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"The Silent Realm", a place for the forgotten in between time. Parallel to limbo people wander, searching and waiting. Journey with Takemoto as he finds his way into The SIlent Realm, an unspeakable task, to get back his beloved

Fantaisie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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"Say, have you ever heard of the tragedy of the ageless man?"

"No, though it sounds familiar"

"I thought as much, try not get too drunk so I can finish the tale, now sit back and listen closely."

A man all but forgotten, this is his tale. A young man who was respected for his skills with a sword and the arts of stealth had found himself with the love of his life. The couple did everything together, the man was getting ready to ask her to marriage. However things don't always go to plan, something  he would soon find out the hard way. 

When on his way home what felt like a short earthquake struck, knocking him and everyone around to the ground. A large purple and black cloud could be seen in the direction of his home. Only one thing could channel such a dark power and bring it into this would like this, a demon. Quickly he rushed to his home only to find his beloved being pulled into a dark portal by a mysterious being. Ignoring any fear, he grabbed his katana and went for him. Just as quick as he struck, he was forced back and on the ground.

His beloved screaming for his help was powerless. As she was consumed by the portal her red ribbon fell and landed in front of the young man. Face to face with the mysterious being, he rose and raised his sword. "She will be useful, however you are no longer needed. Die" A swift strike followed these words, thinking he had just nearly dodged the blur his arm sent sharp pains. The blood started to spill as the being laughed and said "Actually I think you could be useful, i'll just take your body!" 

Entering like a mist through the wound he attempted to take the soul and body of the young man. However he didn't give in, even as he started to fade he resisted. Somehow he was managing to hold him back. Confused and angry the monstrous being tried harder and harder, but began to be afraid of the young man. He was holding him back through sheer will alone, in the time he had created the man quickly preformed an ancient technique knowing full well he can't get the demon out.

 When the man came to, the demon said simply "Well now you've done it." The demon had been sealed into his right arm, the wound where he had entered healed due to the demons powers. These said powers also caused his body to no longer age. Grabbing the ribbon and tying it to the hilt of his blade he set out. This man's name was Takemoto Katsuyuki and it's said that he still wonders the world to this day in search of a way to rid himself of his demon and enter The Silent Realm.

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Anthony Barritt I'm not very good at writing but I hope you can still find some enjoyment from it. I like video games and anime, so if my stories sound like they would fit better in something like that than that's why, apologies in advance!

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