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I was sitting under a tree as the small boy, Markus, was running up to me. He had a bright grin on his face as the creepy trees of the heavily wooded area creaked, which only made the small male seem creepier. I blinked a few times, and my gaze fell upon his. My head tilted as he stood in front of me.

“Kallie! Let’s play hide-n-seek!” his voice squeaked almost as bad as the trees.

“Um… Markus, I don’t think that is a good idea…,” I said quietly.

Markus crossed his arms and pouted. His light brown hair swayed in the wind as his glasses started to slip down his nose. He let out a small huff.

“Why isn’t it a good idea? Scared that big meanie will come and snatch us?” he mocked.

I went silent as he stared at me with his icy green eyes. I quickly shook my head, but he saw past my lie.

“Come on, Kallie!!!” he whined. “He isn’t going to get us!”

“You don’t know that… He lives in these woods!” I practically screamed out as the leaves of a nearby bush rustled. I stared at the bush with fear and anticipation only to see a small bunny hop out. I sighed heavily. “Just thinking about him is making me jumpy…”

“Whimp,” Markus mumbled under his breath.

I glared up at him, and I stood up. He was only slightly taller than I was, but I was more intimidating than he ever will be. He gulped and took a step back.

“You can’t just call me that and think I won’t do anything!” I snapped.

He grumbled and narrowed his eyes at me. “Let’s just play the game, please.”

“No! End of story!” I glared at him as dense fog surrounded us, and I could no longer see Markus. I glance around. “Markus, you still there?” I asked for silence to just follow. ‘That little twerp!’ I thought and started to search for him. ‘This shouldn’t be too hard. He can’t stay still for a mere second.’ I looked behind a tall tree that was covered in vines, but he wasn’t there. I searched for hours on end, and it seemed the sun was setting. “Markus!?” I yelled and ran around to check the nearby trees, but he wasn’t behind any of them. “Markus!?” I yelled again, but this time it sounded more worried. “We have to get home! The sun’s setting!” That was when I heard a scream, one that was Markus’.

I ran to the sound, but I tripped over a jagged twig and I yelped. “Ow…” I quickly got back onto my feet and continued to run. ‘I knew this was a bad idea!’ I thought to myself as a tall, slender figure came into my veiw. It was him. I came to a stop as every bone in my body froze. ‘No… No, no, no! This can’t be happening!’ I was panicking on the inside when the slender figure turned its gaze to me. My body started to shake as I saw the limp body of my friend. One of the many tendrils this figure had, had went through the small boy’s body. I could see the thick, crimson liquid drip to the dark grass only to stain it. I shook my head quickly. ‘This all has to be a bad dream!’ I screamed in my head. My thoughts told me to run, but my body stayed still.

I tried desperately to run away, but my legs stood stiff like the trees around us. The smell of death started to get closer as the figure walked up to me. He was being dreadfully slow, and my panic only grew. My breathing quickened as the faceless figure towered over me. I didn’t dare to look up. I couldn’t bring myself to do it as the salty liquid that filled my eyes flowed out onto my cheeks. My shaking grew violent as I saw a tendril raise from the corner of my eye, and I closed them tightly. ‘Let this be a dream!’ repeated in my mind as I heard the heavy beating of my heart, but nothing came. No pain, no screaming… just silence. I opened my eyes and looked around.

The thick fog had cleared, but the figure disappeared with my friend. There was no sign of where they went. No sign of where he took Markus. There was nothing. I heard sirens off in the distance, and I fell to my knees. ‘Did this really happen?’ I thought as I stared at the heavily mudded ground. ‘Was this real?’ My frail body continued to shake as the sirens came closer and closer. The sound blared through the woods, and the trees’ shadows grew larger and scarier. I hiccuped. I was terrified, no, I am still terrified. Even after all these years, I’m terrified of him. This killer, this being… it’s still out there, and I will get revenge on the Slenderman.

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