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This is the birthplace of the fairy tales you read so fondly: Sertofya. Future kings, mad scientists, princesses and their savior princes, women strong enough to shape their own destiny, fools who fell victim to a romance due to their helplessness, poor people who died at the end of the story because they were considered bad, and many more were trained here. The books of fate that form the stories of all of them. These destiny books, which are very special and powerful, were supposed to show students the person they were supposed to be, but when Maduna, the daughter of Medusa, opened the book of fate, she saw that all its pages were empty. How could this happen?

Fantaisie Épique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Empty Book of Fate | Part 1

"Daughter of Medusa, Maduna! Time to learn your destiny." Maduna was startled when Principal Pan's voice echoed through the crowd. Since she was the only one who didn't took the book of destiny, it was normal for the principal to call her, but she still didn't feel ready.

She started walking because she was aware that he had to go to the rostrum. Many sad, happy, excited and curious eyes were staring at her. She was afraid to even look at the crowd.

She avoided her friends until the last moment because she wanted her fate to remain a surprise, and now all she knew was that she had to put her hand on the transparent hemisphere above the book and say her own name. She didn't even know how detailed the information inside was, and this prevented her from even swallowing.

A voice was echoing in her head. Do it, it was say. It reminded her that she couldn't escape. When she heard Principal Pan's voice again, she felt this sense of obligation chaining her. "Don't worry, Maduna. Continue." It is a warning. A warning to remind her of her responsibility…

Maduna took a deep breath and keep. The book of fate in front of her made her feel like she was walking on a foggy, flat road. She had no choice, and what she had done so far was not a product of her will. "All these years we believed in a deceptio called will." Maduna realized this while looking at the book of fate.

As she exhaled slowly, she placed her hand on the book of fate to learn her tale. When she shouted her name without thinking, her name echoed in the sky and silenced all sounds. Her name filling her ears like a whisper made her body tremble, her blood accelerated and her breathing constricted. Her body was already starting to shed cold sweat. She felt worse than when she was sick.

This strange situation caught Principal Pan's attention. Other students didn't reactedd so strangely. Even their most rebellious students didn't have such a hard time getting the book of fate. However, Maduna was an obedient person. She was someone who accepted what was given to her. But this moment was happening in way he never expected, or were all of Maduna's movements a game?

Principal Pan was felt a shame because of he thinked thing. She was daughter of Medusa, she was Maduna. He had been seeing her pure but uneasy eyes, which had no ulterior motives, for a very long time, those eyes couldn't lie.

If we have to return to Maduna… She thought that one minute had passed as hours. The pain had taken away her ability to think, and all that remained was her silent screams and the whisper of her name. The name Maduna continued to echo in her ears. Not the daughter of Medusa… Just Maduna… However, she was in too much pain to realize it at that moment. After her name she heard another voice. "I'm sorry, Maduna." She immediately recognized the owner of the voice, even though she had never heard or seen it before. She open her lips in suprise. Her mother… This voice was belong to Medusa.


English is not my native language, so please feel free to point out any grammatical or punctuation errors. :)

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