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Mary, a soon-to-be surgical resident, has found herself in a predicament after being knocked up by a guy she can no longer stand. As she awaits the late night bus to make her trip to the hospital across town, she feels a sense of unease, as if someone is keeping a close eye on her every move. But as she gets closer to her destination, the feeling of dread creeps closer and closer.

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The night was cold, Mary couldn't help but shiver at the trickling rain that fell onto her shoulders. She sat at the old bus stop waiting for the late night bus to come rolling by. She lay her hands down into her lap. The moon was dimmed behind the silver lining of the clouds that hung overhead, her only sense of light was the lamps that stood on either side of the bus stop. As she waited, she watched the comings and going of pedestrians that wandered by. She thought of what they would be doing out so late. probably commuting home from work after being stuck on the late shift.

Others were probably drunken idiots trying to find their groups of friends after leaving the bar. After all it was a late Friday night. Mary tend to often think about where her life suddenly changed course. She was well on her way to becoming a surgical resident, but of course, it was her luck that she'd end up meeting Ben. She both loved and hated his guts. He was a smart and well-respected man in his town. Only when it mattered of course. if only his town could see the real him. They wouldn't see him as the kind, caring and funny guy that was always doing twenty hour sit-ins for "Green Peace". Instead they'd see see him as the idiotic, manipulative and careless asshole that he truly was.

She had met Ben late one night at the public library, she was staying to get caught up on her studying after summer break. Ben could've sat anywhere in the almost empty library, but to no surprise the, as Mary would say, the "self-centred douchebag" sat right opposite her. Ben spoke with a low and somehow seductive voice, even if he wasn't saying something to get her attention. It was just how he spoke. She remembered the way Ben looked at her, his soft, blue eyes that always seemed so begging. As if he was asking for what he wanted without words. Mary knew his tricks before he had his chance to showcase them, but she was only human.

'Fuck,' she said to herself as she reflected on her past. She knew what he wanted, sex. That's all he wanted. A night to forget everything and to just add another name to his roster of girls he banged. She hated that she was wooed by him, and she hated being one of the names on his list. And it came as no shock when she told Ben about their little "miracle". That's right, a guy going around, sleeping with loads of women and out of all the girls, Mary was the only one to get "knocked up".

Mary's friends had talked to her about having an abortion, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. 'Maybe I can raise the baby alone?' Mary asked her mother. 'Alone? Mary, that's not easy. A baby is a lot of work. You should call Ben. He can either pay the child-support or he can be a man and be a dad.'

'Mom, I told you, I never want to talk to him or even see him again.'

'That's no excuse. You can't do this alone.'

'I can. And I will, and I will raise this child to better than their father could ever hope of being.'

She knew her mother would never be "on-board" with this plan, but Mary had no other option. 'Then It's settled, I'm having the baby, with or without help.'

'Mary, please. You can't be serious. This baby, will kill you.'

"Kill". Such a strange word for a baby, what more can happen to her? And what could this baby really do to her? Nothing. Right? The bright LED lights of the late bus came into view as it slowly edged around the street corner. Mary stood and wiped her dress. She was happy she could where this dress whilst she had the chance, she knows that soon enough, she won't be able to fit into it at all. The bus came to a slow halt just in front of Mary's feet. The doors pulled apart with a screech, enough to make Mary's ears ring for a moment. As she stepped onto the bus, the smell of smoke, vomit and... human piss? Disgusting. She said to herself. As she looked down the isle of chairs, she immediately noticed the empty bottles of beer, the mountains of cigarette packets filled eighty-percent of the seats. With her limited options, she settled on a window seat toward the front of the bus.

The bus doors screeched once more as they closed. Mary tried her best to relax, but as she looked down between her feet, she couldn't help but gag at the used condom on the floor. If only had I used one of those. She thought as she rolled her hand over her stomach.

After minutes of silence, apart from the electrical buzz in the fluorescent light above her head and the constant clicking of something under her seat, the bus came to another slow and agonising halt. As the doors creaked open, a man in tan cargo pants and camouflaged hoodie stepped in and made his way towards the back of the bus. Mary knew it would be rude to stare, but something about this man was almost intimidating about him, and she couldn't help but have a glance.

As she looked to the back of the bus, she couldn't see him. So as she turned her head a little further back, there he was. In the seat directly behind her. He was almost breathing down her neck, she could feel his cold breath and she could basically smell it. Shitty mouthwash, cigar smoke and what could only be described as a dead fish.

What the fuck. She asked herself.

'Don't worry... I'm not gonna hurt ya.' The man said from behind her, a sense of humour and dread in his voice. As if he didn't mean it.

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