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Full moon

Full moon.

Friends: Roy, Samantha, John and Lisa came on safari to Africa after a European holiday. Very few travelers came on safari at this time, since it was not the season. The friends stayed in a hotel built from reeds, in harmony with nature. Roy and John settled in a separate room, Samantha and Lisa - in a separate one. Although Roy and Lisa, Samantha and John loved each other, according to the documents they could not live in the same room, that is, they were not legally married. For them this was not a problem, although the boys lived in separate rooms, and the girls in separate rooms, in the evening they changed places, and the love couples were together. This is how they spent all their European holidays. Friends were from America and planned this vacation in advance. According to the plan, the friends were to spend a month's vacation first in Europe, and the last days in Africa before returning.The next day, the friends were provided with a car and a guide for the trip. But since they were lovers, they did not like the company of a stranger and said: “We were going to travel alone.”
- Despite the fact that the car has many modern amenities, a guide is needed in emergency situations! - those working at the travel agency refused.
Therefore, the two loving couples had to go with the guide Sanga. When the lovers set off, they turned to Sang, they did not like his presence:
- Mister Sanga! The car has a JPRS device. We won't get lost. We won’t go far from the car, please leave us alone.
“I don’t care, but if the agency finds out about this, I’ll be fired!”
- When we return, we will call you, you will return with us, as if you were with us.
- Okay, let's walk a little more, then I'll go out and go home, when you return to where I left, call.
- Fine! Thank you!
The lovers were happy that they were left alone and rode joyfully. All day they walked through the African nature, and in the evening they ate and rested.
When Lisa woke up in the morning, she wanted to eat, and she opened her backpack, took out canned meat and sausage and began to eat. When Roy woke up and saw this situation, he was dumbfounded. The reason was that Lisa was a vegetarian and had never eaten meat before.
- Good morning, Liz. Is everything okay? You haven’t eaten meat before, have you?
- Good morning dear. I’m surprised myself, for some reason I wanted meat, let’s eat it together.
Roy approached Lisa, but when he saw the meat, he felt uneasy, and said “Thank you” and did not eat.
Samantha and John, who woke up in a nearby tent, came to their friends. They also wanted to have breakfast, but they were also sick of meat products and ate only fruit.
“It seems that the air of Africa had a different effect on us.” “I eat meat, although I am a vegetarian, and you eat fruit, although you are meat-eaters,” said Lisa.
- In any case, I'm glad that you eat meat. Now it's not difficult for me to choose a restaurant. - Roy laughed.
Although this was an unusual occurrence, the friends quickly forgot about it and continued traveling. While watching the animals and taking photographs, the friends saw a giraffe eating a wild turkey. “Do giraffes really eat meat?” they said in surprise. While walking, the friends watched the animals, they noticed that something unusual was happening. A hyena was grazing in front of them, a hippopotamus was chewing the body of a crocodile at the water's edge. A couple of wild turkeys rushed at them like mad, and the friends who got rid of them decided to immediately return back.
Mexico. The sun rose over the horizon and dawn came. Jose, as usual, woke up early, went out into the yard, called his dog Snap, gave her a piece of meat and went to the barn. Snap followed Jose without eating the meat.
-What happened, Snap?
While talking to his dog, Jose took buckets of feed. He took the feed and entered the barn, the cattle's eyes looked strange. He began to pour feed into the cattle feeder, at that moment the cow bit his hand and Jose's bucket fell out of his hand." Damn it! Is this brute crazy?” he said and stepped back.Snap, who was following Jose, sniffed the food from the feeder and began to eat it. Jose was surprised that his dog was eating cow food and said: “That's crazy too!” At that moment, the dog was bitten by the bull and pulled in, and they joined him other cattle and the dog were torn to pieces. Ignoring Jose's cry of “Hey! Hey!”, they ate the dog. Frightened by this, Jose said: “Shit! Shit!” and ran home.
When Roy, Lisa, Samantha and John were returning in the car, the travel agency workers came out in front of them, they were worried about something.
- It’s time for you to return, something happened to the birds! They've been attacking people since morning, we've come to pick you up! where is Sanga?
- We haven't seen him since morning!
- Was he with you? We need to look for him!
Friends were forced to tell the truth:
- Sanga left us alone and went home.
At that moment, several birds attacked them. Making noise and driving away the birds, they quickly got into their cars and drove back.
Everyone at the hotel was excited and talking about going to the city center. They said that the birds and animals behaved very differently.
People were constantly calling television and radio, reporting how fish in an aquarium were eating each other, that cats and dogs were eating grass, fruits and vegetables.
There were reports of a herd of sheep eating shepherds outside the city, and a herd of cattle attacking people.
Emergency declared!
People were issued warnings to stay away from birds and animals. Amazingly, these events happened all over the world. In China, pandas were said to eat meat, and in Australia, a kangaroo hunted a dingo. In the Amazon, caimans walked along the shores, avoiding fish. Another The side of events was that the predators grazed without attacking animals and birds.
Scientists immediately began to look for the cause of these events. They began to check the composition of the waters, changes in the air. Scientists from all over the world were in constant communication with each other. But the results were not good, there were no changes. Scientists did not understand why this was happening.
These changes also affected people. People stopped eating meat products, only those who were previously vegetarians ate meat. All over the world, prices for meat and meat products fell sharply, restaurants sold only vegetarian food, and fast foods also sold meat-free food.
NASA scientists also studied space, conducting research. They also checked the moon, but everything was fine. After a week of research, they came to the conclusion that they should also look at the far side of the Moon. They saw a large crater on the far side of the Moon, which had not been observed before. Scientists, Those who saw a huge meteorite in the center of the crater came to the conclusion that it should be carefully studied and an investigation team was immediately sent. The investigation team found out that changes on the earth occurred as a result of the fall of this meteorite.
The order was received to break the meteorite into pieces and send it into outer space, and the plan was successfully carried out.
Life on Earth has returned to normal.
The astronauts who completed the Full Moon mission returned and one of them met with the three scientists in a secret room and handed over a small pebble in a sealed flask. After the astronaut left, the scientists entered the next room. The scientist named Dr. Webb said to his partner:
- Pay attention to this stone, it turns a herbivorous creature into a predator, and a predator into a herbivore.
He took a stone and placed it in front of the cages where the snake and the rabbit were locked. The rabbit began to jump towards the snake's cage, and the snake tried to avoid the rabbit. The scientist opened the cages, the rabbit rushed to the snake and, killing it, began to eat it.
-Dear Colleagues! We need to study the properties of this stone and find those aspects that will benefit humanity in the future!
After speaking, Dr. Webb placed the stone back into the flask.

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