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At a party full of drinks, Ruki appears offering "chewing gum" and making Reita have a crazy and long hallucinogenic trip.

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What Trip Was This?

The party was crowded and infested with young people. Noise, drink, sex, and lots of drugs of all kinds rolled loose in that place. Along with her friends, Reita was at a table full of drinks and lots of cocaine, Uruha was already in an alcoholic coma and was lying in a puff-shaped puff on the lap of her boyfriend Aoi who smoked marijuana while Kai ran a row of cocaine with a small card and soon smelled. Suddenly, Ruki comes to the table, claiming to have brought "chewing gum," threw them on the table, and Aoi saw the supposed chewing gum.

ㅡLSD?ㅡ He asked, seeing the hallucinogenic "paper" full of colorful drawings. ㅡYes.ㅡ Ruki replied contentedly.

ㅡ Who wants to try? ㅡ Ruki asked as he sat down beside Reita who was leaning against the table watching people dance while Ruki lit a joint.

ㅡ No. ㅡ Aoi grinned and Ruki looked at Reita who was leaning against the table feeling bored, perceiving the look as a question asked earlier, Reita nodded to the question, and then Ruki showed the carton full of colorful and small papers.

He observed each of them, a few small pieces of paper with drawings of little dolls, others of cuddly animals, until a drawing of that card caught his attention, it was a drawing of a blond mermaid and beautiful body, he found the drawing appealing and soon chose. Ruki took the small paper out of the carton and then handed it to Reita who looked at the paper.

ㅡIs it supposed to smell?ㅡReita asked.

ㅡOf course not, it's to put on the tongue.ㅡ Ruki replied, rolling his eyes and then laughing.

Then Reita put the small, colorful picture on her tongue, after placing it, she felt a brief bitter taste invade her palate but soon disappeared. The senses began to grow more and more, the sound of the party that was already high began to be higher and more intense, the colors more intense and vibrant, the laughter, the people around, little by little mingling and Reita found herself in a giant rainbow wheel and the people around him changed color and everything around him was very colorful.

Once again in a giant rainbow wheel full of intense and vibrant colors, little by little the colors returned to normal and now Reita could see in another place, in front of the sea specifically. It was a very different day from where it was at night. The heat was great to the point of taking off his white shirt and drenched with sweat, looked around and realized that not only the beach but the city was empty.

He folded the hem of his black trousers with some chains and waded into the sea and plunged after submerging, and noticed that there was a huge stone next to it, and a beautiful and beautiful mermaid on top of it. Her bare back showed a few small dicks, her dark-blond, curly blond hair down to her neck, silky and soft, the color of her hair highlighted her pale skin, her beautiful, bright navy blue tail balancing calmly and without concern.

He approached the Mermaid and she turned to him, showing the beautiful, full breasts and when she looked at his face, she found herself in front of her friend, Ruki. "Ruki is a mermaid?" Reita thought delightedly as she saw the mermaid approaching, the mermaid went into the water and pulled him into a cave that lay between sea and land, Reita questioned her friend how she became a mermaid and Ruki said nothing other than laughing and smile. Until at some point, the Mermaid takes him by the shoulders making him drown in the water and soon submerge in the sea.

Reita still does not understand, Reita continued being pulled towards the small cave, when arriving by her, Reita observes that Ruki puts the syrup in the sand and since then the syrup turns into legs, still looking, Reita realizes that Ruki did not have a genitalia, which in his vision was bizarre, but nothing was so bizarre to know that until then his best friend is a mermaid. Ruki approaches Reita, throwing him on the soft sand of the cave, Ruki continued to laugh, making provocative expressions and smiling at him, suddenly his expressions turned to pleasure and Reita did not understand what was happening, until Ruki played against himself kissing fiercely as he mounted himself rubbing his pelvis against the limb that slowly became erect.

Even as she did not understand, Reita returned the mermaid's wild, sweet kiss on top of her, the kiss though sweet, Reita could taste a taste of marijuana mixed with vodka, that feeling was strange but at the same time delicious for the man, the Mermaid who until then moaned during the kiss suddenly the mermaid stopped the kiss and began to remove the clothes of Reita the mermaid gave slight bites causing Reita to feel tickles, it went down biting until it stopped in its trousers.

Reita was surprised, after all, that she was about to have sex with her best friend, but she soon remembered that she was under the effect of the drug and then she thought that all that would not be real, even feeling would be real. The mermaid was trying to take off her underwear, Reita then stopped the thought and decided to move on, removed the underwear and without further ado and the mermaid was sucking it at will and that surprised him in such a way that soon let out a moan.

When she realized that she was about to cum, she separated from the mermaid who could not help but lie down, and began to insert Reita's penis in the single, simple orifice of something that was quite small wonder but had a strawberry aroma, the mermaid to few of them were fitting into the man's penis, the Mermaid took a deep breath, and after a few seconds sitting on the man's penis with the strip, the mermaid rode.

The moans filled the cave, Reita helped the mermaid ride over his limb holding her waist, the voice along with the groans of Ruki seemed to bewitch Reita, who could not resist kissing him, the mermaid seized the moment and removed the black belt that covered much of her face, then Reita found herself on top of the mermaid stocking tightly as she felt her anal muscles tightening every time she thrust hard against the mermaid's prostate.

The thick but sweet ringing groans filled Reita's ears, kissing the mermaid's body, sucking on the beautiful, full breasts, making Ruki moan even louder. The closer to the apex Reita was, the slower everything around him was, suddenly slowly in the depths of the cave came a beam of light, felt the body calm down and soon lose the senses, until suddenly Ruki contracted and moaning loudly by contracting his anus and then squeezing the man's penis higher. Reita watched as the white liquid spilled over her strange belly, but her thoughts fell silent again as she felt his cock tightened by the anal contraction and gave way with moaning with Ruki.

When Reita opened her eyes, she found herself lying on top of Ruki, beside her on the bed was a small bottle of strawberry-flavored lubricant, Reita suddenly heard a small groan, also felt a brief tightness in her private parts, and then realizes it's inside the best friend, Reita withdrew inside the friend carefully and got up and saw Ruki smiling sweetly at himself.

ㅡWhat happened?ㅡ Reita asked, putting her hand to her head as she felt a slight pang in the head.

ㅡThe drug made you such a crazy trip that you mistook me for a mermaid and we ended up having sex. Well, you do very well.ㅡRuki said, biting his lips provocatively.

ㅡWhat trip was that ?!ㅡ Reita wondered, scratching her right eye with the palm of her hand and Ruki looked at him confused.

ㅡDid not you like it?ㅡ Ruki questioned him and Reita looked at him and then nodded, smiling briefly.

ㅡI liked it, I just thought I went on a long and crazy trip with this lsd.ㅡ Reita laughed and Ruki laughed with him and then they kissed briefly and got up and took a brief shower with some taunts on the part of Ruki and soon returned to the dancing party.

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