Carolina Campos

Sometimes we don't know the war can devastating, but when we look for a kid, we see that how horrible we are and how much we are short before God. For it, based in photografy, I write this poetry with all my feelings, I try to pass the emotion that I feeled with this photografy.

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The war is the end of all.

The hope to seem disappear,

However I walk around my dreams,

Dreams that never will be realized.

The life is a ruine of destiny,

Sometimes the thread of hope lost itself,

Hand by hand of emotion,

With the sounds of explosion killing us.

Corpses without a soul,

That wander for there,

Searching a beacon of light.

Divine light,

That shines in our mind,

Step by step that we can touch the scream.

Screams of despair,

That involve us in sheet of darkness,

Prisioner of our own incapacity of love.

I stop, looking for someone,

That can for smile to me,

For someone that can joke with me.

I think that it’s impossible to live like this,

Because the war take all of you,

Just all and in the end,

Everything that’s really matter is life.

Live one more day,

Just you and the Lord,

But it’s ask too much if I ask for death do not come now?

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