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Follow a band of fuck ups as they venture across the world. After defeating the evil Music Connoisseur’s Evil Twin, the world’s dank memes become evil and begin violently raping people. The failed abortions must stop the Illuminati’s control of the memes.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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In the last episode..!

   Chef and Music Connoisseur, with the help of Derek, set out to find Logic Man!

   The threesome pulled up at the base of a mountain. Derek barked, Chef and Music Connoisseur hopped out of the car. Chef made several inaudible noises, it was clear that he was upset.

   “Yeah, why da fuck couldn’t you take us up there, you got a reality defying car!” MC expressed displeased.

   Derek did not care. He had better things to do, so he ignored the two body suit wearing individuals and rolled up the windows and drove off.

   Chef got on the ground and began squirming violently as if he were having an orgasm. MC scratched his head in confusion. Chef stood up, it was very cold here so Chef's nipples were so unbelievably hard, they could probably cut diamonds.

   The two began walking up the trail. Chef, for once in his life, walked like a normal person. The trail was rough, so walking like a retarded crab wasn't a good idea. Chef felt something wrong, he fell over in pain and screamed like crying baby who just got dropped on it's head.

   Chef needed to nut... but his dick didn't work. Chef began crying, MC patted his back. Chef picked up a rock and started beating his dick with it. Chef laid his penis on the cold, snowy ground and repeatedly slammed a rock into it. He screamed and cried, he was upset because he couldn't have sex with his favorite people like Jeffrey Dahmer's ashes.

   "AY! Don't fucking do that!" MC yelled taking the rock from Chef.

   He chucked the rock down the mountain. Chef climbed on top of a boulder and howled at the moon, except it was day time, so there was no moon. After countless hours of walking they reached the mountains summit. Built into the mountain was an observatory, Logic Man's lair.

   The two walked forward, MC had a key, so the two could get in. Inside was dark. Everything was broken, there were countless amounts of book shelves lining the walls, but there were no books. Chef walked to the center of the room, the BOOM! Gunshots echoed through the empty halls.

   Chef jumped back, the gunman missed. Clearly he wasn't a good shot.

   "What the hell are you doing here?" a female voice asked.

   "Logic Man, that you my nigga?" Music Connoisseur asked the darkness.

   "Who's asking?" the voice asked.

   "It's me, Music Connoisseur," MC said.

   "Oh thank god," the voice mumbled.

   A woman... man? Stepped into the light. It was a very slim, masculine, looking girl? She/he had long blonde hair, bright pink lipstick, and sun glasses. It wore a white jumpsuit and was holding a shotgun.

   "Chef, this Logic Man, she's the smartest one of us," MC explained.

   "So your Chef, I've heard a lot about you, your certainly one of the more interesting ones," Logic Man said.

   MC laughed.

   "Fucking millennials, right?" Logic Man chuckled.

   What the fuck was a millennial, that was the thought going through Chef's head.

   "What happened here?" MC asked.

   "Your brother happened," Logic Man grumbled. Clearly she was pissed.

   "I lost my brain, EMC took it, now I have the intelligence of a genius and I wanna die," Logic Man complained.

   "Can you find him?" MC asked.

   "Of course!" Logic Man exclained.

   "But we can't beat him alone, we'll need a team," she continued.

   Chef began laughing like a lunatic, he had the perfect candidates in mind.

   "Why's he doing that?" Logic Man asked.

   "He said the perfect candidate just came to mind," MC said.

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