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Dave Seville is my befriend hero who has secrets power abilities to turning into a fifty-foot giant and reduce into six-inches miniaturization. Also he helps his normal-size forty years old African American novelist woman on her problems with family or against twin sister Donna attempts to expose his secret identity origin.

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Meet My Befriend Hero

Storyline episode pilot in 108 Burtonwood Dr. "I am so frustrated of my mom treats me like a little girl that I prove her to be a woman now. Oh, wells?" "Ahh! Ouch! My head is a concussion now. Wait! don't close yet?! Oh. I am stuck here without going back to my universe TV Show hometown." "Wow! Hello Dave Seville, My name is Dionne Allen of Mom's daughter." A forty years old African American Novelist woman notices at him now. "How you know my name," Dionne? He got up from the flooring gray wood tile carpet near the rug carpet next to her black chair with a gray, white, yellow, and black pillow cushion on it now." "I watched you on my favorite TV show of Alvinn!!! and the chipmunks by nickelodeon channel this Saturday or Sunday morning." "Oh. I miss my three sons Alvin, Simon, and Theodore Also, the girls Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor Millers still in my universe TV Show hometown." "Don't worry. You will be staying with me that I will be your normal-size pal and you are my um... befriend hero," Dave. "Okay. I agree with you," Dionne. Duration on my bed... "Is your D red and white letter on your blue T-shirt right?" She seems suspicious and pointed at this. "Yeah. I show you. Put me on the flooring gray rug carpet now," Dionne. Her CGI animated remake befriend hero nodded his head and repeated to his normal-size pal still sitting on her white bed. "Sure! Here are you." "Gigantic power!" He uses his secret power abilities to turns into a fifty-foot giant himself. "Cool! How you get bigger and bigger?" She seems amazing and staring at her CGI animated remake befriend hero is standing near the white nightstand. "My adopted blue-clad ten years old brainy son chipmunk Simon volunteered me to use his superpower ray beamed me turns into a giant and reduce into six-inches ft miniaturization ago." "That's odd. I watched on Ant-man movie turns into fifty-foot then shrunk himself recently," Dave. "I see. Huh? I wonder who is this," Dionne? He giggles at her. "Oh no! It's my mom coming here. I might cover you my blanket as a chair and don't move." "Absolutely! No problem." Her CGI animated remake befriend hero replied. "Dionne, I have to give my pecan candies to the customer at the barbershop. Is your chair look so humongous?" "Positives! I am sitting and comfortable on this," Mom. "That's weird. I have to go now." My elder mom closed the front white door and leaves out of her room. "Phew! That's close. I remove it off. She is gone now," Dave. "Is your mom live with you?" Her CGI animated remake befriend hero sits on the flooring gray rug carpet near the white nightstand. "Definitely! I guess so." "All right. Shrink power! Aha! Maybe you promise me to not tell anyone about my secret power," Dionne? "Yeah. I promise you that I won't tell anyone or my family. I will set up the dollhouse that you can sleep in it tonight." His normal-size pal swears to him now. To be continued...

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