Isabella Guzman

Beneath the sky, lies a family of red clouds. This family holds some of the most horrific stories in history.

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" Ribbit."

Amongst the sea of thorns and poison oak in Miss Maisy's garden, a tiny frog named " Daisy" stayed afloat.

She was the color of dandelions yet had the temper of poison ivy.

Daisy's eyes were a demonic shade of red, a frightening sight to many, including Miss Maisy herself.

When visitors and guests stopped by Miss Maisy's garden, they trembled in fear at the sight of Daisy.

" It's the murderer!" someone shouted.

One day, a curious child named Susie skipped to Miss Maisy's garden.

" I wouldn't touch that frog, honey." warned Miss Maisy.

" Ok." affirmed Susie.

But her curiousity grabbed hold of Katie, prompting the youngster to touch Daisy.

" Rrrrrrlllllllll." she scowled.

Normally, frogs croaked and made gurgling noises, but not Daisy.

Rerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." she growled.

Mandibles the size of elephants slowly grew from Daisy's mouth.

" Daisy." whimpered Susie.

A deafening screech escaped Daisy's mouth as she lurched towards Susie.

" Susie, come over here!" yelled Miss Maisy.

Susie tried to flee, only for Daisy to charge at her.

" Rrrrrrrrroaawwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllll!" snarled Daisy.

The only thing visible in Miss Maisy's garden was a pair of blood-stained sandals.

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