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If you have one shot on your life. What of your choice between a very bad true story or a good dream ?

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Tiny Monkey

I always listen to boldness of my respected brother during his childhood, such as, hot tempered stories, his kindness and spirit to servants. He has a perfect shape with tan skin, piercing face without moustache and beard. His age is around 40-43, who is well known as a godfather in this area by deference. He is called “Big daddy” by everyone without acknowledgement of the real name.

Relationship of “Us”

The first day we met is when I am around 11-12 years. My home is in a crowded ghetto with many vices around me. My friends in the same age start smoking, some are addicted by drugs. Luckily I didn’t want to try these like others. I was living in somewhere that cannot call “House” exactly because it was built just by fragment of moldy wood and the old advertisement label for sheltering day-to-day. Furthermore, I don’t have any parents, only uncle with his stiff hands, who I can’t remember his face seriously but never forget the sense of his hands and feet kicking to him precisely since I was young.

It was raining that day. My uncle walked inside with a smell of rice whiskey, went straight on me with his punch to my ears harshly. Even though I am getting used to with this kind of incident, I was fallen down by him. Then he still dragged me out and stomp continuously among heavy rainfall at the blurry sight in front of the door.

“Stop punching him, please!” one voice made my uncle get stuck for a while. This is extraordinary circumstance in our crowded ghetto, which no one wants to get involve in other’s issue. The common incident in our surroundings is argument in family and harassment in this community without any concern. My uncle shouted him back but kept calm suddenly after he found that is “Big daddy” prohibition.

I cannot see “Big daddy” face obviously. I realized that there was few persons talking to my uncle for making an agreement while “big daddy” was walking and sitting beside me, who are painful from the batter. “Hey dude, what’s your name?” I hadn’t told him yet but he said “Just forget your name, I will call you “Tiny monkey” from now on.

From that day everyone calls me “Tiny monkey”. I heard that big daddy paid my uncle to hire me to assist his job. It’s not that hard but it makes me have a lot of friends, who are his servants and employees. His bravery is always raised to the topic by Mr. Chalerm.

Mr. Chalerm

Mr. Chalerm is a right hand assistant of “Big daddy”, who are chubby and noisy. His outstanding characteristic is his sun glasses, which is worn all day all night. He has his beard like Adolf Hitler, his hero. He is like a body guard for big daddy from the beginning. “Do you know big daddy is really brave?” “He went to Brother Meng’s home to kill him alone!” This is one of the most popular braveries of big daddy that Brother Chalerm is always talked behind. I has listened to this not over 20 times since I has worked with big daddy so often that I can predict what he will say in the next sentence. “In the past Brother Meng is considered as a big daddy hereabout” “Even though he has many tactic servants and employees, he cannot survive because our big daddy is superior!” Brother Chalerm laughs out loud and drinks his whiskey utterly. “I have listened to this story more than hundred times already!” Brother Ake teases him.

Mr. Ake

Mr. Ake is a Director of Sales department. I has worked with him at the beginning after a big daddy paid my uncle. He is so thin that you can see his bone obviously. Under his eyes are always black. He really like his skinhead hairstyle and never change his mind to the others. He can’t bear if his hair is longer over 1 cm. so he always keep an eyes on his hair to trim by holding a scissor in his right hand at all time. Big daddy really trust him, he assigns Brother Ake to take care of all current income which is not less than 100K instead of him. All servants who serve a big daddy always start their jobs from selling and gradually change their roles up to their potential and opportunity from big daddy. “It’s not so hard to know someone’s habit, just give him a few jobs to make it.” Big daddy said to me. Most of his servants always come from broken home. Some of them used to try drugs, some of them never try. When they are assigned to manage a large amount of money, they become consumer and seller in the same time. Big daddy and Brother Ake never take this matter seriously as long as they can return all money accurately. I used to see one frighten case that one of his servants didn’t return all money on time. Firstly Brother Ake said nothing just gave him another job to accomplish in the higher rates, however, he couldn’t return all money on time again. The only thing Brother Ake do is to take his gun and shoot him without condemnation and notice. That servant screamed loudly from his pain and tried to beg for his life. Although, it’s too late, Brother Ake suddenly took another shot to end of his lifetime by calmness. It’ not for everyone to have the end of the life as this case. Most of them, who are in the same age as me, are always imprisoned more than 10 years before coming back to the real world again after acquittal. Nevertheless, no one mentioned the source of work to the policemen. Everyone totally understands they kill themselves if they say anything.

Mr. Dang

Brother Dang always wears his cap to cover his very long hair. He is laconic, who preferred to listening to others than narrating any stories with his smile. Most servants said he has very good voice and he can sing Thai local song beautifully. When he is pleaded by servants to sing a song, he always answers “Normally I won’t sing during drinking alcohol” I have just known that the only time he will sing is before his slay. He is considered to be “The greatest minion of big daddy”. Big daddy always assigns him to do very significant jobs because his mission is never failed or revised. “I am a fisherman along The Chaopraya River more than a hundred mile from dawn till dusk. I don’t think I should take my time for this too much. I prefer to stay overnight around here in a cozy hut” He was humming while we were fishing in the swamp. I shouldn’t have listened to his song totally because it’s time to start our mission. We are riding to the black BMW in front of us so fast that I cannot remember it exactly. I heard only many shots when I was riding beside that car. I can’t hear what he said obviously because it’s too chaotic. I was fallen down by motorbike and lost my consciousness suddenly.


I open my eyes with torture in my head like it’s about to be exploded and found that I’m lying on the bed in the unaccustomed place. I start looking at all my whole body with my breath ringing in my ears. This maybe cause from the oxygen mask I’m wearing. There is also a bottle of saline hanging beside my bed. However, nothing is more frightened than seeing my legs becoming too dwarfish like handicap. The door was opened by an old lady. She immediately fell down and yell “Daddy! Chai is revived!” Then an old man appear. Their body

languages made me confident that they are really glad to see my consciousness again. “Can you remember anything, my son?” The voice from old lady asking kindly. She starts telling story of our family. There is one family; consists of 3 persons, Daddy, Mommy and the son. One day during driving to take family vacation, there was a fatal accident so that their 11 years son lost his consciousness and never wake up again for 16 years. Old lady smile happily with her tear and pat my head as I am a little boy. Am I dreaming? How can I become a handicap?

“This case is miracle indeed!” An accustomed voice wake me up again. Brother Chalerm! I almost jump from the bed that I can be released from this weird dream. Although, I realized that I am still in that bad dream because my legs cannot respond at all.

He is not Brother Chalerm but he is the doctor who take care of my case thoroughly.

It’s not too long after my bad dream, Brother Ake always visits me altogether with a big book. He read for me all the time while I lost my conscious and laying on the bed calmly.

“It’s marvellous to visit Paknampho to see my precious in an olive green shirt with ribbon. “With your kindness make me want to sell all my assets just to stay not far away from you, my dearest.”

His humming in Thai local style from my beloved, Brother Dang, during his stunning garden decoration is really beautiful as always. This is the first time I listen to his song entirely. Maybe that’s all my life absolutely. I smirk to myself before closing my eyes once more.


I can hear my fast breathing from misery which is resounded in the dark and suddenly disappear by a light shining instead. This makes me squint and look around myself and found that there are few guys walking around me in an investigation room. “Big daddy intends to kill me, damn it!” “What should you will do next, superintendent? The guy, who is called, “Superintendent” is staring at me and give me a proposal. Big daddy & Me (again) The proposal of “Superintendent” is to murder “Big daddy” with the portion of his assets after passing away, which is divided by 70:30 (superintertendent:me). I have just realized entirely that “Big daddy” never feel afraid of death as his confidants always said while I was pointing my gun straight to his head in his own living room in his own living room by his indifferent face. On the contrary, he just sigh calmly like his achievement is arrived and lying on his luxurious couch and gradually close his eyes slowly. There seems to have his softly voice" whispering me that "God bless you! Tiny monkey" before the last shooting. Most of people call me "Big daddy" after for a while. Superintendent help supporting all my business powerfully. All kinds of business is so grown rapidly that I don't have any idea what should I afford next. However, I always feel something missing from my life. The sound of someone crying wake me up and found that I was walking in crowded ghetto. My followers hurry up to take care of me by opening an umbrella while it's raining. Then I saw one boy full of the wounds on his body crying under the big tree. I was walking straightly to him....

“Hey dude, what’s your name?” He gently turns his face upwards to look at me. “Just forget your name, I will call you “Tiny monkey” from now on.

Story : varacha

Drawing : Wittaya Buathin

Interpreter : Tarntip Parngamvichitr

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