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Inside a church lived a pure nun who devoted her whole life to exercising her faith and who eradicated the changing life, but that changes when the young girl comes into conflict with herself and meets a certain boy who shows the true taste of sin and the How delicious it is to live a sinful life.

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The Nun

It was a rainy night in Japan, the nuns in their nightgowns ready to retire for another night's sleep, until one of them heard the church door slam, hoping it was urgent, the same nun went looking for it. from the comadre who soon heard what the nun had heard and then went to answer the door. Opening the large and heavy door of the church, the comadre faces the darkness and a childlike cry as she looks at the floor with a basket and inside her a child who cried without ceasing.

Catching the child on her lap, the nun quickly tries to find out the sex of that child, and comes across what appeared to be a female sexual organ, but the nun had made a big mistake. With compassion for the poor child, the comadre took her to church and the next day soon found that there was a child in the church, the nuns had been enchanted with the new child and this made the happy comadre who took care of the small child as if were your daughter.

He taught and educated her, gave love, taught about her beliefs which the child faithfully followed. Time passed and the child grew up becoming more beautiful and also drawing attention during mass. At the age of 20, the small child named Uruha had become a "woman" but at that age the nun was in existential crisis.

Because she was that age, she imagined she would be like other nuns, would be more engaged in her faith, but Uruha had been wrong. Seeking to restore her faith, the nun sought to study her belief further and became so intelligent that she had become the younger comadre, advising the nuns and helping them in all she could.

Despite reaching this hierarchy, Uruha still felt sad and realized that there was something wrong with her and even realizing that there was something wrong, the nun fought hard not to let it hit her mind. Until Uruha noticed the presence of a man at Mass, a very handsome man with short black hair like the night, and wearing a black suit like his hair, was sitting on one of the mass benches, listening intently to the words. From the priest Uruha was so mesmerized by the man that he did not realize that he fell in love with that man thus committing a sin.

As if that were not enough, after Mass, the nun could not shake the handsome face of the man who had won her heart. The full lips, the eyes, though attentive to the priest, were beautiful and sensual, the hair, the clothes, everything about this man was beautiful to the nun, she found herself wondering what that young man's voice would be like, and when night fell, dream what it would be like to meet that man again, what it would be like to hear his voice.

The next day word came that the priest had fallen ill and that he should stay in bed, Uruha and a few comadres were in charge of taking care of the church until the priest improved. Uruha was convinced that everything would go as normal and said by the older women, but Uruha had been wrong.

After finishing praying, Uruha comes across the man he saw the day before, his head down and sitting on one of the benches with a wistful look. Realizing that the nun was looking at him, the man got up and went to the nun who was static until that moment, knelt before the nun scaring her.

ㅡ Why are you kneeling before me ?! Get up! "Spoke Uruha and the man remained kneeling, and then looked into the back of Uruha's eyes and said." I came to confess my sins, "the man answered.

ーI am sorry to inform you, but the priest has fallen ill and I cannot hear your confession.ーsaid Trembling Uruha again fearing to fall into the temptation of this man, but it was too late, his heart was beating madly, seduced by the man's sensual lips. .

ーPlease, Comadre Uruha, I need to confess this, I need to purify my soul.ー The man begged holding the black cloak of his cassock. Feeling pity for this man, Uruha sighed and nodded to the two of them to go to the confessional.

ㅡ I'm breaking the laws that the church rules, I'm doing it for you. May the Lord forgive me. ーUruha commented, making the gesture of the cross and entering the confessional where the priest should have been.

ーTell me your sin, my son.ー Uruha asked when he realized that the man was inside the cabin, near the room, too close.

ーI'm committing the sin of lust, and well ... I hit my fiancee and it didn't please her.ー The man confessed leaving Uruha confused.

ㅡ Did you cheat on her and then hit her? ㅡ asked Uruha still confused.

ㅡ I ... I betrayed her too. I mean, I had sex with my fiancee, but not for breeding. I feel very sorry. ーSpoke the man and Uruha sighed thinking of the shameful action of the man and said. ーIf you are sorry you have reached forgiveness, there is nothing to worry about.ー distorted due to division the man's smile making the nun sigh.

ーI'm grateful to hear me, sister.ーsaid the man with the same smile and then withdrew from there. While still in the confessional, Uruha thought of the thick and steady voice of the man who warmed his heart, sensing the temptation. Uruha withdrew from the confessional and began to pray.

She tried in every way possible to forget the man from the confessional, but one way or another, he always came, making the nun sigh and feel something strange about herself. During the night it was a struggle against her desires and her mind which Uruha could not overcome, her sweaty robes and her organ acting strangely with her, the nun wanted to cry. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom and nothing resolved, the sweat that stained his nightclothes, Uruha ran under the shower and water wet his clothes and reassured what would be his excitement.

The next day, the priest had recovered and Uruha went to talk to the priest about using the confessional to hear a believer.

ㅡ Well, if I could help you, I saw no problem using it. I am grateful that I can handle everything during my absence, Sister Uruha.ーsaid the priest, relieving the weight that was on the nun's mind.

Thinking that it would be another normal day, Uruha is wrong again and ends up meeting again with the man who begged to confess his sins again, Uruha indicated him to talk to the priest, but the man rejected and only wanted to talk to a nun.

ーMy son, I can't hear your confessions, I was not oriented to that.ーUruha said trying to break free of the man who was kneeling before him holding his robes.

ㅡ Please, sister Uruha! I feel safe and well to talk to you. ーThe man spoke as he pleaded with the woman.

ㅡ Well, let's go to the little room and confess what you have to confess. ㅡ And together they went to the little room, and kneeling before the nun, the man confessed the same sins they had previously committed and confessing repentance. Speechless, Uruha repeated the same answer earlier.

Upon leaving the man, Uruha again felt his heart beating and that strange feeling coursing through his body making the nun feel guilty for what she felt. The next day, thinking that his routine would be back to normal, that man returned, returned the next day, and that was repeated in anguished way to the nun who suspected that the man's confessions and regret would be sincere.

But all this began to give clues and clarification during the aftermath. At the door of the church, Uruha catches sight of two girls whispering to each other, Uruha approaches to warn the girls that the Mass is over, but the content of the conversation catches the nun's attention.

ㅡ Meiko said she got tired, and now she wants to separate from him. ㅡ One of the girls was wearing a simple light green dress.

ㅡ Also, the poor thing was abused by Aoi. It was just purple and all sore underneath. ーThe girl in the lilac dress commented.

ーShe told me she really liked what he did, but the slaps and some things they did to her were going too far.ー commented the girl in the green dress and the purple dress nodding.

ー I think it would be good if you two talked, maybe he would take it easy on her or you might stop doing that. ーThe lilac girl commented with the tip of her index finger on her lips in a thoughtful gesture.

ーAnyway, it's over, and I think Aoi is with another girl. ーsaid the girl in green who was waving at some of the girls who were passing in front of the church. ㅡ Will they get married? ㅡ Questioned the lilac girl referring to the alleged relationship of the alleged Aoi.

ーI don't know, but I don't think he will want to marry her.

ー He is very womanizing and the engagement between him and Meiko is enough. ーThe girl answered green.

ーWell… ー the girl finally answered lilac and together left the church, leaving the nun thoughtful. "Is he this Aoi who beats his wife?" ㅡ The nun wondered.

The next morning the nun Uruha walked the streets of the small town next to the comadres that were in a bakery to buy the pasta to make the host. While waiting for the sisters outside the bakery, Uruha sees the man who every day begged to confess her sins, when the man saw her, Uruha entered the bakery to get rid of the man, but it was late, he was present.

With the groceries in hand, the nuns came out of the bakery, and in a hurry Uruha followed the nuns, but already on the street and about to reach the other nuns, Uruha feels someone touch her shoulder and then Uruha comes across the man she was trying hard. cost run away.

ーI'm sorry, but I'm busy right now.ー Uruha said and the man shook his head.

ㅡ I'm the one who apologizes for bothering you all this time. I would like to thank you for hearing my confessions. ーThe man spoke with the seductive tone and then taking the nun's hand and kissing gently.

ㅡ Are you courting me? I am already committed to the Lord. ーThe frightened nun spoke when she saw strange looks on both of them.

ーNot at all, sister.ー He denied the man still with the same sensuality.

ㅡ Answer me, what's your name ?! ㅡ asked Uruha curiously remembering the conversation of the two girls in front of the church.

ーMy name is Yuu, Shiroyama Yuu.ー The man spoke and when Uruha thought he was confused, the man speaks again.

ーBut if sister wishes, you can call me Aoi.ーAnd then Uruha looked at the man in surprise and then if He got rid of the boy and joined the sisters.

Inside the church, Uruha felt restless, sad and bitter. She wondered how she had betrayed her faith and how it was affecting the nun for now, wondering if that was true, or if the young girls were committing the sin of lying, that made the nun restless and unable to sleep. The next day Uruha endeavored to pray more and more to get rid of the sin she had committed, but little did she know that in the church's view, her sin was even greater and the deadliest of all.

When she ceased praying at the image of the cross sitting on the bench, Uruha comes across Aoi who is staring at the nun with her face so close to her, causing Uruha to have a small spasm of fright.

ーI'm sorry I scared you.ー Aoi said with his hand and elbow propped on the front seat and his body bent before the nun.

ーIt's all right.ー The nun replied, compelling herself from the fright she took.

ーHave you come to confess your sin again?ー Questioned Uruha wondering that he would again confess the same sin as always.

ㅡ Actually, I came to invite you to my house, I'd like to thank you for everything you've been doing.ー Aoi said with a small smile and the same sensual tone in his voice.

ーExcuse me, but I can't leave the church.ーUruha replied.

ㅡ Please come. I'll be sad if your sister doesn't go.ーAoi asked with a hurt look, leaving the nun thoughtful and worried. Without thinking straight the nun accepts the proposal to go to Aoi's house, making the man smile to himself happily leaving a seal on his right and delicate hand.

ㅡ Tomorrow early, we will go to my house together. ㅡ said the man who soon left, leaving the nun stunned.

At night he could not sleep again, and that was making Uruha have deep dark circles in his eyes and that was quite remarkable, after all the sisters were up and doing their chores. Uruha stood before the dressing table, combing her long platinum hair and thoughtful about Aoi's invitation. Was it then that he would finally know the origin of that man's sin? That was what was going on in the nun's head.

Already neat and standing before the cross, Uruha prayed and asked him to discover the origin of that man's sin and to save him before it was too late. When her prayer was over, she found the man beside her watching her with a small smile on her face.

ㅡ Shall we?ー Question asked her extending her hand inviting her to her house, taking a deep breath and still afraid, accepted the boy's hand and together they headed towards Aoi's house.

Already inside the house, which by the way was simple and small, Uruha was taken to the kitchen, which was faced with a breakfast set on the table, the medium-sized table was full. Aoi invited her to sit down and Uruha asked for it, and began to eat and talk.

ㅡ Is it true that you divorced your fiancée? ㅡ asked Uruha leaving Aoi surprised by the information.

ㅡ Who said that, sister? ㅡ Questioned Aoi looking surprised at the nun.

ㅡ News spread too fast. ㅡ Uruha just said.

ーJust like gossip and lies, and well, that's a sin, right ?!ーAsked Aoi and Uruha nodded.

ーSo you deny that you cheated on your bride and beat her?ー Uruha questioned and Aoi denied.

ㅡ I claim I did it all. I just say, some news and rumors tend to lie too much.ーAoi said.

ㅡ And you're about to commit another sin, aren't you ?! ㅡ asked the nun.

ㅡ Sister is very attentive to gossip, isn't she ?! You're committing another sin. ーAoi said and Uruha looked at him confused.

ーAnother sin?ーUruha asked.

ㅡ Yes, the sin of lies.ー said Aoi getting up and going towards the nun who was staring at him confused trying to remember in his mind when he lied.

ーThe sister is quite different, isn't she?ー Aoi whispered in the nun's ear making her shiver.

ーI've known since that day at Mass that your sister is different from other nuns.ー Aoi said with a small wry smile.

ㅡ What are you saying? ㅡ Uruha questioned, and then Aoi put his hands on the buttons of his black cassock and unbuttoned. ㅡ What the nuns have, you don't have ㅡ Said Aoi removing the top smoothing her smooth chest. nun and also unbuttoning his shirt showing his smooth chest.

ーAnd you have, what the nuns don't have, but so do I.ーAoi said patting the nun's penis and holding Uruha's hand and directing her groin doing what Uruha felt what they had too, making the nun's eyes widen in fright.

ㅡ Sister, is committing a mortal sin, just as I am committing.ー said Aoi whispering in the nun's ear scaring her.

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