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After the attack, peace treaty between the two top mafias was broken and now Enzo the Don of Italian mafia was seeking revenge to Russian Mafia, where as Russian mafia who has did nothing were facing the false claim upon them. Riley took the opportunity to escape from her home happy to finally have her own freedom but her one mistake throw her in the world of italian mafia, when Enzo finds out she is the daughter of one of the Russian mafia's most trustable man, he plans to form a trap and use Riley for this purpose. Russian mafia is making all efforts to find out evidences which can clear them from the blame and have their peace treaty back whereas Riley is finding the ways to escape from the prison of cruel and Ruthless mafia leader. Will Riley succeed in escaping or will Enzo use her for his trap and whether Russian mafia leader will find proofs against the person who actually attacked on Italian mafia. In the war of two powerful groups of underworld, will Riley be able to survive and Enzo will realise what wrong he had did to her, or he will become the source of pain and hurt for her.

Thriller/Mystère Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#mystery #romance #thriller #betrayal #revenge #mafia #italianmafia #russianmafia
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She was running on the road, not forgetting to look at the back though she knew there would be no one following her at least not for now, but in the morning they will be on the roads searching everywhere. It has been more than half an hour she was scampering on the roads getting far from her own house, she could hear her own heart bumping wildly.

She took a sharp turn on the street that was in complete darkness, standing against wall, close to the entrance of alley, she peeked on the road to make sure she isn’t being followed by anyone, watching the empty road for a good one minute she turned her neck and closed her eyes.

Her back pack was hanging on her shoulder, before escaping from the house she made sure to take some clothes and money for her, she holds the bag and clutched it tightly against her chest, her face was covered in sweat and so was her body, she never ran in her life that much what she had run today.

She glanced the time on her watch, it was two in the midnight, not much time left for sun to show up, but she knows that her parents will be at home by now, and might be have went to look after her, she used the zig zag direction though to avoid getting caught by them but since the danger was lying over her head she couldn’t spend the night on the roads, she has to find some place for her night.

Going to the opposite side of the alley, she saw a car parked at the corner of the shop, assuming it as the shop owner’s car she took slow and cautious steps towards the car, she can use the car as her hidden spot and later could take some help from the car owner to maybe leaving this city.

She pulled the handle of the car, seems like luck was on her side, after the couple of tensed hours she passed, a small smile appeared on her face which vanished immediately, the time was precious at the moment for her, slowly she opened the door to avoid creating any noise, unlocking the back seats door she closed the front door and opened the back door, meanwhile doing this her eyes were continuously moving around.

Finally, she was inside the car, she made sure to lie down below the seat so she couldn’t be seen, maybe she can run away from here without being noticed. Her mind was constantly popping ideas, whatever suits her condition better.

Riley felt relax but her moment of ease was very short, when she heard the voice of men coming near the car, due to thickness and tone, she was able to conclude that it was not one person instead they were two, biting her lips she regretted her act, but she didn’t get time to react when the door of driving side was opened and the man slid in closing it with loud bang, she felt her heart jumped in to her throat, however, the toxic smell of the perfume consumed the car’s inside atmosphere.

‘Non hai chiuso la machinna?’ (You didn’t lock the car?)’ she heard other man’s voice, that sounded irritated.

‘Ho dimenticato’ (I forgot) accepting his mistake the other one said in his thick Italian accent.

Since they were talking in Italian she was unable to understand their conversation, not like she was interested.

‘II bastardo ha osato non pagare I miei soldi’ (Bastard dared to not pay my money), the aggression in the voice forced Riley to shiver.

‘I’hai gia ucciso, dimenticalo ora’ (you already killed him, forget now) both men were engrossed in their conversation whereas Riley was lying down keeping hand on her mouth to prevent any sound coming from her mouth.

Car was accelerating smoothly towards its destination, after they had done talking, Enzo was looking straight on the road while moving steering wheel carefully, and his right hand man Antonio was doing same, with only difference he was on passenger seat.

Not knowing how much time has passed, Riley felt her leg and arms going numb, she was bearing, thinking now the journey will end, but she felt for the moment the passenger had planned to move around the world on car, couldn’t tolerating anymore she lift her left leg little up and shook slowly and then did the same with her right leg, but her act caused very minor sound of movement which could have been ignored, but she doesn’t knew who the owner was, Enzo pedaled on brake, causing the car to stop abruptly.

‘Che diavolo Enzo’ (what the hell Enzo), Antonio, whose head touched the dashboard yelled at him.

Ignoring him Enzo came out of the car and opened the back door seat, his gun was in his hand, ready to shoot whoever was in his car. Antonio turned his head looking at the back, the darkness had covered the surrounding making it difficult for them to see, he opens the torch and Enzo open the door, but what they saw surprised them, they exchanged the looks before Enzo’s face hardened.

When car stopped, Riley thought they have reached, but when she listens one of them yelling and other exiting the car, as if was in some sort of urgency, her breath hitched, was she caught, but she didn’t have to wait for the answer, soon a light entered into her eyes roughly causing her to whimper, she covered her eyes with her hand.

‘Who are you?’ pointing his gun towards the girl he asked, Antonio opened the door of opposite side and drag her out.

‘Wait please listen to me’ seeing the gun in man’s hand, scared Riley, she was trembling in fear but he spoke in English she had a very tiny hope in her heart that she could explain her situation and they can help, though her mind was alerting her of the gun but she ignored.

She yelped when she felt a harsh hold on her hand and was suddenly dragged out, she hit her bottom on the road, her backpack falls from her grip.

‘Who are you?’ pointing the gun’s nozzle on her forehead, he asked with gritted teeth.

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