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Teen drama- Brooke a 16 year old girl has become a spy, she meets love interests, battles keeping her spy job a secret, and struggles with major drama.

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Family Secret

Hi. I'm Brooke, a normal 16 year old girl living a normal teenage life, or so my family wants everyone else to believe. See I'm the 2nd oldest in a family of 5. My Mom, Dad, 13 year old sister, and 17 year old, brother. My older brother Blake is a total douche-bag. He's always sneaking out and, every week he has a new girl by his side. He's a total jerk. My 13 year old sister Molly is, well growing up way too fast. She tries to fit in, but it's really just annoying, because she thinks she's "so cool". My mom also tries to fit in, and become friends with my friends, it's stupid, and my dad he doesn't want me to date ANYONE. He's such a control freak. Well now that you know my family it's time I let you in on our big family secret. My mom and dad are not travel agents like they tell everyone they are. They are part of the S.U.S.A. Which stands for Secret, Undercover, Spy, Agency. Yes, I know that it seems like every spy show you see on T.V, but this is real life, and I had no idea what they had in store for me. Today was just a normal day..I woke up, got dressed, had breakfast, and then went to check my special book for my plans. My special book has my whole life in it. It has my secrets, money, plans, EVERYTHING. If I ever lost this I don't know how I'd even live anymore. But anyways, when I was checking my book I saw this written under September 1st: S.U.S.A. I was totally freaking out because I don't want to be a spy, I want to have a normal life, like a boyfriend, prom, college, and everything everyone else has. I don't want to be bombarded with spy stuff, I want to be normal. And if you wonder why I was chosen, well it's a mixture of my family's background, and 1 person from each state every 10 years gets chosen to go to the spy initiation. I got what some would consider "lucky" and got chosen. I most definitely would not consider this lucky, but I have no choice. Anyways, so I curled my hair with a Dyson air wrap, put on my black dress and drove to S.U.S.A corporates. When I got there, all the chosen spies were mingling. That's when my jaw dropped... I couldn't believe who I saw standing there..

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