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In a city named Chicago (EUA) lives a boy named Rick Alvin. Rick Alvin has a 19 years age and it is a boy different, while normal boys are worried with bullshit; he has other goals, what will these goals? Rick studies in Lincoln Park High School, he is great student and that’s motive to other people bother him. Rick is a simply perfect boy, it goes well in the school, he knows everyone and it is very popular. He has green clears eyes, the color of hair is redhead and he is a tall boy approximately 1.80. Meanwhile… In the other side of the street, lives Jonny Andrew, a boy well stressed and cute (If we can to say like this). Jonny has a 17 years age. Different of Rick he does not care to his school nor friends. Jonny studies in Lincoln Park High School too (coincidence?)As student it is not very good, he keeps him self far away everyone. Though all, Jonny is intelligent very much and handsome. He has blue clears eyes, the color of hair is blonde and he is a lowy boy approximately 1.65. Jonny and Rick know each other but for something unknown they don’t like each other. Actually, who have problems it is Jonny, what could have happened to leave Jonny so angry and what will come for there?

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Strange Feeling

In a pretty summer day, without classroom and without so much people, Jonny goes out in the street to see the climate and take fresh air. Generally Jonny wakes early because of school, he studies in the morning but, he wasn’t the only one, Rick makes the same things, so, it was normal they find each other, but even like this, to Jonny, it was not motive to Rick speak with him, actually, Jonny prefers speak not with Rick.

Rick was seated looking toward Jonny’s house waiting for him.

When they were children, it was friends and Rick thinks it was his fault for has finished. They were great friends and suddenly everything changed, since that day, Rick tries to remake the friendship, but it was impossible, Jonny neither look to him.

Rick looks to Jonny and it see he with cell phone, so, Rick tries send message to him but Jonny ignores, so, Rick lift up and goes his toward, perceiving that Rick was arriving, Jonny tries into side home but it’s impossible because Mathew (their friend) arrives at the wrong moment.

(wrong moment to Jonny, i'm liking)

-Wait there, Jonny, what do you have?

Mathew asked without understand the situation?

-It is my home; I just think I can go into when I want.

Jonny Answers with ignorance maybe like this,
Mathew leave him to pass.

But, didn’t need very time, Rick already was there.

-What happened here, do you already going away, Jonny? -I don’t understand anything anymore, how did you arrive here, Mathew?

-Can you take your friend from here?

Jonny asked Rick but, .how could it go out of that situation without asked his help?

-I can, but can you speak with me? I just want to know the motive why you are strange with me.

Rick asked keeping calm and it low voice, after all, that’s his charm.

-What? I didn’t understand, i'm not strange, I'm speaking until with you.

Jonny answered without care with what Rick was think or feeling. Jonny opened the door when… Rick hand hold of Jonny and asks to stay there.

Mathew continued confuse with that all.

-I didn’t nothing, I just want to speak with him, since childhood He speaks not to me anymore.

Rick said.

-If you want, I can to speak with him,

Mathew said.

-let it go, I do.

Rick said.

-Come here, when we were children, you only lacked kiss each other and now... humnhum

Rick puts his hand in Mathew's mouth.

-to be quiet, you want he listen us?

-Okay, see you late.

Mathew said Rick.

Meanwhile into Jonny’s house…

Jonny pass for his mother, he doesn’t get to lie to her and without it needs to say a word, your mother asks about what happened, but Jonny recuses to answer and go his room.

-Jonny, Come back here now!

Kate spoke, his mother.

-Hi, do you need something?

Jonny said.

-You will say me what happened?

-No thanks!

Jonny said going to room.

-Come back, you will not say, alright, tomorrow we go in Rick's house.

-Wait mom, I say.

-Now I don't want to know, you can to go your room.

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