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Do you know where the killer lies? What happens in the town that is so popular.. that not even a killer can get caught.. how does all this work? What do they do to defend the victims and their family? What does the cops do about the murder? There are so many questions even one about this book is called the sharpening.. do we get to know what's going on? And a town filled with history a town with lots of income.. how does it become a crime scene? When this town is supposed to be the most perfect town .. it will remain a mystery to all.. but what will happen in the end? Will they get caught and will they pay the price? So many questions unanswered right now You must read more and find out why and who and what and everything else.. to see if you can find out the question to all this .. you will be at the edge of your seat trying to figure it out

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sharp edge

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so sharp and stimulatiing what could it be ? a knife a blade has to be something in that form .. what else can it be ? I guess we are about to find out ... bet it will be one of the 2 or something sharp

with an edge .. well life goes on as the time does we will still be wondering what they could be sharpening ? in the town of sightford a town rich in history of gold mining .. could the gold mining be part of the sharpness ..

it could be what the are we sharpening .. this name becomes a mystery as of right now ! well its just the beginning we will see soon I'm sure .. anyways to contue about the town .. gold is king the sell of it is what brings the income in .. alot been working in the mines .. since the early 1800's so it could even be way before this that started .. but be way before this that it started .. but up to this day still the mines are the peoples income .. besides the factories stores and so on .. still today gold is on the rise .. so they don't want to loose their reputation for deep rich history dates

over 3 hundred years ago ..

next to coal mining and the railroad its one of the oldest profession in the history .. so now you know how important this business is to this town .. its also trademarks the town as a big-time tourist attractions many visit this town for the view thousands so on ,, theres so much going here and even today the business are all doing well .. gold is what is keeping it all going ,, so lets hope nothing destroys there history .. but what could it all seems good here .. its a town in good shape ..

what could possibly go wrong ? lets hope it all stays just how it

is right now .. as we go into this town it seems like everyone is happy and gets along with each other .. help one another and never let people down .. most places today is not like that .. one could only wish for a place just like this .. where there's enough jobs for everyone ,, all can make a good income as well as the town .. that what makes this place so special from others ..

page 2

it will do good as long as gold will keep on selling well .. if it declines well then that will not be good for the town .. well all we know right now that's the town is doing well .. I would hope that it will stay that way .. as the history goes on mining for gold is the main job for the people of this town even today .. now it could be sharpening of gold that the title is referring to ? I guess we will just have to wait and see .. ask someone who knows is gold even sharp ? many questions now !

with all of this deep builty no one knows nothing more .. all they see is a perfect town in history ? what if this town is not so perfect ? what's really behind it all ? maybe even the ones who lives there don't even know .. they would like to think its quiet and no one has any secrets in this town .. but be realistic every town has their secrets .. no matter where you go there remains secrets .. its all just hidden from all the rest ... so what are the deep dark secrets in the town of sightford ? the name sightford the town got its name all because of all there is to see here ..

as we all know there's a lot to see ! that's why the tourist come here .. they want to see something they never seen before .. will they see to much will be the real question .. we wont know yet the story is just beginning ... now that's we heard about most of the towns deep history .. what you didn't know that behind it all there is killer being born .. his name tim cooler is this a new thing or was he already in this town .. well I guess this we will see the town doesn't need this ..

it will take it down and tourist here about this they will come here no more .. the business will all go down .. so what do they do cover it all up ! or is it well known ? I'm sure theres a big cover up what's going on ..the town doesn't it want it to get out .. if it would there goes their town .. but thew out the years was there reports of people missing .. there could have been .. but as it looks like no one knows .. its one of the deep dark secrets the town is hiding .. see I told you so everyone hides something ..

page 3

But I'm sure if he did not already that tim is ready to kill again .. we will see how much the town will keep quiet about .. you must realize they have a lot to lose .. so they would like it to look like nothing like that happens here .. but we all know in every place in the world crime happens .. so how soon and when will we see the first murder for ourselves ? see your lucky you have a frount row ticket to see it all .. the rest the people and tourist may not know a thing about it ..

but soon where they do know I'm sure they will.. let's see what happens.. as tim gets ready for a murder.. and when is not known.. as far as yet! but it will happen somewhere do we even know who this tim is ? does the town know of him? well soon they might what will this town do they are well known as being a quiet place.. a place people want to visit and enjoy.. how could someone want to destroy that? seems like they want to all good could turn bad.. but let's see what it does it's all in the killer's hands now what will it be?

as far as the first murder it will happen in a tool shed .. it's like a workshop for the man who is inside right now.. yes there's a lot of tools in there it's called a tool shed.. it's where the man makes things to sell.. his wife is in the House nearby in the kitchen cooking him dinner.. as the killer makes his way into the shed the man is using a circular saw.. to cut one for his project yes it would be a table saw!

the killer seeing that get behind the man with all his might throws him into the table cuz her body is into the saw blade still running.. they're running of course you know what happened.. yes he got caught up really bad so bad that he died right in the spot.. no one was there to save him you think that it's no the killer goes into the house looking for an Open door.. tim found one in the basement opened maybe the man left it open..

page 4

so that he could get back in the house.. goes into the kitchen on the table is a night takes and goes over and stabs a woman killing her.. as you know it's the man's wife not Tim's.. so now that is both of them would it be any others? the two was an older couple.. I'm sure they have kids somewhere who will check on them to see if they are okay.. it might take some time did we get the sharpening yet just what does it mean?

oh yeah it does have meaning just what is a question! well now we are there are two murders when will they be reported and who knows when.. right now no one knows I think about this.. will they know or will they be washed under the rug? the town still goes with their history of the gold mining.. is Tim maybe even a miner ? that we do not know yet but now three days and the couples son been trying to call and check up on them.. he lives far away he was worried so he called no reply so we called the police to check on them..

so the police got the call went over to check on them.. when they did they found elma the wife and John one in the kitchen and the other in the shed.. both of the math they called the son back told him his parents was killed.. but as of now don't know who why or where.. we will be investigating that now.. okay said the son I so heartbroken they were my only family I have left! but please really didn't want to make it public..

and the sun didn't as he was instructed by the place.. they don't want the media or the public knowing a thing.. if they do then business will go down in this town.. that would not be good what they don't realize is they are doing this they are just increasing the crime rate.. the killer knows it's not coming out.. so now he can do whatever he wants to.. not a good thing besides the murder I'm sure there's many others crimes going on.. drugs violence robbery stealing and so on..

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