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This takes place during and after the final episode of the series. Only Dean doesn't die. Poppy was a new breed of "monster" She only wanted to help as many people as possible like her mother had. She was investigating the vampire nest that had taken those two little boys when she saw the older Winchester get impaled she knew she couldn't let him die. And after that she had planned to disappear. Only that wasn't what was going to happen. Desperate for answers Sam and Dean end up falling for her in their search. Who will she choose? Will she choose? I hope you enjoy!

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The Thorngirl

"Sammy." Dean said, his voice breaking. Sam Winchester held his brother's hand and cried. He was losing his big brother and it was breaking him.

"Get him down." A female voice commanded. Sam looked around and saw a woman. She was short, though to Sam everyone was short. Her hair was an unnatural red and her eyes were a sharp green.

"He's going to die faster!" Sam shouted as Dean gasped for air. The girl walked closer. Sam shielded his brother from this strange girl.

"Please, I can save him! I can help!" She cried and Sam saw that she was breaking as much as he was. But why? She didn't know them. They didn't know her.

"We don't know that." Sam said, tears running down his face.

"Look. I'm not an angel. But I can heal him. But you have to get him off of that bar before he dies and it's too late." She pleaded and Sam looked between her and his brother. Dean was out of it and fading fast.

"Please. I'll let you know who I am after I heal him but we are running out of time!" She screamed and that was all Sam needed. He gently pulled Dean away from the beam and Dean screamed in pain. The strange girl rushed over as Sam lowered Dean to the ground. She rested her hands over his chest and a light shown from her hands.

She started to hum a tune and Sam looked at her and then at Dean. Then her hands stopped glowing.

"He's healed." She whispered before she collapsed against Sam.


Poppy woke up strapped to a bed. "What the fuck?" She whispered as she struggled against her bindings.

"Good, you're awake!" An unfamiliar voice said. She looked up towards the voice and saw Dean Winchester standing there, Sam behind him.

"We need answers." Sam piped up and Poppy rolled her eyes.

"I told you I would provide them. But I'm not a fan of being tied up."

"Yeah, well, we don't know who or what you are, sweetheart so we will keep you there until we get those answers," Dean said with a smirk. Poppy rolled her eyes and flopped her head down onto her pillow.

"My name is Poppy Carlos. I'm 33, a hunter and oh yeah, I'm what's known as a Thorngirl. Don't bother looking in your lore. I technically am a new creature, or monster if that makes you feel any better. Only one of me exists at a time. Typically, when I mate and have my own daughter I will start to die. Once my daughter has fully grown into her powers I will die. That can be anytime between the age of 12 to the age of 30. Depends on how soon the powers develop. So yeah, that's me. How about you?"

The Winchesters blinked at her in complete awe.

"I'm sorry, we're having trouble understanding what you mean by 'new monster." Sam pipes up after a few moments of silence.

"Look I know what vampires and werewolves and demons and angels are. I'm something new to you. I am the only one of my kind and, unless you kill me, my future daughter will be when I am dead."

"So, you don't hurt people?" Dean scoffs. Poppy rolled her eyes as she looked between the brothers. "No, I don't. That should be painfully obvious since I saved your life."

"Yeah, well I didn't ask you to do that." Dean retorts.

"Yes, you did." Poppy fires back before sitting up. She slipped her hands out of the handcuffs the brothers had put around her wrists. Her limbs had morphed into thorn bushes. The Winchesters stepped back in shock and fear as she stood up from the bed.

"What do you mean he did?" Sam demanded, holding up a pistol and aiming it at her face. Poppy slowly lifted her hands to show she wasn't a threat. Her mother had taught her that.

"I meant, I could hear his soul. It's how I determine if someone wants and needs to be saved. Most of the time in younger people, like us, the human soul isn't ready to die and go to their final place. From there I read their soul to see if they were evil or good and that's when I make my decision. For the short one," Poppy casually points at Dean, "I only had seconds, so I looked into your soul, Mr. we need answers."

"Well, what did you see?" Sam demanded and Dean gave his brother a look of disapproval. This thing shouldn't be alive and yet they were talking to it.

"That you had gone through too much to lose the one thing that kept you going in life. That was enough reason for me." Poppy shrugged. "So, can I go now or are you going to kill me? Gold plated bullets would be the easiest."

The Winchesters looked at her in complete surprise. They knew she wasn't lying about how to kill her; they had gone through too much to not know. Why had she given that up? Did she know something they didn't?

"Sammy, put the gun down." Dean said in a tone that left no room for debate. Sam slowly lowered the gun, careful to keep his eye on Poppy. She only smiled which caused Sam's chest to flutter.

What the fuck? Sam thought. His body's reaction was foreign and after losing Eileen, he wasn't ready for a new situation.

"So, the giant is Sammy. Who are you?" Poppy asked Dean.

"Name's Dean and he doesn't like other people calling him Sammy."

"Sam it is then." Poppy chirped and started to slowly walk towards them. She was intrigued by these two men and what Sam's soul had briefly shown her. She didn't want to leave but if she made them uncomfortable she would.

The boys moved out of her way as she waltzed past them and that's when Dean caught a whiff of her scent. It smelled like cinnamon and pears, the earth and the sea.

"Wait." Dean said as she walked down the hall. She turned to look at him as Sam did the same, confused.

"You can determine if someone lives or dies by their souls?" Dean asked and Poppy nodded. She looked into those green eyes of his and was immediately lost in them. They reminded her of her mother's final resting place, a forest not far from the bunker.

"Does it work on monsters?" Dean demanded and once again, Poppy nodded.

"You can tell who is good and who is evil?" Sam clarified and Poppy nodded once more.

"I use it to hunt. I track down the souls who are rotten and I... Dispose of them."

"What if those souls belong to people?" Sam demanded and Poppy shrugged a slender shoulder, "I don't kill humans, if that's what you're worried about. I gather the evidence I need to put them away for a long ass time though."

Sam and Dean shared a look. Poppy observed them as they seemed to communicate without speaking. It fascinated her and she felt in her gut that she needed to learn more about these brothers.

"Okay. You can stay. We could use someone like you in hunts." Sam said reluctantly. Poppy grinned and walked back towards them. "Great! I'm going to assume that the room you locked me in will be mine?" The brothers nod as she brushes past them.

"We need some ground rules." She chirped as she went about cleaning her room. "We can discuss them over dinner. I'll cook as a thank you for letting me stay and not killing me."

"Thanks." Sam said and the brothers left, leaving Poppy to her own devices. Once she knew they were gone she walked over to her mirror on the other side of the room and looked at herself. Only the image she saw had a sense of danger to it.

The girl that looked back at her looked like Poppy, but different. Her eyes were black and devoid of emotion while Poppy's eyes were a bright green, the color she chose to remind her of her mother. The image's hair was a dark blue while Poppy's was a crimson red.

The seek to kill you. The image said and Poppy shook her head.

"They want me here." She whispered, trying to get the image to go away.

You really think that they or even one of them would accept you? You honestly think one of them is your mate? HA! Foolish girl. You will die alone, like your mother. It's your curse, after all.

"No! No, I have to believe I can break it. The prophecy says that I will have two possible mates and I won't die after only having one child!"

And you believe what an old rock tells you? The image sneers. Poppy looked down at her hands, her nails forming claws the angrier she became. Her mother warned her of the evil that was inside her. The evil that would escape if she didn't do good things and purge the world of evil. Poppy knew she wouldn't be able to destroy all evil but she knew that she could get rid of some of it. That was enough for her to keep hunting, to keep her own darkness caged.

Poppy looked up to see herself, her true self, looking back at her. She sighed as she touched her face and the girl in the mirror copied her.

"Let's hope that rock is right. Or I will make sure that I will be the last Thorngirl to exist."

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