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The Graviers moves in a new town to turn over a new leaf and live in their old family mansion but something unexpected happened to them

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A Good Or A Bad Event

The Graviers family moved into a small town hoping to turn over a new leaf. They were in their dusty, 14-year-old car that Mr. Graviers or David got from his father Albert. They were going fromWaterville to Dansville and sat according to their normal seating arrangement – children at the back and parents at the front. As they were going to their ancestral home, a small Labrador Retriever, who had long hair and its eyes as if all the stars in the universe are the reflection of them, jumped into their car through the little opened window into Fred’s lap, the children Alex and Fred started petting the puppy and patting it. Suddenly the family noticed that the sky began to change colour as the pup stayed with them longer every second, “It feel like it was something suspicious or involves aliens” thought the comic reading Fred. As he moved his face back to the puppy, he thought he saw an alien spaceship out of the corner of his eye. But thinking it must have been the mist covering their windows. The parents after the obvious requests from Alex and Fred, ultimately decided that they will let the new companion stay with them, as it was nothing except for a miracle. As the family was talking about the incident Fred noticed a deep wound on the puppy's leg, but on the next moment it vanished into thin air. He thought he was just seeing things. The talks continued until they finally reached their ancestral home, it was so huge that it could fit the whole town with big windows and a football pitch sized front yard and the backyard was almost as big as it. The puppy unexpectedly, bit Fred's hand and ran across the huge road and into a lake and then disappeared, but no one really noticed it as they were busy handling Fred, he was in shock he saw that his nerves were turning black. They took Fred to the hospital and there they covered the whole arm in plaster, they got to know that the puppy bit him through his flesh and left a crack in the bone. After that unpleasant event the family returned to their mansion.Fred was in shock; he didn't eat anything for one day straight. The first day was spent in moving the furniture and other supplies into the mansion. Fred wanted to help, but the family didn't let him. They thought he would get weak if he does not eat and do heavy physical tasks. The second day, there was a small ceremony in Dansville the family went there to meet the town's people and to witness the ceremony. The family was called upon the stage.They were on the stage when Fred started murmuring something, the next moment he jumped down the stage. Mr. Robert the mayor of the town said it was disrespectful to him, the other residents and the town itself. The family took Fred to the mansion. They were having a hard time settling in Dansville, first the dog or a puppy or whatever kind of creature it was and now this. They decided they will quarantine themselves from the rest of the town for a week so everyone can forget that event and they can finally turn over to a new leaf.

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