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A Popular Brazilian Young Man and The 4 Short Years Walking Through The Valley of The Shadow of Death ... The Heroin Addict Step-Father The Free Mortal Pill. The Genuine Prophecy. The Encounter with a Grand Wizzard. The Portal To Hell. The Encounter With The Most high. The miraculous ways in Which God works to rescue his lost soul... The Fruit of His Love and The Power of His Saving Grace.

Inspirant Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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How it All Happened ...

Chapter 1

Immigration to The USA

My name is Rafael Froeder; I was Born in Brazil in 1984 ...

My Mother left me with my grandparents, Mrs. Johana and Aunt Genilda, On the state's Central East Coast, which is named Espirito Santo.

She had gone to the United States Of America Seeking financial stability...

Nearly eight years had passed, and yes, she visited twice, but she could only take me along until then.

I was forced to leave Behind 9 Years of History and Social Legacy.

The girl I was in love with and my Child Hood's friends.

6 Months earlier, I had my heart torn into pieces when they denied my visa to Rio De Janeiro.

Watching her plane take off, sitting in front of my grandma's house, tears Gushing like a waterfall, my heart felt like being stabbed by a hunter's knife ...

An overwhelming sensation of Abandonment overtook me.

Deep inside, I prayed to God, not for my will to be done but for his.

In April 1999, I finally arrived at Miami airport, ending my nine-year trial of long waiting to be with my Mother.

I arrived On April 9 at Boca Raton in South Florida, USA.

That meant I would restart my life from zero at 16 of Age ...

Chapter 2

My StepFather Eddy

My stepfather, born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, New York, was a heroin addict and liked to drink vodka mixed with orange juice every night after work. He was a super nice guy, and I deeply admired him. I remember him on my first day in America, coming to the room and throwing me some cigarettes, as he was already aware of my habit. He was very extroverted; in his adolescence in New York, he participated in gang fights in the ''PANTERS'' era. Once, he let me use his gold chain worth a few thousand dollars to go to the McDonald's on the corner, and when I got there, A rogue already well-known at High School intimidated me and asked for the cord. I handed him the heart with my eyes, almost shedding tears because I knew the price of that cord. He pretended he would leave but returned it to me at the last minute. When I got home and told him the story, he was furious and wanted to go and charge me, putting a knife in his waist, and we went to find no one else in the place.

He Acted as if he were my real Father, which led me to have Deep Considerations for him ...

Chapter 3

My Oldest Brother Near Death Story Andre Froeder :

My Mother never Used or Consented to Drug Usage, especially after almost losing her first Child, My Oldest Brother Andre.

as a kid, I remember my uncle Fernando and Andre Riding their Yamarra Dirt Bikes through the city of Governador Valadares County of Ilha Dos Araujos ...

I am keeping myself busy with the Drug Life .

He became addicted to cocaine, and he got into a drug depth in which the dealers made a reclamation attempt for the money they owed ...

he was Treated to death so He Had to Flee from the City to a Remote Place ...

The Drug Dealers Mysteriously Found where they were staying ...sneaked into the little farmhouse where they were hiding, and just about when the shooter was about to pull the trigger and Murder my Brother Andre,

his friend, who was hiding behind the door, managed to kill the shooter and Save his Life in an instant.

Chapter 4

My Step-Brother Javier and His Contagious Drug habit

My stepbrother Eddy's Son Flew from Puerto Rico; he was a stoner who managed to convince me to try smoking marijuana again.

And that was when my drug Habit Journey Began.

There was also my Neighbour Oliver Diggerman, who was a Daily Smoker ...

He became my best friend in the future, and we started smoking daily ...

We are supporting one another to sink that Pit Dungeon life style no offense Please!

Chapter 5

'' The Free Deadly Pill ''

At that time, I lived in Boca Colony, where we lived for almost three years.

It was at that moment that I had an experience that almost resulted in my demise.

When two neighbors from New York learned how to make the Ecstasy pill, they offered us samples of their homemade pills...

We were freely handed pills twice. The first time had no effect at all, but the Second time.

I was attacked with an allergic reaction, causing my speech to be impeded at around 6:30 pm.

Next, I was rushed to the Nearest Hospital ...

it was kind of like when someone is about to get Overdose on Cocaine ...

This overwhelming anxiety and sense of Danger overtook me ...

Fortunately, the Hospital wasn't too far from home, about 15 minutes away ...

When we arrived at the Hospital's Emergency Sector, the waiting room was Crowded with people waiting to be attended to—probably 35 to 45 people.

I was asked a few questions about what was going on with me, and I kept the truth concealed for fear of my Mother's Reaction.

Next, my stepfather and I went to sit on the bench in front of the E.R. entry.

I waited to be attended to for about 30 minutes, and when the reactions got intense,

I felt my body tense, involuntary movements began to strike, and my jawbone began to open involuntarily.

Leading to an excruciating pain. I wish no one ever experiences it.

So, I went ahead and wrote on paper the drug name I used ...

As it worsened, I started to see my whole life in reverse. It's said that it usually happens when someone is dying ...

People could hear me screaming and mourning, but there was nothing anyone could do to help ...

It must have been terrifying for those who heard my screams. They sounded Panicking...

I was rushed in immediately after I started to shout screams, desperately ...

My head would also turn to the side involuntarily due to muscle contraction.

With a shot of Volume Tranquilizer, Within less than a minute, I collapsed into a deep sleep.

This is similar to the reaction of someone who Smokes Flaca, one of the most potent drugs on the streets.

Three hours passed, and I awoke, unsure of what had happened.

I was taken home and spent the next two days drowsy and sluggish still, for that tranquilizer

is strong enough even to drop wild animals...

Chapter 6