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Amaya David's existence is a curtain of pain and resilience. She lost her father, endured mistreatment, and faced near-sexual abuse. Yet, amidst it all, she discovered comfort in writing. Can she survive the damage inflicted upon her? As a good listener, Amaya helped others while concealing her own hidden pains. In the realm of artificial reality she poured out her heart, but in the real world, she kept genuine connections at arm's length. Beneath her resilience lies a fragile soul shaped by harsh experiences from a tender age." Is Amaya damaged??

Récits de vie Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Amaya’s Letter

My dear damaged, traumatized, and undamaged readers

Life can be a tempest, tossing us about like fragile leaves in a storm. But listen closely, for I have a story to share: "You are not broken" You are a pattern of scars, each one a testament to your strength.

Amaya, the girl who weathered loss, mistreatment, abuse, and loneliness, found peace and sanity in her pen. She wove her pain into words, creating a story of resilience and survival. And so can you.

Embrace your split. They are where the light flows in. Your pains your battles—they shape you. They make you whole, not damaged.

Listen as Amaya tells her story." her ink flows like tears, like laughter. She Pours her heart onto the paper. Her words are a lifeline for others drifting in their own storms.

You are enough. Your scars don't define you; they refine you. You're not broken; you're a unique work of art in progress.

So, dear readers, pick up your pen. Write your truth. Whisper it to the winds, and let them carry it to others who need it. You are not alone. You are not damaged. You are a survivor, a warrior, a beacon of hope and light.

With love,

Amaya, (A fellow wanderer)

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