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The world of two members of The No Name Band turns into a rock star ride when they meet the two hottest guys, Blaine and Soul of The Jupits. A huge rivalry is about to begin as The Band Gig’s competition rises. They all have one goal, one dream — to perform with Michael, their favorite singer, and sign a two-year contract with the best record label in the world. Will their rivalry have a twist? Could disaster be in the air or could love rule the day? Will they give up their ultimate dream, for love?

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Rock Star Girl

The Glitter Dust, an open-air stadium by the Sea World Bay in Hundred Islands, holds 100,000 spectators. Michael's thousands of fans from all over the world are here, filling every seat.

In this beautiful setting, the concert countdown begins as Michael’s fans shout in happy unison, “Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one!”

As they scream the last number, the thunder of their voices is accompanied by the rhythmic booming of the band’s drums, the sound vibrating beneath their feet, followed by waves of electronic music grinding from a single guitar. Michael has entered the stage.

In the audience, Blaine Harmony lifts his arms, fists pumping, welcoming his favorite performer along with the other ecstatic fans around him.

A sudden explosion, followed by a smoky cloud of fog from the special effects machine on stage, signals the official start of the first act of the most anticipated concert of the year.

A brief, driving guitar solo ensues, at the end of which Michael shouts into the microphone, “Are you ready to rock?”

The word, “Yeah!” bursts simultaneously from the throats of the crowd.

“I can’t hear you – are you ready?”

This time, their affirmation is nearly deafening.

“Then let’s rock!”

The fog thickens for a moment, shot through with flashes of colorful light, and the band launches wildly into their first song.

The feeling of a kindred excitement from the crowd as they sway, nod, and pump their arms with the music, fills one of the concert-goers, a young man named Blaine. Eyes glittering with emotional energy, his actions are an exact reflection of those around him. Never has he felt so alive, so in unity with others, as he does at this moment.

As his eyes sweep the crowd, one person in particular catches his attention – a girl standing just behind him who looks to him like a rock star herself. Her jet black hair, falling in a shining cascade to her waist, is accented by soft blue highlights on one side, brilliant green on the other. Dressed in all black like a superstar, she exudes confidence.

Watching her dance and sing with the performer on stage, hands high in the air, Blaine smiles, snapping a quick picture of her with his cell phone as he treasures the beauty of the moment and the girl. Soon he’s singing, too, and as the concert continues, he casts frequent backward glances at the girl, who he is calling “Rock Star Girl” in his mind. Even in the dimmer lights, she seems to dazzle.

“I have to talk to her after the show,” he decides, but this isn’t to be – life is not always fair. As soon as the concert ends, the noisy crowd hides her from view, and before he can walk more than a few feet in the direction of where she’d been standing, he realizes she’s gone.

The picture in his phone is his only souvenir; staring at it, ignoring the jostling and shoving of people trying to get past and around him, he sighs, wondering if he will ever see his Rock Star Girl again.

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