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The third installment in the Chef franchise. After the end, Chef must travel the world in order to save it from the forces of evil that plague our slowly dying planet. Chef has suffered major loss, and was ready to give up when the light shone upon the world once again, revealing to him the path to redemption.

Aventure Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The Light in the World of Darkness

"Keep him in the deepest, darkest pit you can find. Some place without light, no other people, nothing for him to use. Make sure he does not know where he is, and make sure he never escapes,"

"Sir, why keep him alive if he threatens you this much?"


The world, now plunged into eternal darkness. It was night at all times, time had stopped, day would never come again. The world slowly descended into madness over the past twenty-five years. New leaders rose into power, the countries alignments shifted.

One good thing came out of the end of the world, global warming had stopped. In it's place was now global freezing due to the lack of the sun.

Basking in the darkness were demons, vampires, zombies, all the creatures of nightmares. Humans were struggling to survive, new diseases rose up, and advancements in technology moved backwards.

Eventually, the old ways of life died out. Even the Super Squad faded into history. Not a single hero was left on this earth, they had gone extinct.

Criminals ran rampant in the towns and villages across the land. And the remaining big cities were ran by corrupt governments. The worst of all, the United States of America. The only country still standing. They had expanded their states from 50 to 65. Except the government went all mid evil on the world, if you weren't straight and white then you didn't have rights. Those who were "minorities" were sent to the world's biggest concentration camp, Detroit.

It rained heavier than usual in the frozen desserts of Arizona. Somehow the rain did not freeze into snow. Almost as if an act of God. It rained especially hard today, enough to pierce the earth. And through one of the cracks, puddles began to form, making their way through the old sewage pipes. One by one the drops were frozen over though. But, one drop made it through.

A crack in a pipe, the droplet dangled down for several hours, becoming smaller and smaller as it evaporated. Then, in one last effort, it fell.

Instead of hitting the cold, musty, moldy, and bloody stone floor. The droplet found its way to the forehead of one apron wearing individual. The droplet tapped the tip of his nose, awakening Chef from his eternal slumber.

Chef leaped forward, as if to strike down an enemy, but he was dragged back down to the ground. He stumbled up, Chef monitored the room he was in. He could see nothing but the faint glow of a few computer screens on the other side of a cell door. Chef's writs and ankles were bound in chains.

Chef sat down, then he jumped up as chills ran up his boney spine. Chef was completely naked, and the room he was in was surely below freezing. Chef could not see himself, but he knew his appearance. His skin was pale, and looked, and smelled like a rotting corpse. Almost all of his bones were visible, as if every nutrient in his body was drained. His hair was out of control, he had a beard that went down to his thighs. And the body hair was out of control as well. Chef was incredibly cold, shaking uncontrollably.

Chef's stomach grumbled, he began to groan and fell over. Chef began to gag uncontrollably until he was in psychical pain, blood spewed out of his mouth all over the floor. Chef began screaming in agony as bloody diarrhea shot out of his ass. He felt as if he had just shat out insides, which he could tell were shriveled and deteriorating. Speaking of shriveled, so were his nuts, they were about the size of raisins and his nut sack was a dark purple color. His cock was even smaller than his nuts.

Chef began to quietly weep, but no tears fell from his eyes, only blood. There was no more water left in his body, he was completely dry. Chef attempted to stand, but his legs were to weak to support his own weight. Chef began clawing at the chains on his wrist, but after a few scratches his grotesquely long finger nails snapped off. The only thing Chef could do was scream in agony. But no sound came out, he sounded like a dog's toy that had lost it's squeaker.

This... was... the... end... of... Chef. He took his last breathe, his bloodshot eyes lost their life. His soul was carried away by the golden wind, not to be placed in a new body. The was the final Chef.

His last death.

He had lost all hope.

There was no escape.

Only death.

But, this is not the end.

In darkness, there is light.

A light shined on Chef. It filled the room, making it appear as if Chef was sitting in a ball of light. Chef's limps thickened, his skin became it's usual radiant Caucasian color. Chef's eyes shot open, but he was still to weak to save himself.

"Guess I made it just in time," a raspy voice spoke.

The light was gone, now the only light was a flashlight shining in Chef's face. Behind the cell was a man. He was taller than Chef, but he was not tall, approximately average. The man wore winter gear, all of a tan color, he pulled back his furry head to reveal his face. He had medium length black hair that went to about shoulders, he had a thick, but very short black beard. His beard and hair were filled with snow, and he removed his ice covered glasses to clear them off. Without his glasses, his tiny Asian man eyes were revealed.

"H-how... y-you're... dead?" Chef attempted speak.

"What? You seriously think I died? You think it's that easy to kill me nigga? Really, you thought that faggot Chin Chin could actually manage to off me, you tripping!" Frank yelled.

Chef laughed, hysterically.

"Here, let me free you my little homie. Man, I can't believe they have you locked up like this, what are you? Black!" Frank joked, opening the cell with a pair of keys he found.

Chef stared at Frank as he released him from his chains.

"What? I'm not Fake, I swear! I can make racist jokes too you know, I love black people, my boy Neggi gave me that n-word pass, ya here?" Frank responded.

Chef shrugged and exited the cell. Frank unzipped his coat to reveal a light blue button up shirt. He reached his hand into his nipple pocket and pulled out a red body suit. He handed it to Chef.

"Listen, I can't intervene here, I gotta go, no one knows I helped you out, and I'd be in big trouble if someone found out. Now, take this," Frank said, handing Chef a backpack.

"Find the Anime-Man, now, ya boy gotta dip, deuces," Frank said, disappearing into thin air.

Chef opened the bag, within was a map, THE Pink Season Disk, the sacred text Francis of the Filth, and Chef's apron and hat. Chef placed the backpack on and made his way through area he was in. It appeared to be some underground military base. It smelt like death and old people. There was almost no light anywhere at all. But the place was filled with mold and corpses. Chef saw a few insect and unrecognizable animals.

After Chef wandered for what seemed like hours, he eventually made his way to the exit. The door was already cracked, and snow was spraying into the room. Chef could see the faint glow of moonlight as he approached the vault door. Chef pushed it open and stepped outside into a pile of snow. Two giant stone walls stood on either side of him.

Chef recognized this place. There was something familiar about it, like he had been here before. Chef took a few more steps into the blizzard before it hit him, this was the Grand Canyon... and it was, snowing?

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