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We never know the bird in the cage is happy or not If it is happy to be in the cage, the question is, why do we release it ?

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“Fai Fai, it’s time to wake up and go to school!”

Little drowsy girl still cuddle up her blanket in the cozy room where is plenty of Doraemon Sticker on the wall. Without her reaction, mother come in and wake daughter up closely by fondle her head altogether with the voice of bird giggling outside on a lot of trees which are planted by her parents. She gradually open her eyes to see the familiar face that full of kindness as always. It is the best way to make this little girl ready for her daily life.

The warm blue lunch box with cartoon graphic is put on the table as every day. It is made with love by her father. She think that her father is totally different

from others. When she visit her friends’ home, only mother will be in charge of cooking. It’s not only cooking but also housekeeping. For this reason, her father is very extraordinary obviously. Her father told her that we should not take any advantage on woman by letting her do all housework because we live in the same house as a family. She has never heard any argument from her parents like others. This really make her to be one of the luckiest girl in this world.

Little girl has her breakfast during her own way to school by her mother driving. Its smell attracts her mother to feel hungry. After finish her quick meal, she and her mother usually sing “B The star and Bird Thongchai” song together. Mother always laugh out loud when she sing in an error tone. On the contrary, she also sing in an error tone when it’s her turn. Laughing voice of both is happened in a small car normally.

Little girl’s school is a government school where is considered to be one of the famous school in Bangkok. She have studied there since kindergarten until now. She is about to end of her 5th grade of primary school. Her grade is average but she is so happy with her small world until she has found a new teacher named “Pum”.

Pum is beautiful science teacher with her long black hair and perfect shape. She often stares at little girl weirdly and makes her uncomfortable. She

usually starts conversation by using strange questions such as “Are you happy?” “Do you need any assistance?”.

Little girl just smiles cowardly without understanding teacher’s intention. When she was back home on that evening, she began to hear a strange voice.

It sounds like something breaking or cracking. It’s like when her mother boiled some eggs and knock softly before peeling them out. This voice still stuck in her head and she is the only one who hear it. Her dad asked if she was listening to something during dinner. Even her dad tried to listen carefully, he couldn’t hear any voice like his daughter at all. He could hear just the voice of cooking by his wife. Moreover, 2 days later she heard an additional voices like someone gossiping but couldn’t understand exactly what they were talking.


Human beings generally choose to see the things they want to see, hear what they want to hear. I met that people will show themselves only in the way they

would like to present to others. It can call easily “Instinct” or “Soul” of fundamental desire in this era. It is like we all trying to be the one who we aren’t

exactly just because of the better image and others’ acceptance. We will see an example obviously from social media as “Facebook”. Everything people post on their wall are the explanation. In my opinion, there are 2 types of mentioned people; firstly is the one who intend to do usually and secondly is the one
who post it just for fun or calling for an attention or social network addiction automatically. This issue should not be considered as an insignificant stuff

because it’s about losing your soul and your characteristic. It’s going to be a crisis if you cannot distinguish between the reality and the fake story which you

create, you ruin your life by yourself from your own dregs in your heart little by little like this example.

The light in the room is turned down suddenly. Meanwhile, presentation is shown on a huge white screen that attached in the middle of stage. There is a

picture of nice adolescent girl showing while most of audiences exclaim alarmingly.

Lady Master of Ceremonies : “This is the picture of….Tik Tik” She turn back and stop the presentation quickly and call for her staff’s name. “Come on and change the picture right now! Why don’t you blur this girl’s face? What should we do if this girl sue us? She immediately change the conversation to audiences “Let’s continue this presentation, I will give an example of Miss J.” (Showing one lady sitting with her luxurious friends at internet café on the screen)

“She saw one of her friend using the latest smartphone series. She want to have her own one but she cannot afford it. Then one day, one of her neighborhood

have just bought the smartphone which she prefer to have. She borrow her friend’s smartphone to take a picture and post the status on her face book

“I want to have this one” On the next day, her luxurious friends ask her to go for vacation during long weekend, her friends ask if she will buy a new smartphone. However, she never say anything to explain it’s not hers. Furthermore, she will be upset every day prior to the travelling date from her own pressure to find money to buy it because she doesn’t want to feel ashamed”

“Can you see obviously how her own dregs in her heart ruin her life? This picture is turned on without any changing until the end of the presentation. Some of the audiences said that it had better to shut it down instead.

There are 2 ladies sitting and talking in the room after all audiences going back.

“I have no idea how her family is but it must be too hard for sure. I think your student is on crisis from your narration. Pum”

“Human beings have their mental defense mechanism. We use it when we want to run away from the weird reality that we don’t want to perceive and approach because it’s too much pain to patient. She just use it so often than it should”

“Everyone has their own karma. Don’t think too much. How can we help her?

It’s sensitive because of family stuff. If you can’t stand for it, you just find a new school to teach instead of here.” Another lady response…


Sometimes she feel that she is totally different from other girls. Sometimes she cries without knowing any reason. Furthermore, she always dream of herself

sitting along the beach where full of garbage and building a sand castle. When it is built completely, it’s destroyed by beautiful wave. Then, she build it again and again. She remember the voice accurately in her dream. It’s not “the voice of cracking some eggs” but “the voice of a crashing wave” that make her own her gorgeous castle disappear over and over.

There is a gasping breath of one guy beside her ears. Is this dream? No, it’s not exactly. “Daddy Daddy Where are You?” She gradually open her eyes and found that this is a long irresistible reality like never ending. She slightly close her eyes by throbbing sensation on her body continuously and rhythmically.

The beginning of castle establishment


“What the heck! Fai, when will you get yourself up without my alarm?”

Middle age lady shout rudely as usual to wake up her daughter. It’s a sign to get out of bed quickly otherwise her arms and legs will be bruised.

After that voice, she mess around getting dress for another kindergarten boy by calmness in tone of voice and facial expression as if she is another person.

Elderly guy almost 50 years old wearing suit is sipping coffee at the table rapidly stop drinking and staring at a little girl in her pajamas impolitely by his

imagination of love scene last night with his oppression usually. He heartlessly smile. Then he goes on drinking his coffee and reading newspaper.

You and me may see a little girl jumping around and singing ***Thongchai’s song happily along her journey to school normally without seeing carefully of her bruises underneath a uniform on her arms.

We either pay attention on this matter, just walking passed by without looking back as it used to be.

*** Thongchai is a forever superstar in Thailand.

Story : varacha

Drawing : Wittaya Buathin

Interpreter : Tarntip Parngamvichitr

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