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Gabril, a young man plagued by odd daytime visions, finally settles down with a very special girl, although he wonders what loving might be like with a different skin tone. After some far-out dates, the help of a strange "collaborator," and his girl's sudden disappearance, Gabril will struggle with "the right thing" and decide which chick he wants in the end. ** Disclaimer: I posted this story as not for under 13 because the explicit content is more verbal than graphic. However, some language might be too inappropriate for certain readers, so please use your discretion.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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that was in a dream

His hand touches down cold onto her bare thigh.

Ooh, icy! the thigh thinks; the hand is thinking, How malicious I am with all my jittery fingers! Some ultra-violent movie is playing on the big screen. It’s a weekday, and in this part of Literville people usually can't afford to skip their paying jobs for midday leisure. None of this stops her from letting his hand touch her goosey skin (Why do they keep that AC on so high?!) I’m hesitant to call them boy- and girlfriend, yet. Well, we’ll get to that.

Moving on, Gabril's hand reaches further up her leg, and he can see that Shica is all his. Oddly enough, her moans seem to sputter innocuously without bothering any other movie-goers. Gabril feels on Shica’s thigh, grazes her babymaker, when she prematurely erupts with tremulous passion and springs right into the air. From the one other spectator’s view, a young lady’s shadow is blocking out the lower part of the big screen from within their cozy burrow world.

She lionizes the moment, groaning, and she calls out in spasms, Gabril! Yes! Ooooooh! Right, with six O’s. She grabs on Gabril’s hair and ear and whatever else she can find all while his fingers act as little needles that percutaneously embed themselves into the vascular dimensions of his momentary queen. Her palpitating descant flows through the air for some seconds as Gabril stands with her. The Lead in the movie explodes the entire set, so to speak. It is an intense moment, one that neither is going to forget.

“HUH,” she huffs, eventually. “Let’s celebrate.”

“HUH,” now he huffs. “Where at? Hey, wanna go to my place?"

"But Empress's full of methheads and thieves, isn't it?" she asks.

"Yeah, it's pretty poor out there. We're better off here in Kysh. Out this way, they got coffee shops. In Empress you'll be lucky to find even a bag of coffee. I'm trying to get out my family's house anyway, move my tail to where they got jobs."

Shica nods while her ecstasy starts coming down. They both glow in the darkness under heavenly projector lights that flicker over their brown skins; this from the view of the one other spectator. Gabril swivels his head a bit.

"Do you worry about someone watching us?"

“Welp,” Shica blurts, ignoring the question. “Take me to the beach!”

Her voice makes Gabril's eyes press closed.

“Why? So we can finish havin’ sex?”

But she squawks with laughter.

“My needs are fulfilled ... At least for now.”

Gabril nods and thinks, Man, all I got out of this was a wet finger.

“I think you finished quicker than I do, and you can — no lie — just touch me, and I’ll--”

“No one wants to hear about your sex problems,” which I actually would like to tell you about, but then Shica says, “Take me to the beach. You’re my new boyfriend.”

Well, there it is.

Gabril laughs nervously.

"Why you laughing? Don't you like me in that way?"

He shrugs. In fact, he’s not sure if he likes any girl enough to tie down, let alone a dark-skinned one like her. Then again, it's all he knows.

“So, you’ll jus' tell me that I am, huh? I have no choice?”

“No, boy, you don’t. You’re the only person I know that makes me feel … Well, I’ll tell you later. But you’re already my lover, practically, an' we hung out a few times. Don’t you wanna be more than just a fuck boy?”

“I'on' see why not.”

Strangely, he notices her most beautiful qualities in the low light. Cute nose bridge with thick nostrils. Little baby hairs frizzing on her hairline. Eyes deeper than the universe is long. Credits now roll down the screen.

“What does that mean? You in?”

“It means if you take me to the beach, I agree.”

“It’s nothin'. I’d do anything to be with you. I mean, go to the beach,” she says and winks, relieved.

The lights suddenly pour in over the hills of chairs and curtains, invading their moment’s privacy. Both of them stand in front of the screen, Gabril’s hand is halfway into Shica’s blue shorts.

“I need you in my world.”

She cups her hand on his buttcheeks. His immediate reaction is to cup hers right back. They both start laughing at their own weirdness.

“Excellent show! {Shica exclaims Oh God! and nearly falls} Nice and red with all the blood and the stained linens of life. Mother Mary, what a classic good show!”

They both look at the one other spectator. Their knees knock in sudden shock.

“What the hell is he talkin’ about? Can he see us? Are 'is eyes even open?”

Gabril's questions roll out one after another. White names trickle down the screen like hundreds of falling starships no one will ever see.

“‘Scuse me, sir. Did you see--?”

“The explosion? Oh, yeah, baby! Good show, Mr. and Mrs. RedHot! Very good way with the words you both have. Although, the gentleman could be more eloquent. How do you afford a movie in the middle of the week and still talk jacked up like that? But, God! the show. What beauty and gore in such simultaneous flow. Just marvelous and carnal."

“Hell is he talkin’ about?” Gabril asks on the verge of doing something about it.

“Take me to the beach, won’t you baby?”

Shica's deep universe eyes grow universally impatient.

“To the beach! And you payin’ my fare.”

"Tell me again why you don't own a bus pass after all this time?"

"You know I don't trust them things. The government puts chips into 'em. Another way to track us."

"Uh-huh. I'll cover you this time, but you know you're full of it."

He raises his hands triumphantly. She takes advantage and steals a hug from his midsection. He grins against the stuffy air and looks down at her. Gabril's lips rub on her nose; Shica's lips kiss his Adam's apple.

“To the beach.”

“Do the right thing, you two!”

The single spectator's voice resounds a direct order as they waddle toward the exit. They look back at him, exuberant.

“We will … Don’ you worry ‘bout us, bro,” Gabril responds. Then they leave. Outside the air is a hot and mucky mess.


She whistles at Gabril.

“Train station’s this way, young man.”

Then she sneezes.

“Bless you. I’m not that young, anyway. It’s a miracle, really, dat I’m alive today. To be my age … from Empress! It’s a dag-on miracle. Most men my age are dead right now.”

“Okay, you can’t be that old.”

She crumples his statement and tosses it away by hand.

“I am old, too,” he says.

“What? Seventeen? I’m not gonna trust you from this point on.”

Shica lies to Gabril, boldly, then she catches him yawning.


“Yeah, your yawnin’ is {he yawns again} contagious."

"I didn’t yawn, I sneezed," she corrects him.

"Yo, you ever been with a white dude?”

“Funny segue. Why?”

“Was just wondrin’ if there was a difference. I do' know, I guess 'cus they're lighter, it seems like they'd be more evolved or something. Like they got some special skill we don't."

Gabril recalls the night before when he'd stayed up far too late in bed. He watched the black ceiling imagining a white girl; any white girl. Black hair, red hair, blonde hair ... He focused, almost for fun, to imagine any possible differences between the black girls he always knew and those mysterious white ones. How did they kiss, and what did their skins feel like? Even a mixed girl could be interesting, couldn't she?

“Ha! I'm so sorry since I guess you'll never know. Hey, you okay?”

She notices he’s gone a little numb-faced.

“Oh, I’m good. Just remembered I got some applications I gotta send ...”

"Sorry, gimme one second--"

Shica talks with her brother (by the way she responds, I'd say older) on her little black cellphone for about a minute. She spends the last half of the conversation trying to push the hang-up dial, twitching her pupils at Gabril every so often. She ends by saying, "Yes, brother, I will be home soon ... Whatever, I can date who I want ... Ha-ha, you funny. Bye ... Love ... Uh-huh, you too, bye."

She then composes her attention fully back to her boy toy.

“You said you got some job applications, yeah? That’s dope. My brother and my parents don't let me stay out too long, man, it sucks. But I gotta go to the doctor's today anyway. Make sure you didn't give me any STDs. {they chuckle at the thought, afraid deep down that it might be true} Meet me at the Square tomorrow? Maybe I’ll buy y'a mask or something at the kiosk, with your paranoid self,” she teases. “Okay?”

Shica gets on tippy-toes to peck him, then he walks away almost perfectly. But she calls out;

“And quit thinking about those damn white girls! It’s all the same, you know,” while she grabs her crotch. He cringes playfully and signals that her message was received.

Gabril watches for a taxi while he imagines again any potential "difference." He’s never been with a light-skinned girl before, and the thought of it sort of excites him. Is it really all the same? Or could light skin be better? She said she hadn’t been with a white guy. She could've been lying just as he had lied and said that he would stop thinking about it. That feeling sucks to him; thinking a woman is lying. From there it's one short step until they can read my mind. Gabril stops watching women walk by and turns his nose to the ground.


Gabril sits down. He is in a library, or that’s what it feels like. A dream. He begins to read. He looks up at the skylight. He smiles to see the luminous star that pulls the Earth. He looks back down. He reads a little more. Gabril isn’t smart — or so is said by most people — but still, he loves reading. An earthquake erupts from the floor and violently tears the walls into rubble. Oh, wait, that was in a dream.

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