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I've lived my whole life far away from home, my name is Kate, short for Kathering De Lavingee the second. I was never supposed to be born, nobody in my kingdom knows of my existence. I'm the last daughter of the former queen of Belgraviat. My whole family was killed, my kingdom destroyed. I had to run when I was born. I shall face my destiny as soon as I turn 20 and face my evil ancestor Morticia. I might die but for now I'm living my last days as a normal teenager...

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The Beginning

I've lived my whole life far away from home, my name is Kate, short for Katherine De Lavingee the second daughter of Katherine De Lavingee, the first queen of Belgraviat. As you most know by now, that makes me the last princess of Belgraviat.

I like to think of a country named Costa Rica as my home. But honestly I've only been hiding here while I wait to turn 20 and probably die. Or as Luigi liked to call it "face my destiny". I was never supposed to be born, nobody in my kingdom knows of my existence. I'm the last daughter of the former queen of Belgraviat and only member of the royal family still standing. Belgraviat is a little island north from Europe. It is not found on most of the maps because we prefer to remain hidden, and it's far away from the reach of humans. Yes, you are right, I am not human but I am not an alien either. But lets go back to where it all began....

When dinosaurs ruled the earth a species called Prittanian ruled amongst them. They were in charge of commanding the dinosaurs, of feeding them and subsisting in peace. You must be thinking how did a species ruled with such dangerous and huge creatures. How were they capable of controlling them? Well the answer is simple, each Prittanian had a special gift. Some had the power of healing, some could communicate telepathically, some could control the elements, some had super speed, and so on.

The most powerful of the Prittanian and also my ancestor Olivia De Lavingee had a unique gift. She was what we call a wizard, she could do extraordinary things and cast spells. She was practically invincible and with the help of her twin Morticia Blac De Lavingee they were able to rule. Morticia had always been jealous of Olivia. Because even though she had the same powers as Olivia, Oliva had always been better at everything. She was a leader while Morticia lived in her shadow.

This jealousy and this desire for more power was what condemned us all to a world ruled by humans and hiding. Also what brought to us the meteor that killed almost everything that once stood.

Morticia grew up to be evil, the only thing she could think of was to acquire power. So with the help of the ruling T-Rex Livie, whom she fooled in order to get her help, casted a curse.
The 13th of April they made the preparations to kill everyone who would be a threat to their rule. They wanted to live in peace but to be better than anyone else. They wanted a world where no one would have power, were no one would be able to take them down. But the curse backfired, they created a meteor that killed everyone in the planet. Including Lexie.

Morticia was the only survivor or so she thought. She was condemned to pay for her mistakes and create the human kind. She restored earth as her punishment. Because every spell has a price. Her's was the creation of a new population whom she couldn't rule.

Then she was exiled by the Universe's forces to a prison located in the center of earth were she would suffer eternally. The Universe's forces control every planet, every population and every gift each inherits. They are the ones who control spells and curses, the ones that try to maintain a balance between good and evil. They are strong enough to kill us all but they also hate getting involved. Only in a catastrophe like this one will you see them act.

Before all of this happened Olivia found out about Morticia's plans. It was too late to stop it but she found a way to remain alive and save some Prittonians. She went to a land called Belgraviat and casted a protection spell. This land was the heart of our gifts, without this land nobody would be able to have them.

She exchanged all of their powers for a safe haven. but while the counter curse was being performed the meteor hit and it was never finalized. Everyone lost their power except Olivia and that's how she became the ruler of Belgravit. She was known as the first queen of Belgraviat, the only one capable of protecting everyone because she was the only one who kept her gift. 

The De Lavingee family became the first royal family of Belgravit and only the queen was gifted. The land were once stood our friends the dinosaurs had vanished. The human kind, know for being selfish took over the planet and Belgravit was forced to live in the shadows of humanity. Even though my mother had the power to conquer the world she believed in peace and preferred to live as far away from humanity, as possible. 

The gift of spell casting and controlling of nature passed from generation to generation of Belgravit queens. All queens would be crowned on their 20th birthday and will rinherit the gifts from her mother. 

They lived in peace for a very long time until 1998, the year when I was born. When Olivia casted the counter spell she didn't finish and dueto that she created a prophecy . It was in ancient reading. Which was kept for ages in the central hall of the castle and for years it was feared by all...

"The 13th of April of 1998 Morticia and all evil will rise, everyone in the land of Belgraviat will cease to know life the way it once was. The final battle will begin to see if good or evil will conquer. Katherine De Lavingee the first will fight bravely but die trying. The land will face chaos like never before. The power and gifts of the royal family might be lost. Morticia will rule but will she fall? Only a De Lavingee queen who fight bravely will be able to defeat her"

As it says in the curse, my mother Katherine was defeated, my land destroyed and Morticia currently rules. I don't know what really happened to her or my family. All I know is Morticia killed them all. I don't understand most of my world and powers. But what I do understand is my destiny. 

When Morticia attacked the land, she never knew that my mother was pregnant and that with her last breath she gave birth to me. Morticia was always arrogant and selfish that's why when she thought she killed my mother, she didn't notice that she was still breathing. Her only goal was to get rid of her and all my bloodline so that she would rule forever. But I survived.

One of our royal servants: Luigi Carli helped my mom give birth to me, and was told to carry me as far away as possible from this reign. And so he did. That is why I was raised in a small town named Escazu, in Costa Rica by a family that adopted me. I've lived a normal life but if the curse is right then I will eventually acquire my gifts and will have to return to my home. Luigi died as soon as we got to Costa Rica, he left me a journal and necklace that belonged to my mother. In which is written the history of my land. Most of it I don't understand, all I know is what I told you and that my necklace is special. I don't know how it works I just keep it as a remainder of what I will face.

I haven't been to my land since the day I was born. Soon enough I will probably face my death. But for now I'm enjoying my last year of what I like to call "a normal life". Before it all gets messed up and I have to start my journey to fight my ancestor Morticia, whom I fear very much.

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