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The Lonely Witch

Once upon a time...

There lived a young witch who was different from her sisters.

Instead of studying to become greater, she would go out to the woods to search for strange and new creatures to befriend and learn from. Instead of staying in when a storm came, she would jump out and play in the rain and in the mud which would dirty her pretty dresses. And when came the time for her to choose her calling, she had chosen to go out into the world instead of staying with her family.

They had begged her not to go, but her heart was just set on leaving.

So with a sad heart, and promises to visit once in a while, she set off in her journey with her trusty broom.

Her name was Alma.

And Alma loved adventuring.

She had visited so many places since she had left her home. She had visited the murky swamp filled with hissing snakes and a sleepy swamp monster that huffed when she came too close. She had visited the highest mountains where she met an overprotective giant eagle and her chirping babies, who had cried when she had left. And she visited the white beaches, where she helped a young merman collect beautiful pastel seashells that littered the shallow waters where he couldn't reach.

Yet, even when her heart was full of joy whenever she went to new places and met new people, when night came she would look up at the stars and feel slightly sad.

She had no idea why she was sad though, and no matter what she did. No matter what grand adventure she embarked, what interesting person she met, what odd little item she found, she still felt very sad.

That was when she decided to ask her Mother, who knew almost everything.

Her Mother, a beautiful woman with wrinkles under her bright chestnut eyes and curling hazel hair tied with white flowers, laughed when Alma told her of her thoughts.

"I am by no mean omniscient little one," Her Mother said softly, kissing her temple as she hugged her youngest. "But I do know what you are feeling. You are feeling lonely."

"Lonely..." Alma echoed back just as softly.

Growing up with 4 elder sisters and her Mother in a small home hidden in the meadow of Crystal Forrest, there was never a time when Alma felt lonely. Everyday was an adventure with them, from laughing how the second eldest hated bugs in her hair from watching them learn new spells that would fill the sky with beautiful colors. But since Alma had left, she had even went on greater adventures. It was only when the sun diminished its reign for the moon, when the stars came out to play, did she feel lonely and so very small.

"A friend." Her Mother had answered with a small smile. "A friend will make everything better. They will chase away your loneliness, and join you in your journey!"

"But what kind of friend Mother?"

"Whoever you decide, my dear." Her Mother replied, looking up and smiling as she watched the elder sisters bickering over something. "As long as they are kind to you, and loyal. They are a friend."

"A friend..." Alma nodded, standing up. "Okay then, I'll go find a friend!"

And so with a new goal in mind, Alma went to find a friend who would join in her grand adventure around the world. However she never thought that it would be difficult to find a friend who would go with her.

Even as she traveled far and wide, to the edge of the desert where she met a boy who was too worried about his camels to leave his isolated hut, to the far-off kingdom where a young princess was not interested in travelling, and to a sorcerer who would rather study indoors all day then leave the safety of his library.

Finding a friend who would travel with her was harder than she thought.

Then one day she noticed large black clouds gather in the sky, a rainstorm was coming. So taking shelter under a large tree, Alma found a large enough hole for her to crawl into, but as she readied to enter, her hand touched something round and warm.

Pausing, Alma then grasped the strange sphere and pulled it out from the hole. Alma stared wide at the large egg in her hand. The egg had a very pretty color, the shell looking like it was made of the purest of silver, and holding it close to her chest, Alma let out a smile when she could feel its heat emanating from the silver egg.

Her joy was cut short when the first drops of rain hit her skin, and a strong enough wind almost caused her to lose her balance until she steadied herself. Eyeing the black storm coming up, Alma crawled into the hole just big enough for her and her broom to crawl in. Settling down with the egg hugged close to her chest, Alma caressed the warm shell.

"I hope you don't mind me staying here for a while... Just until the storm clears up..." Alma flinched when she heard thunder, and hugged the egg closer to her. "Thunder is so very loud... It can be scary sometimes, but I've played in a storm before... It was fun, but I got sick later and my Mother and sisters were so very worried. So I stopped playing in storms, but rain on the other hand. Gentle rain is fun to play in..."

Sighing, she leaned her head back against the wood. "I'm far from home, but I wonder if the storm can reach that far. How scary. Little egg, where is your Mother?"

Knowing she wasn't going to get an answer, Alma continued rambling to herself. Talking about everything and nothing at the same time, telling the little egg of her family, of her adventures, and of the many different people she met.

"But as much as I love traveling, I want to have a friend with me." Alma said softly, closing her eyes tiredly. "A friend who would stay by my side, a friend I could have fun with and enjoy my traveling with... A friend..."

Alma fell asleep, snoring softly under her breath. In her slumber she didn't notice the egg in her arms that was growing hotter, and started twitching.

The next morning, Alma woke up with sunlight in her face.

Stretching and yawning, Alma looked down to her lap and squeaked in surprised. Instead of an egg on her lap, there was a small blue lizard with wings tucked tightly to its side, and remnants of shells still stuck on it and on her lap.

As if sensing her awake, the lizard raised its snout as bright golden eyes looked up at her, letting out small squeaked as it greeted her a good morning. The lizard then let out a yawn, then sneezed releasing blue fire that made Alma jump, then laughed as the lizard made another sneeze.

"Little dragon, what a big surprise!" Alma exclaimed, before she frowned in worry. "But what is a little dragon like you doing in a tree? You should be near your Mother, like all little dragons."

The blue dragon simply tilted its head, letting out more squeaks before it crawled out of the hole they were in. Alma quickly followed behind, scrunching her face as the sun fully hit her face. Shaking her head and getting use to the sunlight, Alma dusted her dress off then looked at the small dragon that was looking up at her.

Alma stared back, and knelt down, careful not to lose her balance.

"Little dragon, I'm going on a journey." Alma told the little dragon. "I travel all around the world, but I'm usually alone. Would you like to come with me? Maybe we can find your Mother along the way!"

The little dragon tilted its head again, its wings flapping weakly, still too young and weak to fly just yet. Then with a huff of blue fire, the little dragon crawled up her dress and onto her shoulder. Alma laughed.

"I shall take that as a yes, little dragon. But I can't keep calling you little dragon forever, you need a name."

The little dragon didn't seem interested, but Alma went to thinking. What would be a perfect name for a dragon...

As Alma thought of a perfect name for the little blue dragon on her shoulder, a small breeze past by and Alma tilted her head. Looking towards the way the wind was blowing, Alma looked towards where there was nothing but plains, and smiled to see the tall grass bow down to the wind blowing by.



The little blue dragon blinked, then squeaked.

Alma smiled.

"Wind it is then! Now hang on Wind, our grand adventure starts today!"

Alma hummed happily, letting her magic take hold of the broom that was now floating. Sitting on top of the broom carefully, and making sure that Wind was hanging on tight, Alma flew off as she laughed. The wind carrying her laughter as far as it could.

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Zoe Strope Zoe Strope
What a sweet and charming tale! 😁
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