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A forest is attacked by hunters who kill a family of wolves, and the cub is the only survivor and loner until it encounters a red-hooded girl.

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It was a dawn on a rainy night, the forest was churning with the sounds of gunfire and running animals terrified, thick, angry voices chanted in the dark forest, more gunfire was fired and howls were heard, the forest with the animals came in again. mourning thanks to the hunters.

The next day, the forest dawned wistfully, while in the city a small family warmed even more during that cold morning, the rain was gone, and what was left was the wet earth and the raindrops on the plantation of that little place, the smell of delicious food invaded that street so dark and gray making the residents wake up and delight in the tasty smell that the owner of this house cooked.

ㅡ Yolanda my dear, hurry up! ㅡ Called the beautiful woman who prepared a basket by placing cakes, fruits and other delicious foods prepared by her, and suddenly a very young girl appeared identical to the older woman, with wavy brown hair, big brown eyes , and a pale skin that emanated innocence despite her age, the 18-year-old hurried down the stairs and stood before her mother.

ㅡDon't run darling, you know you can hurt yourself by running up the stairs.ㅡ said the woman, breaking a piece of apple pie by putting it on her plate and handing it to the younger girl.

ㅡExcuse me mommy, I'll try not to do that again.ㅡ said the girl with her soft voice to mom.

ㅡ Right. Eat, there will be a great day ahead. ㅡThe mother replied smiling at her daughter's sweet manner, and then the girl obeyed and then ate the pie.

Meanwhile in the woods, a wolf cub wandered sadly asking for help for other frightened animals running away from him for fear of being eaten. The hunger and sadness of losing their parents was overwhelming, the crying wolf kept walking, hungry, sad and asking for help.

ㅡ Honey, I wish it was your grandmother's house, your father warned me she got sick, so I prepared this basket so she can eat well and get better. Take that basket and spend an afternoon with your grandmother.ㅡThe sweetly told wife, who soon accepted what was said by nodding.

ㅡ Take your red hood, it's very cold outside.ー said the mother once again preventing the girl from getting cold during the little trip. Belly-lined, the girl got up and went to the bedroom, took her hood that was made with so much love and affection by her grandmother and then went down taking the basket that was in her mother's hands.

ーProtect yourself, don't talk to strangers, and go down the road.ー said the mother who soon kissed her daughter's forehead, and the girl saying goodbye to her mother left for the little house.

In her white peasant dress with red accents, the girl bounced along singing a song, her knee-length dress swaying to the rhythm of the girl's song. When she least expected it, inattentive and humming, she did not realize that she entered the woods, stopping and seeing the flowery place, very colorful, full of flowers of various colors and the sun illuminating the treetops bringing a comforting warmth, Yolanda ignored her mother's warnings. followed through the beautiful woods.

Still following humming softly, the girl gathered the flowers of the forest making a small bouquet, when she went to remove a daisy saw a small snout, a weeping snout of a wolf, the small animal cried making small howls, seeing the little animal cry hurt the heart of the girl, the wolf noticing the girl said:

ㅡ Please don't kill me! I don't hurt, I'm just sad and hungry, I lost my parents and I don't know where to go.ㅡ Explained the anguished wolf. Felt, the girl in the red hood pulled a red and appetizing apple from the basket.

ーI won't hurt you, I don't know how anyone could do something so horrendous against your family.Come, have an apple. ーSaid the girl handing the apple to the wolf, realizing that the girl had good intentions, the wolf approached and ate the apple.

ーI appreciate your kindness. ㅡsaid the grateful wolf.

ㅡYou're welcome.ㅡ replied the girl who was petting the animal's dark fur, watching him eat, Yolanda noticed the skinniness of the animal. Concerned, the girl took a small chicken pie out of the basket and handed it to the wolf.

ㅡStay with this pie, it will relieve your hunger a little.ㅡ said the girl leaving the plate of the whole pie to the little wolf who ate a piece.

ㅡNow I have to go, my little voice is waiting for me.ㅡsaid Yolanda who soon left.

ㅡThank you so much, Little Red Riding Hood.ㅡ said the grateful wolf who soon ate again.

Even relieved, the wolf was still very hungry, afraid of the hunters, the wolf decided to find a safe place to hide, was walking through the flowers without haste, it was not long to find a house. It was a very nice house, apparently warm, with several plants and flowers around it and that caught the attention of the little animal.

The wolf approached the house and soon found sniffing some corners of that place, seeing no danger decided to try to enter the house, looked for a window closer and entered, when put the small and delicate paws, the animal was startled to see an old woman lying down who woke up to the noise made by the little animal.

ㅡDid you come to devour me?ㅡAsked the old woman in a slightly weakened voice.

ㅡNot at all, I just need a place to take shelter, because I'm afraid of the hunters, they killed my family and now I'm without my parents to take care of me.ー said the sad wolf.

ㅡ Oh, poor little wolf! Don't worry, my granddaughter will come, she will surely bring something to eat and help us.ーsaid the old woman with a small smile. The wolf shook itself out of any leaves or flowers that were trapped in its soft brown fur.

ーI appreciate your help, Grandma, I want to repay you.ー said the wolf, walking over to the old woman's bed and lying next to the old woman warming her through the cold.

Among the flowers and sounds of small animals, Yolanda followed the path until she came across a simple house covered with flowers and various types of plants, was the home of her beloved grandmother. She went to the door and knocked politely until she heard the old woman's tired voice allowing her entrance. As soon as he entered, he went straight to his room and came across the little wolf lying on his grandmother receiving affection. As soon as the animal saw the little red riding hood, it got off the grandma and went happily towards Yolanda who was looking at him in amazement but with a small smile on her lips.

ーVery cunning.ーHe praised the girl by stroking the animal's head. ㅡ Who wants to eat? ー Questioned the girl lifting the not too heavy basket cheering the house.

Helping the old woman to get up, Little Riding Hood and the little wolf helped her to the table and eat all the deliciousness of food and together spent the afternoon hungry and satiated and very happy. Grandma and Yolanda in the middle of the conversation, decided to raise the wolf freely through the forest, the happy little animal gladly accepted the proposal to be taken care of by both humans, and so the three lived happily ever after.

Don't kill animals, they are important to our nature.

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