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There are the weirdos and the popular ones. There are the ones who are loved and the ones who are feared. There are the couples and the lonely ones. There are the ones who dream of someone. That’s the Academy’s way. What can unstable teenagers with powers do?

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Back to School

“C’mon Loki...Baby…Where are you?” James was looking for his best friend, who had turned into a cat so that he wouldn’t go to class.

He and Loki, the god of mischief were the new exchange students in the great X-Academy, ruled by Nick Fury, Charles Xavier and his husband, Erik M. Lehnsherr.

He heard a soft ‘meow’ and found his friend, picking it up.

As soon as the cat was in his arms, it turned back into a human.

“I refuse to go, Jamie.”

James sat his friend on the bed, and lied beside him.

“Why don’t you want to go there?”

“It’s easy for you to talk, huh?” Loki lied down and sighed. “You had friends back in Romania. I never had anyone.”

“They were not my real friends. They were just classmates.” James hugged Loki, that kissed his forehead.

The two were best friends, but that didn’t mean something more couldn’t happen between the two.

Luna, the cat, jumped on the bed and started playing with Loki’s long raven hair.

“I Bet Thor is still dating.” The taller said with a frown.

“Yours is dating, mine is totally straight. You’re lucky Thor is bi.” James rubbed his friend’s back slowly, while they enjoyed the time they still had before school.

“By the way, you never told me how you met him.”

“It all started when we were kids…”


Bucky POV’s

That’s it. 

I thought it was smaller…

Loki was gripping my hand tightly, fear in his eyes.

He was never good at socializing, people always thought he’s weird.

“I’m thinking on using my powers…” He whispered to me.

“Don’t…At least for now.”

I kissed his temple and I saw two of the most popular boys in school coming at us.

Steve Grant Rogers and Thor Odinson.

And there was Peggy… Holding hands with Stevie…

I’ll never have the chance to kiss him… Or at least touch him…

He’s so fucking hot…

“Welcome again, you two… How’s Russia?” Steve said, smiling at us, talking about our vacation.

“Cold.” Loki answered, smirking.

We talked for a few minutes about the school rules, even though we already knew them.

“Okay…Well… We hope you have a wonderful school year, boys.” Peggy kissed my cheek, and they walked away.

Why does she think she’s still my friend after what she made me go trough?

Telling everyone I killed my stepdad…

I still have to cope with the guilt…

I felt someone punch my arm lightly and looked over.

“Hey Losers…” There was Stephen, followed by some of our friends.

We’re the weirdos, never invited to parties, almost never bothered.

That’s good, they kinda fear us.

The Maximoff twins and their sister Lorna, with her girlfriend Clarice, Clint Barton holding his little cousin Wade Wilson, Hank McCoy, Stephen Strange, Loki, me and some other great people.

Romanoff, Jean Grey and Scott became popular after starting to hang out with Stark.

“Waddup?” I said.

“Hey Buckawoo!”  The little one smiled at me, and I kissed his cheek.

“Hi Buddy…”


We dropped off Wade in his classroom, and headed to ours. 

Math was always boring, I suppose.

At history class, Sarah Rogers, Steve’s mom gave us a group homework to do.

Obviously, I got to stay with my friends who attended this class: Loki and Stephen.

She gave us some time to discuss our groups, but I really think she wanted to get some sleep.

Her newborn is giving her so much work…

I’m glad her wife takes care of him for her.

“Is it okay if we do it at my house, even though my mom will be there?” Stephen said, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Of course it’s okay!” Loki smiled, giving Stephen a peck on the lips. “Your mom is adorable, and your house is huge!”

I like Stephen’s Mom, she’s as weird as her son.

They get well together.

“By the way, did you see Stark today? He looked sooo hot…” Stephen blushed madly.

“Honestly, babies…I think we’re just fools in love with people who will never notice us.” Loki smirked sadly and we sighed.

I wish Steve was gay…

I wish Peggy was nicer…

I wish I was dead…

I wish my mom wasn’t a bitch…

I wish I wasn’t almost homeless…

But wishes do not come true.

And we keep on surviving, taking our meds to keep our sanity…

Wow…This is so deep…

I have to make this into a song, the friends from art class will love it.

“BARNES!” I jumped, someone called my name.

“Can you read the fourth paragraph to the class, darling?” 

“Um… Yeah, yeah…”

I felt somewhat dizzy as people turned to look at me, and all went black…

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