 1,000,000 prize dollars?" "Yeah! I will defeat against contestants and win a trophy prize." My befriend hero nodded his head and repeatedly. "Oh, man! Maybe I will train him now." Peeking at the window doors... "Sinister laughs! I will plan to create my android man to defeat against Giant Mr. Seville." My evil sister billionaire Donna peeks at this. Afternoon at Contest Eating of Municipal Lagoon Park... "Ladies and gentlemen, We have three contestants here." "Applause!" "Ready? Go to eat your blueberry pies," Contestants! The judge ordered them. "Give this to me now," Dionne." My befriend hero is sitting on the gigantic chair next to my evil sister Donna's android man. "Sure," Giant Dave. "Andriod man, use your vacuum mouth to suck that." My evil sister Donna ordered. "Yes," Master Donna. "Oh, wells? Dionne, I think your evil sister Billionaire Donna brings her own android man here?!" My befriend hero whispered to his normal-size pal African American tween girl is standing near him. "Don't worry. Keep eating lot blueberry pies," Giant Dave. She whispered. "Okay. No problem," Dionne. "Giant Mr. Seville is eating three blueberry pies," ladies and gentlemen. The judge announced them. "Applause!" "Android man, Suck more than before Giant Mr. Seville will eat one blueberry pie soon?" "Yes, sir," Master Donna. "Giant Mr. Seville is winner," ladies and gentlemen. "Horray!" the crowds celebrating my befriend hero. "It can't be?! Huh?" "You are disqualified because of my rule book says not allow your robot is cheating," Billionaire Donna The Judge said. "What?! Not fair?!" My evil sister Billionaire Donna exclaimed. "Here's a trophy with 1,0000,000 prize dollars," Giant Mr. Seville. The Judge gave it to me befriend a hero. "Oh! Look at this," Dionne. "We will deposit this to the bank that's why my mom needs to pay some power, gas, and cable bills," Giant Dave. "That's a sound marvelous idea. Let's go now. Maybe I will exercise because I was too chubby now. Winking eye!" The End!

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I this is the worst writing I've ever seen in my life
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