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The first short story is about the leaving the past yet sometimes a darkness enters people and they will never let you forget. A man receives a phone call about a loved one and from there things turn bad.

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Phone Call

         Richard Banks is engrossed with grading book reports that should of been done last night. Along with reading he is sporting one hell of hangover. He covered his blood shot eyes with sunglasses to block the sun sneaking in between the blinds.

     The loud rotary phone sends a spike through his head. He answers before another ring.  

  A woman's gentle voice informs him of his mothers death. Without any formal greeting or asking questions, she blurts the sad news. Richard sits on the bottom step of the stairwell. He stares at the tile his mother chose. He rubs his face and rolls his eyes. "One more complication to add to my life." He says under his breathe. 

He inquires when and how.

She says, "it happen a few minutes ago and not to worry she wasn't alone."

He sighs in annoyance.

The callers voice becomes deeper.

"You know Sir, as I watched your mother take her final breathe, I wonder what could of made this woman a vile bitch. Now I know Richy boy, it was all you!" 

He froze. He hasn't heard the name Richy in years.

"What the hell did you say?" he asks. 

"I want to know where to dump her body?" 

He realizes who the person is but never thought they would be back.

A sadistic laugh sends chills down Richards body.

Long dirty fingers grip the white phone receiver.

He slams the phone and calls the nursing home to check on his mother.

The nurse tells him she is alive and fighting with patients as usual.

A day later an envelope comes in the mail for him.

Pictures of him as a child and the other person. 

The phrase scratched across each picture. 

"Where would you like me to dump your body?"

The nurses gather behind the station. 

"Take a look at this report guys, we have a new patient arriving." A pudgy middle age nurse with purple streaks holds a file in the air, smiling. 

  Mary Stewart is a wallflower that enjoys staying home with her mother and aunt on the weekends.

  However when she turn 21, she refused to eat and couldn't sleep. The happy go lucky girl vanished. Now irritable and vile. 

Muttering the devil is going to kill her over and over.   Admitted under the advisement of her family doctor for everyone's safety. 

Purple hair burst out laughing. "She sounds like a flake!" 


 Mary's first day at the hospital didn't go well. 

 Purple hair nurse turned her back to place paperwork at the station. Mary lunges on her back as if spider monkey and sinks her teeth deep into her neck.Tasting the rich flavor wet coins.  

 It took three male orderlies to yank Mary off Purple hair. Finally separated ,Mary had a chunk of skin in her mouth. She ran around the dayroom with blood dripping from her mouth. Eventually spitting the fleshy piece in the air . She sticks her red tongue out for display, "See. No drugs."  

  For punishment the orderlies place her on the bed, restraining her small limbs with leather straps. 

   She growls and screams, demanding to be released. 

The oldest man pulls out a needle to inject her with a sedative.

A woman's voice comes over the speaker. 

"Code Red: Nomed ! Code Red: Nomed !"

 "Oh no. Crazy is out!" The older nurse says. 

All three men run out of the room. Security officers run down the hallway. Mary is just a spectator.

To remain calm she looks out the window at the rain. She hears a whisper at the door .Quickly looks, but nothing.

 The whisper is back and closer. The bed shakes violently. A dark presence fills the room. 

  She closes her blue eyes tight praying to God to rescue her from the menacing darkness.

A cold hand touches her restrained arm. 

How shes screaming on the inside desperately wanting to flee from this monster but fear buries her scream.

Forcing herself to look at the looming figure. Gasping in terror. Long, greasy, charcoal colored hair and cold eyes filled with demonic energy. 

  Undetermined of what it is makes it scarier. 

Mary locks eyes with the dark entity. " I knew the Devil was after me!" It let out a sinister laugh, then raises a hammer covered in dry blood and proceeds to smash her face until she is unrecognizable .

  The nurses weren't shocked because she has killed multiple patients before. They thought she wouldn't kill Mary because she was her daughter. 

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