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Warming Up With The Miniforce

" I am ready to f..."

" Whatever you're about to say next." protested Sammy, " Don't let it rhyme with " duck."

Volt, Sammy, Lucy, and Max warmed up in the premises of the living room.

" Volt, shouldn't we take a break?" panted Max, " I'm exhaaaaaaaausted."

Layers and layers of sweat dripped from the yellow beaver's forehead.

" Who do you think you are?" hissed Volt, " Wil. E. Coyote?"

" No, but seriously, I'm exhausted."

" Too bad!"

Lucy rolled her eyes.

" You guys are still children."" she sighed.

All of a sudden, the feminine fox discovered a blue-eyed skunk staring into her magenta eyes.

" Hi." she greeted.

Lucy's eyes twitched at the sight of the smelly beast.

" Skunk!" she screeched, " Aaaaaaaah!"

Max protectively shielded Lucy from the skunk, to the striped creature's irritation.

" Leave my Lucy alone!" he demanded.

The skunk growled.

" You little..." she hissed.

As she spoke, a green-and purple gas emitted from the skunk's fuzzy tail.

" Goodnight, Max." she purred.

Thick air swirled around Max's face and climbed into his nostrils.

" Pee-yew!" the beaver gagged, holding his nose.

The malodorous drug slowed down Max's body until he collapsed on the carpet in a slumbrous trance.

" Who are you?" interrogated Volt.

" Snooze. Snooze the sleep-inducing skunk."

" You won't get away with this, Seku!"

" Oh yes I will. Under The Huntresses' command, I shall seduce every animal in this alternate Bluebell Village with my sleepy spell."

" Oh no you won't!"

Volt was ready to take down Snooze with a single strike.

After all, he and the others had been training ever since this morning.

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