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Six men living in a luxurious mansion.While they live together, they learn how to cooperate with each other and cope with each other's personal issues while pursuing romance in the process. In this story, we go through the lives of a British nerd name Edward Edenburg and a South Korean use-to-be pop idol named Demetrius Webton, as they "pamper" themselves early in the morning.

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#nsfw #masturbation #gay #lgbt #lgbtq #romantic #romance #yaoi
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Edward & Demetrius: Morning Passion

            It began as an early Saturday morning, probably around eight o' clock. Demetrius had already awoken from his comfortable slumber. His face looked tired, but that's how he always look. Demetrius looks around the bedroom, wondered where Edward would have gone to. However, he remembered that Edward might be in the kitchen, as always, making breakfast. As soon as Edward comes back with the food, Demetrius decides to go take a quick shower to freshen himself up.

              An hour or two later, Edward comes into the room with a tray filled with five stacks of pancakes, one large omelet, and three sizzling pieces of bacon; plus a bottle of maple syrup and a glass of orange juice. "Deme!*~ I made us breakfast!" hollered Edward as he puts the tray down on the bed. Edward was confused on where Demetrius had went, so he decided to leave and check the corridor of the manor to see if he might be there. As soon as he walk towards the bedroom door, he hears a slight moan coming out from the bathroom. Edward, being as confused as ever, turned around and went towards the bathroom door.

         Edward peeked through the keyhole of the door and notices Demetrius sitting on the edge of the bathtub."Hm...he might be preparing himself to take a bath...perhaps maybe a shower..", whispered Edward. However, when Edward looked closer through the keyhole, he notices Demetrius jerking off to himself with the towel. Demetrius's face was blushing a lot as he stroked his dick to the point where some of his pre-cum shoots all over the bathroom floor. Demetrius whimpered from how much pain and pleasure he is doing himself; and moaning Edward's name in the process. "E-Edward..ah~...Edward" moaned Demetrius as he strokes in a faster pace. Reversing back to Edward, he starts to feel aroused by the sights of Demetrius masturbating. Then all of a sudden, Edward starts to feel something poking out of his pants. Couldn't take it anymore, Edward pulled out his dick and started rubbing himself too.

             Few mins of masturbation later, Demetrius someone hears moaning coming from behind the bathroom door. It appears to sound exactly like Edward. Demetrius opens his left eye and stops jerking. He walks over to open the door, and notices Edward peeking through. Smirking, Demetrius walks over to the door, opens it, and smiles down at him. Edward, in shock, backs up from Demetrius; feeling awfully embarrassed about what he had done. "D-don't look at me deme...I feel ashamed :(", Edward said as a chunk of pre-cum oozes and splatter down from his hardened dick to the bedroom carpet. Edward whimpered, "Oh no... I made a mess...". Demetrius pins Edward on the floor and says, "Don't worry about it..we can clean it up later.". "As I can see from here, you must really want me, don't you?", continued Demetrius as he smirks and giggles silently at Edward's pleasure. "Stop l-laughing at me deme!...Plus..well... I really liked you Demetrius, for a really long time.", Edward said blushing a lot on his face.

          Demetrius gets on the floor, closer to Edward, and starts to unbutton his shirt. Afterwards, he starts to lick the side his neck slowly up and down. "D-Demetrius, what are you doing...what if the guys find us this way?!", worried Edward as he let out a slight moan due to Demetrius's tongue sliding down his neck. "I have some news for you too... I liked you as well", Demetrius said while he unbuttons more of Edward's shirt and starts teasing his nips. "Wow, you must feel very aroused, I bet I can make you feel more aroused than before", Demetrius explained as he licks the left night while pinching the right one. Edward moans louder than before, but covers his mouth to silent himself. He moves his hand out of his own mouth and speaks, "Demetrius~...I..I want it..~"

            Demetrius paused his actions for a minute as eyes widen by Edward's words. Demetrius questioned, "Are you sure.. I'm not gonna force you to..". Edward's eyes begin to water as he somehow feels...scared? Demetrius sighed and hugs Edward. "I'm not gonna force you to have sex with me if you're not ready..I'm not that cold-hearted.", Demetrius whispered to Edward's ears. Edward hugged him back and smiles a bit. "Thank you Demetrius, but...I'm still hard, and so are you", Edward said.

              "True..how about we finish up and then go see the others", Demetrius said as he rushes up to kiss Edward on the lips. As they continued to kiss, both of them rubbed each other's hardened dicks. Edward took his own lips off of Demetrius's and said, "D-Deme.. I'm gonna cum. Demetrius feels like he might cum too, so he grabbed both of each other's dicks and starts rubbing really fast. At this point, both of them started to shoot out loads of cum at each other nonstop. "AH! DEMETRIUS!~", Edward moaned loud as he lays on the floor passed out from all the nonstop cumming. 

                  As Demetrius finishes up with his cumming, he went to go clean up the mess all over themselves and the floor. Afterwards, he picks up Edward, still passed out, and lays him on the bed. Demetrius fixes Edward up by buttoning his shirt back together and zipping up his pants. Then, Demetrius tucked Edward in the bed, put his glasses on the drawer next to the bed, and kisses him on the left cheek. Edward smiles in his sleep due to Demetrius's kiss. "Have sweet dreams, Edward..hehe :)", Demetrius whispered quietly to Edward. After that, Demetrius walks over to the other side of the bed and consumes the "hot" breakfast Edward made for them.

The End!

* "Deme" is a nickname Edward gave to Demetrius.

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