Okonmah Uchechukwu Jennifer

talking about the way a boy was spoilt by his father

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(One morning, when all Mr.okpako's children where all awake by 4:30am to prepare for school, obinna was still sleeping)

Lucy: Nkechi, Nkechi (she shouted)

Nkechi: Yes mummy (she answered)

Lucy: I hope every one has started preparing for school, because nobody is going late today.

Nkechi: No mum, obinna has refused to wake up and prepare for school.

Lucy: Why?What happened??

Nkechi: I don't know oo, i have been waking him up since and he has refuced to wake up. In fact he said he is not going to school today.

Lucy: what!!! (she shouted) go and wake him up again and tell him that i don't want to meet him there.

Nkechi: Ok ma (she said as she ran as fast as she can to deliver the message to obinna), obinna, obinna, wake up am sure you heard what mummy said.(she said as she uses her hand to push him)

Obinna: Ah ah na, but i already told you am not going to school today, just for today. Afterall i have being going other days.(He said still lying down on the bed)

Lucy: Obinna, you see you eh, if i leave what am doing and come to that room because of you, i promise you will see the other side of me this morning.(She shouted angrily)

Obinna: Abeg me i don't use to like all this kind of things oo.....(he said as he grumbled into the bathroom)

Nkechi: Mtchewww (Nkechi hissed as she left the room)

Lucy: Oga won't you wake up so that you can prepare for work, or are you not going to work today??(she said as she entered the room to take something)

Mr okpako: Ahhh!! what is the time why didn't you wake me up since morning(He said as he jumped out of the bed)

Lucy: You will just be slepping you don't even know what is happening in your house.Wait for me to wake you up every morning.

(It is now time for the children to go to school to go to school and parent to work)

Children: Good bye mum, good bye dad(They all said except for obinna)

Lucy: Good bye my children have a nice day

Obinna: Daddy bye, bye.(He said as he waved his hands to his fathers direction.

Mr okpako: Good bye my son have a nice day.

Lucy: See the like father like son, kep on spoiling him, i just pity the both of you.(She said as they all went their seperate ways)


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