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Nick is a survivor of the apocalypse that started 22 months ago, now he is in the necessity of leaving his camp due to him running out of food and water. Thankfully, a broadcast of a shelter for survivors is caught by his radio. Nick will leave to find this shelter in a world where the dangers of the "black fever" are always present in different shapes and sizes which range from the common walkers to the "freaks", decreasing the amount of survivors and hope alongside with and any chance of survival that was left, specially now that a new variant of the disease is appearing with the name of "the blood plague" which threatens to be even deadlier than the "black fever".

Horreur Zombie horreur Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Prologue: two years since the outbreak

It's been almost two years since all this started, humans started to rise from the death to eat other people and dragging them to the same faith. After some time the roumors about this desease began and the "black fever" was a name commonly pronounced by the ones who survived, the infected sometimes are slow sometimes they run a bit to try to catch you, but you can kill them by destroying their brain or by burning them, but you have to be carefully because despite scratches not doing much but a bite almost guaranteed your death in a short period of time and after dying the return to life in a short amount of time. And with time comes change for the black fever that meant mutations and variants, this freaks are the major threat out there and they come in various shapes and sizes each one of them being their own type of danger.

The most common ones are the "bloater" and the "screamer". the first one is some kind of living mix of a balloon and a chemical weapon, with slender limbs and a stomach full of gas, it's movement it's slow and it can stumble with ease, but if you get to close or if it's balloon like stomach is damaged, it will explode leaving a toxic gas cloud infecting and killing anything unfortunate enough to be on its radius. The other one isn much of a threat physically sins it has no arms and both it's jaw and neck are completely destroyed and ripped open, but don't let it notice you by any posible mean because it will let out a screech so loud that it will stint you easily and kill you with the same ease if you don't flee the place because every single one of those monsters in a considerable range will go after you.

The next ones are somewhat more rare to find which gives us some hope but this abominations won't forgive nothing.

First we have the "feral" and it can be described as both the encarnation of death and the perfect killing machine as result of mutation, evolution or whatever you call it, this thing is fast, and when I say fast I mean faster than any living being, it runs on all fours and it will hunt you until being able to take you down to start mauling you with its strength and it's claws untill there is almost nothing left, fortunately for us they seem to have no vision but still their hearing works better than ours so you better be quiet while roaming around.

And finally, the "juggernaut", I haven't been that close to one, but I have seen them, they are a thick and heavy mass of fat and muscles with a height of over six feet tall and a small head compared to its body, and as you can tell by its name, it is basically the tank of the death not even fire can kill it and I'm not sure if bullets will... shit... I don't even know if you can kill them and despite being slow most of the time it can sprint to charge towards you just to smash and eat your body and through the radio I have even heard stories of those things spliting survivors in half using only its hands to pull them apart.

I have been surviving for some weeks at the roof of a convenience store in a small town few hour away from Trumbull Valley. The canned products, water and instant food left that are still good to eat are very few, so I guess staying here isn't an option anymore, I have just an old carpenter axe and a gun with few bullets to use in extreme cases, I will abstain from using it since loud notices attract hordes of dozens of the ones dead in life or even some freaks. but at least this time luck seems to be by my side because I have been listening a broadcast of a shelter that takes in survivors not so far from where I am right now. Tomorrow when the sun rises I'll grab my stuff and leave.

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