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Some people will do anything for money.

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Andrew Lawson's motto, "Life's a game and the weak shall be devoured."

  The 22 year-old made the biggest sales deal in his companies history from a mentally challenged woman. 

  Ella Pierce won a lawsuit years ago against a pharmaceutical company for causing her to be delayed. 

  Newspapers wrote about her lawsuit . People were either for or against Ella. Calling her a selfish cow or a victim of the Nazi pill shoving giants that experiment on the poor.    

   Now Ella's bank account stands empty, while Andrew bangs his chest in celebration.

   Freddy, Andrew's friend, believes himself to be a magnet of the pink slit. 

  The guys trade tales of basic whores on the internet. 

   Freddy smiles wile throwing a shot back. 

   "You know the easiest bitches are the ones that wear the most makeup on their face."

    He leans back in his chair. 

    "Those skanks are so insecure and they let the whole world know they hate themselves." 

     Andrew bored by his friends banter. Instead he sits in the rocking chair by the fireplace cutting an apple and drinking shots of bourbon.

    Hours pass of stories.The men are drunk except Andrew. Freddy gets up for more liquor.

  The word LIAR is spelled out in red paint on the refrigerator. He smiles, "Funny you guys."

  Everyone ignores him.

They carry on talking. A strong wind blows open the doors of the cabin. Embers from the fireplace spray into the air.

 Trying to get up ,they fall over drunk. Andrew runs around patting the tiny hot ashes out with his bare hands. His friends laugh and stumble over each other.

However, Andrew isn't laughing. He's frozen, staring at a woman with straight black hair, dark red eyes and porcelain white skin. 

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Also, forgot to mention, the word "while" is misspelled where it says "Freddy smiles wile throwing a shot back" and lastly, is the word LIAR on the refrigerator related to why Ella's bank account is empty in some form? Reader's curiosity and just assessing my own understanding.
September 05, 2018, 00:45
The imagery in this chapter is exceptional, I was able to visualize things despite the shift from one short plot line to the next particularly in the beginning. The first sentence is excellent!
September 05, 2018, 00:37

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