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¨We are alike, we never liked the calmness, we always seek chaos, do you know why? because we easily get bored¨ Several persons, unique families, and a lot of hidden secrets… A new messed up world, full of lies, fears, and death… Follow a senior law student Kiran Mccarthy who is trying very hard to live a seemingly normal life and the new events that threaten to expose him and his family… With … August Olvera, the prodigy and one of the heirs to the wealthy Olvera family that holds an exclusive privilege to Exports and imports for more than three generations… And… Milford Macias, Donny Tovar, Emery Cromwell and their bloody fight to control the underworld. ¨you can never escape this reality… you can never find the bliss¨

Thriller/Mystère Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#slice_of_life #psychological #contemporary #drama
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I have never known what fate had hidden for me when I collected my things at the start of the winter holiday. After the end of the first semester and the long hours of studying, I was very excited to return to my home and see my family, My sisters and all my Friends after a long separation. In this period I never tasted the flavor of the comfort or the rest, always studying to succeed.

I told my girlfriend Anna about my desire to take her with me and to introduce her to my family, but sadly the illness that her father suddenly discovered, played a part in her decision to not travel with me and to stay beside him.

Anna Marchetti the slender Young girl with the smiley face filled with freckles that I met the first time I came into this city, she has grown up to become one of the most charming women I had talked to. She leaves in a nice old Victorian house near the campus, and I always was happy to visit her and her parents to spend some time away from the university's up and down's life. We started to get close a few months ago, then things developed rapidly, and now we are officially going out.

I stood in the railway station checking and preparing for my trip, suddenly I got startled by someone hugging me from behind when I turned back, I found out that It was Anna, with her ten-year-old brother who looks exactly like her. Intensely observing her face I could see the redness in her eyes, I am sure that she was crying all night, I felt my heart filled up with some kind of warmth. I know her… and I know how strong she is… I also know how hard this situation not only on her but on all her family… I was beside her from the moment she found out the truth. Right now, she needs some time alone with her family… and I respect that. She hugged me tightly and started to pour me with hot bouquets of farewells and kisses in a failed attempted to seem fine. She asked me to give my family the same kind of hot bouquets of greetings and tributes instead of her.

The truth is: she never met my family, she only got the chance to meet my older sister once, when she accompanied me to receive her from the airport, a long ago when I was new to the city and did not precisely could find my way to the airport. At that time she played the role of a tour guide for the both of us, showing me and my sister every secret place to keep our money. It is really very great to find someone like Anna in a new place that you don't know anything about.

The train started his long trip to the far east, I searched for my cabin, I chose a seat near the window after I placed my luggage, then I closed my eyes, waiting for a sensation of the rhythmic movements of the train to flow with my body. Yet somehow I recalled all the scene of our goodbye, how emotional it was, despite that my visit to my hometown wasn't going to take long. We were saying farewell like we are never going to see each other again.

I opened my eyes looking at the glass of the window. I could see the reflection of the fainted profile of my two companions when they entered.

To be continued-->

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