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The tale of a sorceress and her fight against the holy church's inquisition of the twenty first century. - New translations every monday.

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Bored with her daily routine, Dana found herself looking on the shelves of an antique store. Then, a book called her attention-Sibilare was its title. She took it and somehow it slipped out of her hands, it made a louder than expected noise as it landed. The book laid open on page eighty two-Element Manipulation-Dana knew instantly that it was what she had been looking for. She bought it on a hurry and ran back home.

The trip was longer than she expected, which gave her enough time to go through some of the pages of the book, it seemed just like any other spells she've tried, yet she was anxious to test them. Finally, after a long ride, she arrived home, ran upstairs to her apartment, left her purse on the kitchen's counter as she passed by, and took the book towards her room of incantations, there were all the ingredients she could need.

A special energy surrounded the place, she loved to spend time in that room, even more now that she's got a new book to experiment with. There were shelves all over the place, and organized jars filled with substances and ingredients. She placed the book on a stand, and began searching for a spell that caught her attention, its explanation was simple, which made it possible to turn out into a new failed attempt. But Dana had to clear her mind of all negative thoughts before continuing.

She took a piece of walnut carbon and draw a circle on the floor, yet she decided no to close it and ended up drawing a spiral. Then she went to the corner of the room to find a jar filled with cobra's venom, and poured a couple of drops in the center of the drawing. Then she went looking for five candles and placed them at similar distances from each other around the drawings.

Finally, she grabbed a knife and lightly cut the palm of her hand, then a drop of the blood ended on the floor. After that she went looking for a bag of tobacco, and lit some of it on an earthenware vessel. She continued by cutting the room's electric supply and lid the candles, then she bang the gong making the vibrations take over the room, as a signal that the ritual was about to begin.

She got close to the cage and took a small mice, with a knife cut its head and then drew a line that united the candles, then threw the dead animal to a cornier. The force of air entered the room, making her long dress dance with the wind, she took her clothing away from her body and tossed it against the wall. She couldn't allow any interruptions.

Taking the book on her hand, she began to read out loud. "Igni tribuat potestatem tamquam pars mutare, extension brachium domini mei ad me sentiré sicut aer, patitur vires aequor pectore moveri, fac mecum est pars terræ," Dana said, and walked into the circle, into a strange force. She knew this time the spell had worked, she accepted its will and let go of her body. Yet, somehow, she began to float.

After letting go she was unable to breath, and even trying she couldn't move. Somehow, she felt as if her consciousness was being pushed out of her body, until she lost all senses. Floating to the side, Dana saw her body collapsing while it struggle for air, after a few steps her body lost her balance. Dana flew close to her body and tried to catch it, but it was useless. She witnessed her body crashing against a cabinet.

She kept flying, staring at the body laying on the floor, and finally notice a thin line connecting her to it. Dana looked around and was able to see it all; future, past and present were right there. She understood the insignificance of existence, and learned that she could cut the line, freeing herself to fly away, but she chose to return to her body.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and found herself on the floor, immediately gasped for air and felt life returning to her body. The fall led her aching, she had bruises on her face, and she didn't know how long had it been. Dana pushed herself with an arm but the pain was too intense.

After a couple of minutes laying on the floor she was finally able to stand up, yet her weakness wouldn't allow her to walk. Dana looked for wounds around her body and noticed that her leg tattoo was gone, she doubted her sight and focused her attention, but the dragon was gone. The skin of her leg was clear as if she had never had a tattoo.

Then, she saw it. It was a small dragon, it flew without the need of wings. It seemed to be looking for a way out of the room. Dana got as close as she could, the animals eyes where field with fire, and he flew against her. Dana wasn't ready for the attack, yet she raised a hand, while covering her face with the other hand. But the attack never reached her, she turned to watch at the dragon, and it was trapped in the middle of a bubble.

Dana lowered her hand, noticing that bubble fell to the ground and explode on impact. The cold liquid disappear in an instant, and the dragon attacked again. Stop, she thought, raising a hand and the brightness of the light forced her to close her eyes. After a few seconds she was able to see again, and the small dragon was laying on the floor.

Its skin seemed to be made of pure energy. Dana reach to touch the animal, yet a strange energy came out of her hand and grabbed it. The dragon opened its eyes, while Dana felt it as if the energy was an extension of her skin. Stepping backwards, she raised the animal with the glowing energy.

The animal looked weak, as if it was sick and Dana felt responsible and focus her attention to make the energy that connected them stronger. To her surprise the animal regained consciousness and began to fly around her, enjoying the energy coming out of her body.

I shouldn't fear it, she thought, focusing her attention on the energy coming out of her body. Then she notices a ball forming on top of her hand, the fire grew stronger, and she tried to make it brighter, until the entire room was lit up. The dragon flew around her arm and swallow the fire as it passed by it.

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Encuentro mejor escrita y apetecible la versión en inglés, buen trabajo.
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Muy buena, para ser honesto, de todas las historias aquí, escritas por aficionados que se creen escritores, sin duda la tuya es una de las mejores y más entendibles que he leído. Realmente, sin exagerar, me gustaría ver una película de ella.
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