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Hank uprooted his family after a vacation from their old lives to a new town, looking for a new beginning. He never imagined his efforts would lead to peril, and the town he picked is a town hunted by ancient monsters who appear every century to create mayhem, destroy, hunt, and paint the streets with innocent blood and flesh of town folks. He had no idea his fresh start would be his doom, or that his first day in town with his family would lead to their separation, with him ending up in a coma. He woke up days later with no memory of who he was or what happened to him. Finding out from his son, that his wife had been abducted by the monsters was a blow to his heart. However, finding out she was pregnant for one of the blood-sucking creatures took the wind off his sails, and nearly threw him into a well of madness. But he refused to give up on her, because he felt responsible for her condition, and he was a man who never gives up on his loved ones. Never. He would get her back or die trying. Copyright ©️ (2024-05-23) by O.J Zainab. All rights reserved.

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The Shadow Walkers

Hank's eyes suddenly popped open with fright, adjusting to the dimness of the room, and he found himself sitting up in bed, groaning in pain at the throb hammering his head repeatedly. He felt disoriented as he tried to focus on something, anything, but even that seemed too difficult at the moment. He couldn't understand anything as he tried to make sense of his nakedness beneath the sheet. why was he naked? And why did the place smell funny, almost like he was in a mold-infested area? Was he underground or something?. He coughed, and that seemed to draw the attention of someone in the room. He senses more than saw movements from the darker corner of the room.

"Shh, you need to be quiet. They might hear us, Dad." Dad? He had a son? What the hell happened to him that made him forget his son? As if he could read his mind, his son answered his unspoken question. "I'm so sorry, dad. I tried my best to save your life after they arrived. You were hit so badly on the head, it's a miracle you survived. I thought I was going to lose you too like I did Mom."

"Please, slow down," he croaked, his throat feeling parched. "You need to tell me everything. Start from the beginning because I can't remember anything. Not even you, son."

"Really?" He tried nodding but groaned in discomfort at the stiffness of his neck. In that moment his head felt too heavy for his neck.

"Please, tell me how long I have been out like a log."

"Two weeks–"

"Two weeks!" he yelled and was shocked at the speed his son used to cover his mouth.

"You need to be quiet," he hissed in alarm, fear filling his eyes. Why was he so scared? He didn't get it but felt his son's worries to the roots of his heart. This close, he could see his son's features clearly and felt something dancing at the edges of his memory. He knew this face, it was a replica of his, only younger, twenty-ish. "The situation is dire, Dad. We can't let our location be known, else it would be the end of us, and we wouldn't be able to save Mum."

"Mum? What do you mean by mum? I have a wife too," he had forgotten about his wife too. What the hell knocked him out of his memories?

"Yes, you do, and they have her. Here, have a look at this." He watched silently as his son took out a folded picture from his breast pocket, and handed it to him. With shaky fingers, he took the picture from his son's hand and unfolded it to look at it. What he saw blew his mind, and opened the floodgates of memories as if a tsunami had pushed through the blockages fogging his mind. Unwittingly, tears crowded his eyes and spilled over. He couldn't believe he had forgotten her and his son. He remembered everything now like it was yesterday. They had just returned to town from a long vacation, eager to start their new lives, and had decided to make a quick stop at the shopping mall for some groceries. They had just uploaded their items in the car when everything had gone to hell. Suddenly the sun had disappeared, replaced by a cloudy sky that darkened the atmosphere and alarmed everyone present. The shit had hit the fan after that, as frantic folks rushed around to avoid a threat he didn't understand. They were chanting words he couldn't decipher. Words like 'they are here! It's happening again!' spilled from the lips of strangers, throwing his family and him into fright.

They were new in town, had just purchased a new house, and were excited to start their new life afresh in a new home. However, what greeted them was chaos that quickly exploded into an evil world of monsters riding in with a bloody thirst for destruction. They swept through the town, just seven of them, but it was a bloody number bigger and more forceful than an army of well-trained mercenaries. They looked nothing like humans, and destroyed everything in their sight, painting the streets in a bloody bath that can fill an empty ocean. He tried his best to shield his family but fell short as he was knocked out with a blow so hard he saw stars, then a pool of darkness that lasted so long that he was only now waking up. He remembered one of the monster's eyes landed on his wife, and when he tried to intervene and protect his wife, he was swatted aside with a blow, as if he weighed nothing and was a puny fly. And maybe he was, judging from their humongous build. His son's screams were the last thing he heard as he passed out.

"I remember everything," he whispered coldly, feeling a blanket of calmness cocoon him, as the burning fire of rage was lit. He was going to destroy them all and save his wife. He only prayed he wasn't two weeks late. "Tell me, everything you know about the monsters. I need to know everything. Don't leave anything out. How did we get here? Where is here?"

"After they took Mother, I quickly dragged you into the car and drove out of there like the bats of hell were on my tail. However, I almost ran down a girl my age in my haste. She was covered in blood and had lost her whole family to the monsters. So I picked her up too. I had no choice but to leave mum behind. They were too strong. I... I couldn't take them on by myself. It would have been suicide."

"I know, Jace. For a twenty-year-old, you did a great job," he said softly, assuaging his worries. There's no room for guilt, not when they had a bigger battle ahead of them. "You saved my life, and that counts for something. So, tell me more."

"So after picking Emily up, she was a bit in shock, but then she recovered swiftly as if a switch was turned on within her. She asked me to get more food and water as the monsters were going to be staying and ruling for a month, after which they would perish."

"What? How did she know that?"

"I'm getting to it. So we tried making a stop at a small mini-mart, but everything was in such chaos, with people turning against each other, hoarding foods and stealing cars. Some even used weapons like guns to threaten anyone who stood in their way. So we couldn't get much. Just some first aid kit, dried foods, processed canned foods, and water. We also drop by a pharmacy to get you something to treat your injury. Emily is a medical student in her third year. She is a genius actually, and jumped classes. She has been treating you, but I'm afraid we would have to venture outside as we're running low on supplies. We're holed up in a secret basement at her school. Dad, we need to rescue mom...if she's still alive."

"Hey, she will be. Your mum is a fighter, and we will get her back. I promise," he vowed solemnly, wiping off the tears that escaped Jace's eyes. He smiled wanly when Jace nodded at him. "So where's this Emily girl? I need to thank her for everything."

"She's in the other room resting. She has been working all day–"

"There's no need to thank me. I'm glad I could help. Your son saved my life, I'm only returning the favor," Emily put in, then added in a subdued tone. "To know more about the monsters we're dealing with, you need to read that." She handed him a small leather book. "That's my late great grandma's diary. She has some pages allocated to the monsters. They are called shadow Walkers."

"Shadow Walkers?"

"Yes, and they appear every century to hunt for thirty days. They come with an omen that clouds the sun and are made up of an army of seven ruled by a vicious king. Their mission is to destroy and raze any town or city to the ground. They wouldn't stop until they have sucked everyone dry, or their time runs out."

"I noticed. How do we get rid of them?"

"We can't." Her response was like a deadly noose that squeezed the air out of him. It was unacceptable.

"What?!" he gasped in dismay.

"We can only hold off till their time runs out."

"That's preposterous!" he exclaimed at her.

"I know," she murmured sadly.

"Are you saying, they're indestructible?"

"More or less–"

"Emily, please be clear with me."

"They can't be destroyed by any weapon. The only thing that can destroy them is the sun. So unless we're able to reproduce an energy similar to the rays of the sun, we will have to wait them out."

"Wow, this is a colossal mess of wild proportion! Either way, we're dead," he said bitterly.

"We can die fighting," Jace said from his seat at the end of his bed, and he was proud of his bravery.

"I guess."

"Anyway, I have been working on something that might slow them down till we get away. I have recreated light bombs, a tiny replica of the energy present in the sun. It should temporarily blind and sting them, till we escape. We will have to leave soon though."

"Alright, I'm so glad my son saved you, you're indeed a gem."

"Thank you, sir."

"You two get ready, we leave soon."

Five days later...

His body had needed the time to recuperate and regain strength, and mobility after several days of being bedridden. But he couldn't complain because he wasn't supposed to be alive, not after receiving such a blow from a monstrous giant. So he was thankful to the heavens, and yet sad because he knew not what condition he would find his wife in. He had no idea if she was still alive. They had to do everything within their power to save her. Besides, they were running out of supplies and needed to venture out into danger or risk dying of starvation and dehydration. He watched his son with pride, as he filled the car with diesel and signalled for everyone to get in. He was a bit perplexed about something though, of the fact that they hadn't run into any of those monsters, it was as if their building was off-limits or something to them. He asked Emily about it, and she informed him it was because of the special light she created and installed with the help of Jace. It stung the monsters whenever they came close to the vicinity. So he knew they had to secure the building in their absence because it was a perfect sanctuary. So he asked Emily to stay back and guard the place because they couldn't lose their only safe abode. She agreed and handed them her weaponized creations, and taught them how to use them.

Finally, they were out on the streets, and he couldn't believe his sight. Gone were the beautiful faces and laughter, picturesque landscapes and buildings that graced the town. In its stead are broken pipes that spilled both water and sewage, abandoned cars, broken buildings, and torn electrical wires that were a hazard to the living as they sparked and torched with wild electrical light. It looked as if a humongous destructive tornado had swept through town and left its mark, but he knew better.

He felt tears cloud his eyes as he noticed decaying mangled bodies dusting the streets, their eyes lost and cold, their blood and torn flesh coating the floor and walls of streets and buildings. He could feel their pain and it tore at his heart.

What was this?

Who were these monsters?

How could they ruin a beautiful town in such a short time? It seemed they took pleasure in the pain cocooning the town. They relish the garbage, filth, and misery they had brought with them.

Everything seemed abandoned. Lost. The buildings and streets were embraced by a silence so ominous, he feared breathing. He couldn't see a soul or hear any sound, and he wondered if everyone was gone. He wondered if the heavens sent these creatures to obliterate mankind from the face of the earth. He was so rooted in his thoughts he didn't notice the deadly foe descending upon them until it was too late.

Suddenly, it was no longer quiet, and something fierce and powerful, that growled like a hound from the pits of hell hit the hood of their car so forcefully, that it threw them into a spin that went on for what seemed like an eternity. He thought for sure it was the end as his head banged against the side window with such force he saw the moon and the stars. He wasn't surprised the glass shattered. When the car finally landed on its roof, he tried to reorient himself and separate reality from illusion. He tried to work through the ringing in his ears. His heart jumped into panic as he saw his son still form.

No way!

There's no chance in hell he was losing another member of his family. From his twisted position, he saw the monster approach and had a hard time believing his eyes.

What in heaven's blaze was that?

Hell no, he had to act fast! His eyes bulged out as he took in the cumbersome and gigantic size of the creature. It had no hairs but roots that stood out in all directions...well it looked like roots from his vantage point. It had glowy round eyes, sharp teeth, a skeletal face and claws that looked vicious. Its skin was decayed and oozed a substance he wouldn't touch with a yardstick.

Quickly, he unbuckled his seat belt, and unbuckled Jace's seat belt too, cringing at the messy thud his son made when he hit the roof of the car. He moved as fast as he could from the car and dragged his son out just as the monster lifted his leg to squash the car. He dragged his son behind an abandoned car and threw one of Emily's light bombs over at the monster. The screeching sound that ensued would forever haunt his waking moments. When he was sure his son would make it, he hid his son in the abandoned car, leaving him a quick note, asking him to find a car and get the supplies, while he forged into the enemy den, and got his wife back.

He prowled the screeching monster, putting his hunting skill into action, and keeping to the shadows though everywhere was cloudy. There was no other soul in sight, no survivors, and he wondered fleetingly if he was going on a foolish mission.

What if his wife was gone, like everyone else?

No, he mustn't think that way.

Finally, the monster arrived at a clearing that smelled like death and was cloaked in desperate pleas and tears. He hid behind a boulder as he took in the destruction and malice before him. There was a big iron cage in the center of the clearing, packed with people from children to grown-ups, and he guessed with a fallen heart that, they were all that remained from the town folks. God, how he wished he could kill them all. He wished he had the strength to give them just a taste of their medicines. He gasped when he noticed his wife among the prisoners and gagged as the leader of the monsters drank from a young boy's essence, then threw him aside as if he were garbage. Then he pointed at another prisoner who happened to be his wife.
Hell no! He wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of taking his wife's life.

He hissed in alarm when he noticed her baby bump. How the hell was she pregnant? And from the looks of it, she was in her third trimester. It couldn't be what he was thinking! The thought was preposterous! And...and what's a man to do in this situation? What should he do?! She was pregnant with a monster. She was tainted!

What should he do?!

Suddenly, he felt such intense rage twist his insides as he surged forward with all his anger, disappointments, and shortcomings. Throwing a dozen light bulbs into their midst, he yelled obscenities at them and took pleasure in their pain. Then he released all of the prisoners and screamed at them to run. His wife shied away from him, unable to hold his questing gaze. But he refused to abandon her. They would survive this together, and think of a way to solve the problem in her belly. He had promised his son to bring his mom home, and he intended to keep his word. He picked his wife up, baby-style, and started to run with her squirming form. Just then, Jace pulled up in a school bus, and they all climbed into it, and he yelled for him to drive. Jace didn't disappoint as he drove like a maniac, and with such speed he got whiplashed. Soon the screeching monsters were left behind and they headed towards their sanctuary. They would wait out the remaining days till the monsters disappear, and rebuild again.

Together, they would find a solution to the evil spawn in his wife's womb. Maybe, it's their key to studying the monsters and making sure the ruins that hit them won't take place again. Next time, they would be ready.

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