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Most wolf stories start with finding your mate and falling in love. This is not one of those stories. What do you do when your mate is a girl and you aren't gay?

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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To be a wolf

It is the most common story known to man. Werewolf mates with someone and they fall madly in love and have lots of kids. However that was not the case for me. I mean, yes I wanted a mate. That was every wolf's dream. It was our gift from Selune. So the day I got my Sigil, I was ecstatic. A Sigil appeared on our bodies when Selune had chosen a mate for us. It would start as something simple and then once we actually mated it would turn into a beautiful piece of art that represented us as a couple. I ran to tell the Alpha and it became such an exciting moment for the pack. Everyone began looking for him. Who would be my mate? The one that I spent my life with?

"Dharma! We found her!" One of the Elders announced. My blood ran cold. Her? No, that...that wasn't possible. I wasn't...maybe I had misheard. I followed after him into the Longhouse. The long house was basically a massive indoor firepit. It was where we celebrated after a hunt, where we married, where we made alliances. It was a building that held all the joy of our clan. So why did it feel so...empty. The warmth of the fire didn't reach my skin.

"Come, meet your mate!" Elder Rufus grinned. I put on a smile and followed after him and found myself face to face with a woman my age. I didn't recognize. No, this wasn't...this wasn't right!

"Hello, nice to finally meet you. My name is Stelle." She gave a small bow. Polite as one should be. Did she not find this to be ridiculous? Sure there were plenty of same sex mates, but that was when they were gay!

"Stelle is one of the heirs to the Moonpaw Clan." Rufus informed her. One of the favored Clans. Selune had blessed their lands with plenty of food and powerful wolves. Not only was she a girl, she was also an Alpha.

"Dharma is one of our best hunters! Forgive me, I assume you're both excited to speak to one another. I will give you some privacy." Rufus chuckled and then offered me a wink. Shit, no! I couldn't have him leave. What was I supposed to talk to her about? What if she was like some other wolves that wanted to mate at first sight? Rufus left and I was alone with Stelle. She looked around the longhouse and made a face of disdain.

"It's awfully small...how do you all fit in here?" She asked, then slowly moved over to the many furs of our best kills. The longhouse actually fit everyone in it with room to spare. "And what are these furs doing here? Shouldn't you be selling them off so you have room for your best?" She asked. Her ice blue eyes stared at me, waiting for an answer.

"Those are our best." I crossed my arms. She had the nerve to actually laugh.

"I see. Well, once you come to the Moonpaw I'm sure you'll enjoy the hunts more than the ones here." She smiled. Her obnoxious smile was bright and made her eyes light up.

"I'm not going to the Moonpaw." I growled. Her smile fell and she glared at me.

"Yes, you are. You are MY mate and I have superiority." She crossed her arms and that glare began to turn feral. She was right though, most of the time the mate with the lower rank would be expected to move to where their mate lived.

"You aren't my mate. I'm not gay, so obviously something went wrong. Maybe we got the wrong marks." I suggested. She scoffed at the statement and moved in closer.

"The goddess doesn't make mistakes. Perhaps you are gay but never found someone to be attracted to." She pointed it out.

"And you think that must be you?" I laughed. As if I would find her sexually appealing. I had seen plenty of women nude after turning back into human form. None of them had interested me. She was beautiful, I couldn't deny that. She looked like the goddess herself. Even the detail of her hair almost seeming white.

"I would hope so, considering I am your mate." She pulled her skirt down enough to show me the Sigil forming on her hip. It matched mine. It was the Rune for fate. It felt like a slap in the face now.

"I refuse you as my mate." I decided.

"I...You would refuse me? On what bounds?" She gasped. To refuse a mate you had to have a reason. For some it was because they were traitors or murders. Or the higher ranking would refuse if their mate was too low ranking.

"I shouldn't need one. I don't want you as my-" She grabbed my arm and growled deep in her throat.

"As heir of the Moonpaw, you are mine. Even if you are from this excuse of a clan." She snapped. Alpha or not, I was not going to let her take me.

"I am my own." I growled back. I wanted to rip into her and she clearly wanted the same. Yet, my body refused to shift. Why was my wolf not responding to what I want. What we wanted?

"Then let your wolf decide. Hopefully she is smarter than her partner." She suggested, almost as if she knew. I started to obey, letting my wolf take control. She lunged forward and I kissed Stelle. I couldn't pull back, the taste was sweet and addictive. Stelle responded the same way, wrapping her arms around my neck, locking me in against her smaller body. I couldn't move my arms. If I did, I would touch her and not want to stop. Her scent filled my nose and my mouth watered at her scent of arousal. I managed some control and pushed her away. Her taste stayed on my lips and my wolf whined in response.

"I..I'm..." I wasn't gay. I wasn't lusting after her. It was just my wolf doing as wolves do. It was natural for her to seek out her mate and want to complete the ritual.

"Do you think I enjoy my mate being a fool? You are not alone in this. Neither of us are happy about who our mate is...but we are fated for a reason. Fighting it is a waste of time." She was oddly gentle in how she spoke.

"Fates can be changed." I was not going to let this happen to me. I left her there by the fire, my wolf howling in distress.

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