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Reincarnation of two people from the past, One who remembers everything that had happened, Whilst the other doesn’t. Him asking if she could love her like yesterday. But will she able to love him back, as she did in the past?

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What is reincarnation?

- The rebirth of a soul in a new body.

- A new version of something from the past.


Let me tell you a story.

From the castle foyer, a huge room with a wide staircase that curved gracefully from the balcony on the second floor.

There stood a man and a woman,

wearing clothes from medieval times.

King Charles and Queen Rosalia of Crystallea.

They both stood there, blissfully admiring the sunset.

The two looked at each other's eyes, one smiled with contentment, while the other looked rather scared.

Not for himself, but for her.


Time passed and the couple had created a recreation of watching the sunset every day.

One day, they both went for a walk along the castle grounds. Focusing on the beautiful sunset upon them.

Joyfully enjoying every moment of it.

However, they never expect that this happiness would last. Just like how it has always been.

Later that night the Queen felt ill, an incurable sickness. No remedy can cure it.

2 days have passed since the Queen had fallen ill.

It was midday, they were all preparing for a party. When the kingdom receive horrible news,

that their Queen has passed away.


In there past life, they've met,

knew each other, loved one another.

They enjoyed having each other's company.

Until an augury was found not long ago.

In the augury, it states that whether both parties meet or not, one must suffer the consequences.

The consequences can either be death (assassination, poison, stabbed) or will have to slowly feel the pain until they eventually give up...

There was no information on what had happened in their previous life. No transcripts scattered around the area where the augury was found.

Although, there was no information found. A note was written at the bottom right of the paper, it mentions, that the person who is going to face the consequences will have a mark on its right shoulder, a celestial mark. It didn't mention on which person will the mark will go on to, no pattern was shown.



Updates once, every two weeks or later.

Sorry in advance for the slow updates, cause I'm having a hard time completing the plot. It might take a while for the next update.

Sorry again.

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Not to be overreacting but you're book is totally awesome. You're innate writing skill is what the world should witness. Why don't you publish your book in NovelS tar? A lot of readers will love your work.
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