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“You sure about this?” Kana asked softly to taller female who was toward over her. Samantha nodded. “Of course I’m sure, don’t worry.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The story of a young girl named Kana arriving to a new town after the death of her mother. She feels uncomfortable near everyone there, but what happened when another female comes into her life? Will this be good for her, or will she feel as if the world is playing a cruel joke on her?

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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The wind blew through the window as I scrolled through my phone and sighed heavily. I wonder how Keith’s doing… I thought and went to message him but felt the car jerk to a stop. I glanced up at the older male, my father, in the front seat.

“Goddamn traffic,” he grumbled under his breath and glanced back at me, his teenage daughter. “Sorry, Kana, we’re going to be late…”

“Dad, I really don’t mind… Besides, it’s not like I have to be at the school today… Nothing is going on,” I said quietly and looked back at my phone. I smiled slightly and messaged Keith back.


~You there yet?

No, not yet...~

I’m close tho!~

~Ok… I was just making sure.

Don’t worry Keith! I’ll be perfectly fine!~


I stared out the window for a slip second before my phone vibrated. I’ll worry if I want to. was on the screen, and above it was Keith’s name. Of course you’d say that you weirdo. I thought and giggled. For the longest time, I thought he liked me in a relationship type of way, but that was before the fact he came out to me gay. I had been searching for a guy for him before I left, but I had no luck in doing so. I let out a sigh and watched out the window. The scene of multicolored leafs passed by, and the cool wind of the fall air blew in my face. I love this time of year. Always so peaceful… I smiled softly and look at my father.

“Hey, Dad?” I asked in a soft tone. “Do you think people at the school will be nice to me?”

It took him a while to respond, but he said, “Of course, Kana. People at this school will love you! Plus, you get to wear uniforms… I find the whole uniform thing outrageous. You know, when I was a kid, schools weren’t required to wear these shitty uniforms.”

“Alright, Dad, I get it,” I said with a heavy sigh. “I can’t help but worry… You only wanted to move since mom passed. Why’s that anyways? What are you hiding from me?”

With my questions out in the open, my father stayed silent. Of course he’s not going to answer… He never does, and I doubt he ever will… It’s complete bullshit… I rolled my eyes and turned my gaze back out the window. I seriously wonder why we had to move. It’s not like he’s the one who caused her death, right? I sighed softly and kept my questions to myself. No use in asking them to a brick wall who will only push them to the side.

“Why are you even worried about the school?” my father’s voice said. “It’s not like you’d get picked on. You’re a beautiful girl, and you are very talented.”

“Thanks, Dad. But--” I paused and sighed, “But I feel like this might be like the old school. Uniforms or not, I’ll be picked on for the way they fit my body type. Also, I’m not really talented. A little singing and writing, whopdi do. Nothing special.”

“Kana Lee Crows, you’re pretty damn good at the things you do. Take it from your old man! I’m as talentless as a bundle of rocks!” he laughed.

I smiled a little. “You always know what to say to brighten my mood.”

He chuckled and I could see his grin from the mirror in front. He’s still very strange… I giggled to myself at the thought of my father being strange. My phone buzzed and I raised my brow. Who? I opened the text and read it.


~Yo. I got a new phone, and saw this #.

Who’s this?

Kana Crows~

~No idea who you are… I’m Samantha.

Nice to meet you then. :)~

~Same to you.

~Do you go to Cladford High?

Well… I’m going to be now.~

~New kid?


~Sweet. Send a pic of yourself so I

can help you around.


I stared blankly at the message and blinked a few times before sending a picture. I felt my chest tighten and took a deep breath. My phone buzzed and I checked the screen. Cute. Cya around school then, Kana. was sent by the new person, Samantha. I raised a brow. Cute? I thought and shook my head. Must be a joke… I sighed and stared out the window. I should save her number then… Seeing how she may be the only friend I receive at this new school… I went to save her number, and I set her name as Mystery Girl Sam. I rolled my eyes at the stupid nickname, but I save her as that for the time being. I wonder how my number was in her phone… Probably got it from a friend from my old school… Those bitches never seem to stop with teasing. I grumbled and noticed my father glancing back at me.

“You okay, Kana? You seem frustrated,” he said in a gentle tone as if he were worried about my well being right now.

“It’s nothing… Don’t worry about it,” I mumbled and closed my eyes before letting out a small yawn. Why so far away from Glindale? I thought and soon drifted off to be in the world of peaceful slumber.

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