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The year is 2209. humanity has begun to explore and set up colonies in space. but what they find is completely different. explore the story's of soldier's, researchers, wanderers, and more in this book.

Science fiction Dystopie Tout public.

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The world in 2209.

(I recommend you read or atleast checkout the wattpad version of this book. it has pictures and audios for some upcoming captures.)

World history played out the same on earth. The map above shows all the factions on Earth's.

The dark blue is the American federation. It consists of the USA, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Mexico, all of Central America, Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, Dominican Republic, isreal, and New Zealand.

Washington D.C. is the captain.

The faction in dark green is the South American republic. It consists of

Ecuador, brazi, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Guyana, and Suriname.

Its capital is Brasília.

The nation in yellow is the European Union.

It consists of most Western European nations. Along with Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Australia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Cyprus

Its capital is Warsaw.

The nation in red is known as the eastern federation. It consists of Russia. Kazakhstan. Ukraine, Estonia, Greece, serbia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Niger, Nigeria, Angola, haiti, Venezuela and north Korea.

Its capital is Moscow

The faction in purple is the Southern Asian alliance, and it consists of

India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Its capital is New Delhi.

The nations in light green are known as the third Islamic empire it consists of.

Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Oman, turkey, Albania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Uae, and Qatar.

The capital is disputed between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Those city's being Tehran Iran and

This nation's greenish blueish color is Scandinavia. It consists of

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,

Its capital is Stockholm.

The nations in light blue are the people's republic of East Asia it consist of.

China, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The last nation in light purple or pink is the south east asian empire.

It consists of Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.

The nations in grey have chosen to stay as independent nations.

Now, you, as the reader, might wonder how all this happened. I'll give you a quick timeline off all these events.

Not to make this so long, I'll just put the important stuff here. More lore will come out later on.

Cuban rebels took over, and that's why Cuba is part of the American federation.

South America attempted to invade the Central American Republic.

The USA (who had already annexed Mexico and canada) got involved and pushed the South American back.


Peru has annexed, and Central America was taken in.

China, after a devastating war, is no longer a power.

NATO. UN don't exist.

The eastern federation and American federation are allies.

Only 3 nations have access to space technology.

The American Federation.

The eastern federation.

The European Union.

The 3rd Muslim empire and people's republic of East Asia are allies due to their history. Both were victims to both of the federations.

In the year 2060, Alaska was invaded.

The kalu, a warlike and xenophobic race, landed in Alaska and began to take and kill humans.

Not much was saved on the kalu.

They have 1 giant eye. Their skin is dark purplish like. They were 7 to 10 feet tall. They had 4 arms with 4 fingers. Their hands were long and pointy. They had a large jaw.

They didn't use Armour they used personal shield generators. That deflected lazers. Most of the galaxy used lazers, so when they came to earth, they were not expecting such weapons.

The battle of Alaska was harsh. But the kalu who had never encountered guerrilla warfare or things such as tanks and ballistic guns were unprepared and forced to retreat.

Earth was labeled as a threat to anyone of the galaxy and was heavily monitored.

The year 2150 marked a new era in mankind as humans were able to go and travel in space.

The year is now 2209 for 59 years. No one has noticed humanity has gained access to travel in space.

But most planets are barren. From Mars to Jupiter's moons. And so on. Most are empty of sentient life. Some have plants and animals, but that's about it.

That was until March of 2209.

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