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Have you ever wondered what happens on the streets of your city when night falls? Monica Carter is a transsexual who is in charge of one of the busiest avenues in the city of Caracas in Venezuela, after her boss and protector Perez left her all her fortune, leaving her as the only heiress and mother of the entire city , a hellish war will be unleashed, between samanta bertolini, a prostitute who becomes the number one enemy of monica, all to take away the enormous fortune that the great lord of the city has left her. all this story is transformed into passions when mysteriously appears to cease, a man who with his seductive gaze captivates the innocent monica, and also captivates the darkest passions of the evil samanta, dare to enter this world and enjoy every Thursday a shocking chapter loaded with emotion, suspense, mystery, love and music, use your imagination and be part of the life of monica and a magical love. MOTHER

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monica: (lying on the floor unconscious) .... where am I? (he wakes up and sees that everything around him is on fire) ... where are my children ... (kneels in the middle of the storm and the noise of bombs and sirens of ambulances, screams desperate ) ... WHERE ARE ALL MY DAUGHTERS? how is it possible that all Allan left me alone at the moment I need them most (she crawls on the floor and stares at the sky) ... father since you left everything has been so difficult, as you need in this neighborhood so that everything is as before (see a shadow of a man standing behind her) ... father? it's you?


In today's chapter



• perez: this is a special night (he is standing in the middle of the luxurious living room) .. tonight I'm going to name the successor, the great queen who will take the reins of all the streets and avenues of this wonderful city, like all of you They know the world of prepayments, and transsexuals are as difficult as those who live behind bars, our mission is not to kill for killing, it is not working with clients to work, the mission of a night worker is to have a better life , have the necessary money to take home and so get our families down, your mission my girls is that you yourselves come out of misery and be the queens that were from the day you came to this world, that's why from tomorrow I will not be in the country, for personal and family reasons I will have to leave for an indefinite time that is why tonight one of you I the father, the father of all my girls I will leave a queen I know will understand and protect them from all evil, and not only that she will be in charge of taking the reins of the neighborhood and all the avenues and not letting anybody pass any type of danger, that is why she decided to name as mother of the streets of this to town to miss monica russet carter (all applaud)

Monica: me? (is shocked)

Dayana: if you are your sister, you have to go on and on, the perez is waiting for you (they all shout and applaud with excitement) ...

cristina: it is an excellent choice monica is the proper to govern

Isabella: so beautiful my friend (all applaud and throw flowers) ....

pearl: LIVE THE MOTHER .. !!!

Salon center (elegant lounge with giant gold and diamond candlesticks everywhere)

the perez: ah what a fortune to have you close up my little girl

monica: perez I am as shocked as the other girls I never imagined that you were going to name me as the mother of this city

the perez: so it is dear, Dayana the crown

Dayana: here you have sir ... (gives the crown to the perez a crown of gold and diamonds)

the perez: with this crown I the father father and founder of all the avenues of this city I am giving my power to my successor monica Russel Scott Carter (all applaud excited) ... to take the reins of this neighborhood "the Coromoto neighborhood "is at your command and you will not have the common name Murillo will be Scott Carter

Monica: (the tears come out) ... this is so beautiful

the perez: isabela the gun please ..

Isabela: here is father ..

the perez: with this pistol you will defend and attack every thug who runs into any family in this place, you will defend your 650 daughters who as of tonight are under your tutelage and your command all absolutely all are yours as well with this weapon kill anyone who dares to betray you and whoever gets your name dirty can get a bullet in the middle of the brain here you have beautiful do not hesitate to squeeze the trigger and cover your face so you do not get stained with blood haha (everyone laughs )...

monica: I will keep it in mind

the perez: finally I'll give you the most precious thing that I have something that none of my girls dare to give it to me in years

pearl: he will give you the keys ... (whispers) ..

Isabella: it can not be that scandal

Carla: I do not understand why so much show ...

the perez: the keys of the city is solid gold valued at 100 billion dollars this key monica is worth more than your life mine and that of all the inhabitants of this country, is a precious jewel and opens all doors of the banks of the country so take care of it a lot and if someday you are going to use it, try to do things well (give it the key) ..

monica: thank you father, ah, how excited I am

the perez: and with this DAUGHTERS, CHILDREN I THE PEREZ AND FINISHED THIS CEREMONY FROM THIS MOMENT MONICA RUSET SCOTT CARTER IS THE NEW MOTHER OF THIS CITY (Everyone screams with joy and throws shots into the air) .... hahaha to celebrate my girls to celebrate (stands in the middle of the room and everyone shouts and celebrates emotion) ....

monica: thank you very much to all (hear that throw shots and open the doors of the great hall) .... what is happening?

the perez: take out your weapon

samanta: hahaha VERY GOOD NIGHTS CARACAS, GOOD NIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD LA COROMOTO hahaha (enters impressive and walks to the throne of monica and perez) ... hahaha but what do we have here? (escorted by 50 men on motorcycles) ...

the perez: what do you do here samanta? you are not welcome in my room (it is altered)

samanta: (gets off the bike and kisses the perez in the mouth) ... haha ​​do not you dare me old that you will have a heart attack ... (climbs the stairs and sits on the throne of monica) .... haha ​​and what are we celebrating here? because I see food everywhere, champagne even to throw to the ceiling and your dragged well dressed .. (everyone is silent) ...

the perez: (goes up to where is samanta) ... I ORDER YOU TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY FROM MY PROPERTY ... you know that you are a damn unhappy and here you are not welcome THE TRAITORS ARE NOT WELCOME TO THIS PLACE ..

samanta: ah ... (pulls out her fan) ... what words, you make me so, but so unhappy ah ... (pulls out a cloth and runs it over her face) ... I must admit publicly that yes, I am somewhat shocked because I did not receive an invitation for this dinner, I know that tomorrow you leave the country because you have cancer (everyone is shocked) ... ah, your girls did not know anything, so your little boss is dying of cancer in the lungs and it is terminal, it means certain death, and everyone will wonder why the former daughter and companion of samanta Bertolini has come tonight

the perez: be damned ... (is agitated and fatigued)

samanta: (gets up from the throne and stops in the middle of the room) ... Here the only true heiress of this place is me, so you take off your cloak, the crown, you give me the weapon, the keys from the city and you return with the girls where you belong to the beloved tumult.

monica: do not even dream that I'm going to make you a case, samanta, get out of this place immediately, everything is said and here the only mother is me ... (pulls out her gun) ...

samanta: haha ​​but what a bad girl

Carlos (saves back from samanta): we attacked ma'am?

Samantha: when the order Carlos, then you are the mother is not it?

the perez: I named her as the mother of all this place, you're nobody, so I'll tell you for the last time, it's better that you take off for good, you know that I'm capable of a lot and I do not want to finish with your life myself

samanta: you know perez (surrounds the perez) you have become very, very arrogant from a time here and I do not like father, I really do not tolerate haughty and disrespectful people

the perez: you were always the worst scum, you are the biggest mistake I could have among my daughters

samanta: your words should hurt me but unfortunately you can not do it is more dear if you allow me I would like to speak alone with my daddy a moment and I have some things to fix will be that you and I can go to the office to talk?

monica: perez do not trust her, please do not go

samanta: shut up, it's better that you do not think it's inept, it's going to interest you, it's about money, avenues, and the protection of your girls, you decide if you want to listen to me or not

the perez: is well samanta, I will listen to you for the last time and I beg you never come back here while I am alive, we go to my office girls continue with the celebration here has not happened at all (he goes with samanta to the office)...


• the perez: (enters annoying and sits on his throne that is in front of his balcony) ... I hear that is what you want

samanta: (enter and close the doors with insurance) ... you and I have a pending account, as you dare to name that transgenero of fifth as the owner of this entire city (this altered)

the perez: you are not worthy to be the mother samanta, you know very well that you betrayed me

samanta: (gets upset) .. I DID IT BECAUSE YOU NEVER GAVE ME THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH THAT I AM YOUR DAUGHTER OF SANGREE YOUR TRUE DAUGHTER A WOMAN, ah but not the man preferred to protect and raise a damn homosexual dress woman and part of everything put him as heir of all his mansions of all his money of all the jewels, I am your father of blood blood I have to be the owner of all this not him (he approaches) ... as you dared

the perez: just as you dared to betray my confidence you know that a betrayal does not forgive her, and everything is done so I thank you to get out of here and never come back ... more never and leave my daughters in peace, I want go calm to do my treatment and many headaches you have caused me throughout your life, so you finish killing me so we have nothing more to talk about

samanta: it's okay I hope you do not regret your father's conscience, will it be that before leaving you can give me one last hug?

the perez: it's fine (he approaches samanta and hugs her)

samanta: (hugs the perez and speaks to him in a low voice in the ear) ... I hope you never return from your damn trip, and you send my regards to the devil in hell FATHER ... (pulls out a knife and nails down the back) ........

the perez: (falls on the floor in agony) ..... HELP..HELP

samanta: (he is stopped in front) .... hahaha (laughs evilly) ... ajajajajajajaja GOODBYE TO THE FATHER aaaaaaaaaaaajajajajajajajajaja (he stomps her throat with her heels and ends it to kill) ..... good old trip jajajajajajajaja (throws a red rose) ... now that the game starts with the monica .. hahahahahaha (leaves the room) ......


samanta: (stands in the middle of the imposing stairs all his gangsters protect her) ... WELL WANTED NOW IF YOU CAN CELEBRATE THE REIGN OF HIS NEW MOTHER JAJAJA (down the stairs slowly) .... monica your majesty to start the game I have nothing else to do here I'm very hungry, and I'm exhausted so we see ... ah queridita I call you to the morgue fast before the body of the old man begins to rot remember he is an old man and that meat and this malita hahaha bye dear ... bye damn hahaha (gets on his bike and leaves quickly) ......

monica: it can not be, samanta killed the perez



neighborhood cemetery.

• Priest of the neighborhood: Today we give the last goodbye to a great man who helped this neighborhood, giving us food, making donations to the church, creating shelters for poor children, giving help to many people in need, I hope God receives it in His kingdom and the eternal rest can take the coffin ...

monica: (this stop in the middle of the crowd and it starts to rain) ... goodbye perez I promise you that I will take care of everything you left with my life (he stays standing in the middle of the field getting wet in the rain)

juana (adoptive mother of monica): daughter you have to rest because we do not go to the house so you can change your clothes and sleep for a while

monica: I just want you to give me a big hug mom (hugs her mom) ... and promise me that you will never get away from me

Juan: I promise I will always be by your side (kisses her on the forehead) come on ..


• Juana: I'll serve you some soup that I made and then you'll go to sleep for a while (listen to the door) .. Who will be, is that the people of this neighborhood are good gossips and I'm going, I'm going ... (runs to open the door)

Priscilla (intimate neighbor of Juan and Monica): how are you?

Juana: ah priscila dear pasa pasa, well here you know hurt by the death of our great friend el perez, monica here is your godmother

priscila: I'm so sorry daughter, I know the pain is so great that you're passing by as soon as I find out about the death of the perez I came flying (she sits at the table with Monica and Juan with worried face) ...

monica: thank you godmother, and why do you have that face?

Priscilla: is that I have to talk to you, Monica

monica: step something? you are sick? Do children have something?

priscila: the children are fine (take out a yellow envelope) ... the perez was always very clever and before dying he told me in his mansion to leave me a few things ..

monica: what are you talking about? (she is intrigued)

priscila: take this I'll leave it to you, he told me that after his burial I will give you this envelope and you will read very calmly everything he says

Juana: is something bad?

Monica: I do not want that envelope and what he had to say told me in person

priscila: but you are interested in monica maybe what is in this envelope is your salvation to leave this neighborhood

juana: that means that the perez (is shocked) .. NOO

priscila: YES JUANA, so I like you I open it

Juana: open his daughter open it to see what it says I have to look for tea and cigars ..

monica: what do you know about this godmother? (open the envelope and see some documents) ..

juana: take (give him a cigarette and you'll monica) ... now start reading

monica: do not change mother to see let's see what it says (read aloud) ... I Carlos Perez as owner and master of the 11 most imposing avenues of this city, owner of the 8 largest neighborhoods of Caracas and owner of more than 100,000 million dollars and 60,000 million euros left in the hands of my daughter monica ruset scott carter perez as owner and mistress of all my material goods, my mansions on the island of margarita, Merida, Barquisimeto, los roques, Maracaibo, cumana, bolivar city, my 9 properties of land in Canaima, my nightclubs, as well as I leave from inheritance to priscila of the valley of the holy trinity tobago dalpontes alias the priscila an amount of money of 2 million dollars and the shopping center located in the center of the city as well as all the branches at national and international level, and for my great friend Juan, I leave you my great mansion where for the first time I was served the most exquisite cup of tea that ever tried in my entire existence, monica daughter I hope you know how to handle very well and very cautiously all the fortune I am leaving you remember that there are vultures waiting for you to fall to attack and take your eyes, I will be watching from the heights that God bless you and your mother and all my daughters who grew up in my avenues att: el perez PDTA: do not abandon my 8 dogs my 3 horses, the 20 parrots, the 7 macaws and the most important of all my cat saphira is a Siamese of breed brought from Egypt and beware of the leopard that they will bring in two months usually bite if they do not caress it. (the tears come to Monica and between small laughs) ... my God mama, godmother we are rich

Juana: (faints)

priscila: I'll go for the blue soap sprayer ..

monica: godmother this can not know samanta if she finds out that I am the owner of everything that perez I leave is capable of ...

samanta: stick a knife in your jugular and end your life in 2.3 seconds (without warning) .. but with good afternoon dear haha ​​... (enters and sits on the couch monica) ... ah I need a cup of tea and a cigar please (your bell rings) ...

monica: can you know what are you doing in my house samanta? is not enough for you what you did to your own father?

• samanta: oh monica dear and stop being so dramatic that damn old decrepit was more dead than alive so I did him a favor and where is my damn cup of tea

• Juan: for you there is no tea, so I thank you for leaving my property

samanta: (he looks at Juan with disgust) .. so you are the mother of the monica haha ​​good the foster mother because, from what I understand this fifth husband never had a mother is not it?

juana: (slaps Samanta) .. never refer to my daughter in that unhappy way, much less in my daring house

samanta: haha ​​if this can be called a house you will tell me I'll let you go through the dirty old slaps, you'll ask what's up in this ranch and I came for two very important reasons, I came to tell you that I'm already installed in the house of MY FATHER OSEA THE PEREZ and the second, that I have the documents of his inheritance and everything I leave it to me so that you do not have avenues or girls that are workers, much less a penny and as a legitimate mother I demand that you today, fences to work as a prepayment but because the boss is me

monica: are you sure of what you say samanta? because these documents that I have in my hands say otherwise, godmother please give the copies to samanta so that she herself reads with her eyes of vulture what these papers say

samanta: Carlos takes the paper and reads it

carlos (escort of samanta): yes mother .. (read aloud) ...

samanta: (becomes furious) .. IS THAT CAN NOT BE THE DAMN OF MY FATHER COULD NOT HAVE LEFT IN THE STREET WITHOUT PROPERTY (destroys all the ornaments of the house of monica) ... I JURY MARICO TRAILED THAT ME YOU ARE GOING TO PAY AND IT WILL NOT BE PRECISELY WITH YOUR DEATH (pulls out your fan) .... I need to calm down

monica: leave my house samanta, here there is nothing more to say and I repeat it to you if you want war, war you are going to have now go away I need to rest to go to MY AVENUE tonight out ..

samanta: you are going to pay me, I swear ... (it's annoying) ...

Juan: My God, that woman is the devil in person, there is a daughter. I recommend that you do not go to the avenue anymore, that woman is dangerous and can hurt you.

monica: quiet ah mom she will not touch a single hair while I do not leave so be quiet, godmother take the papers and keep them in a safe place where samanta can never get them, and since we are owners of all that fortune tomorrow we moved to the mansion of the perez so mother sees collecting all your things that we moved tomorrow

Juan: I'm sorry monica

monica: apology?

Juan: I'm very sorry but I will not leave my neighborhood, much less my house (it goes to the kitchen) ...

monica: but mama that house is yours you own a beautiful mansion with many gardens, and animals is almost a zoo, you will also have maids you will never have to prepare the tea, or wash, or iron anyone perez we leave that fortune to leave below to live as you deserve as a true queen

Juan: I am used to my people, to my neighborhood so I have all the money in the world I will never leave my house that with so much effort I built it if you want to go with your godmother but I stay at my house and it is my last word Now I'll go riding the jum permit lunch (it's going annoying) ..

Priscilla: you know how your mother is more stubborn daughter than a mule

monica Well then I convince you, Godmother, thank you very much for giving me this news, I will do everything possible to do everything that Perez wrote

priscila: that I hope monica now I leave you I have to do some things myself if I'm going to accept what I'm leaving I'm going to keep this in a very safe place we'll see you later

monica: goodbye ...


• monica: (sleeps in his bed) ... (begins to remember how he met the perez) ...



monica: (she is running desperately down the street, chasing her) ... help, please help someone help me ... (goes up some dark stairs) ...

bad man: out there go grab him hurry (go 7 more) ...

monica: (continues climbing stairs and arrives at a dead end street) .... my god please do not hurt me help (screams desperately) .. please beg them do not do anything to me

bad man 2: quiet maricon we just want to have fun for a while (pull out a tube) ... haha ​​tonight we will banquet with this fresh meat (he approaches and cornered) ...

monica: (closes his eyes and his tears come out) ....

bad man 3: (bangs monica until she's out of breath) ...

monica: please do not ... (this is lying on the floor) ... no, please do not beg them ...

bad man 4: (kicks him in the head) .... hahaha damn fagot, haha ​​damn

monica: (this lying on the ground almost unconscious asking for help) ... no no please no (vote blood nose, ears and eyes) ......

bad man 5: (hits him with a stick in the back and stomach) ... this is for being a fucking homosexual and going out in the streets wearing a woman should make you ashamed (it hits you in the head until you part)

bad man 6: haha ​​I want to be the first (grabs Monica and breaks all the clothes)

monica: (is almost fainted) ... by .... please ... enough, enough help

bad man 7: (gives him with the tube by the buttocks) ... hahaha hahaha hahaha (pulls out a bottle of liquor and made it on top) .... haha ​​damn takes (he keeps hitting the tube) .. ..

bad man 8: I WILL BE THE FIRST TO RELEASE THE MARICO HOLD HARD (grabs the tube and approaches) ...

monica: (screams desperate) .. NOOOOOO PLEASE NOOOO IS IMPLORO NOOOOOOOOOOO ...... (screams of pain of despair, abuse her sexually) ..



the perez: leave that boy immediately I order them

bad man 5: is this boss good as you say, haha ​​you brought us some money and women tonight?

the perez: (they look at everyone with disgust) ... what do they think they are unhappy?

Bad man 3: we just want some fun boss that's it and we saw this guy paying for there you know we're men

the perez: how many men do not? (loads his shotgun) .. they stop me all here in front we go that wait I do not see them ...

monica: (this shot on the floor hit and bleeding everywhere) ...

bad man 1: what is he going to do sir, (he gets nervous) .. hey we just wanted a little fun is all

the perez: shut up ... you know that this type of acts is forbidden in my city, is not it? when they started working for me they signed a contract and in that contract there was a very, very important capsule, which referred to homosexuals or to the community of this country, and in whose capsule it says that it is totally forbidden for any worker or worker of my country. society abusing, killing, raping, drugging, inciting them to disrespect hatred etc. My law says that he or she who violates this rule will be seen as a betrayal by me since most of my workers are homosexuals converted into transvestites or transgenders and for me they are untouchable, do you know what happens to those who betray the perez and one of its laws that are sacred? (you can see everyone waiting for an answer) ... will they not answer me?

Bad man 8: please sir do not kill us we did not want to do it I promise that we will not do it again

the perez: it's too late bryan (he points it with his shotgun and gives him a bullet in the head and so on with each of the thugs) ... in my city the laws have to be respected

monica: (creeps full of blood and almost unconscious until the feet of the perez to ask for help) .....

the perez: (standing imposing and looks at monica with pity) .....

monica: (reaches the feet of the perez and hugs her legs asking for help) ... please ... help me (look at the perez sadly his dull eyes can hardly open)

the perez: (reaches out and pulls the hand off the floor) ... calm and do not cry girl as of today you will be one more of my protected .... (grabs Monica and mounts her on the shoulder and between the haze and the darkness of the night they disappear) ....


monica: I have so much to thank you father (the tears come out) ....

To be continue...

-.What will happen in the second chapter of Mother

-.Monica takes the reins of the city and begins a pitched battle with samanta.

-.A man will change the life of monica and samanta

-.Music and drama will fill this impressive story with life

Discover much more of the mother in her second chapter


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