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Chapter 1

In the dense foliage of the forest, a nauseating sound echoes: SPLAT! "Haa... what a repulsive Human," a man mutters disdainfully as he surveys the lifeless figure sprawled before him. "Anyway... Mother must be expecting me by now," he continues, his thoughts already drifting to his next obligation. "How did this one fare?" a voice interrupts, drawing his attention. "Hm? Ah... terribly. The Human reeked of alcohol," he responds, his voice tinged with disappointment. "But enough about that, Athena, what brings you here? Surely Mother has summoned us for a reason," he inquires, curiosity flickering in his eyes. "I've come to fetch you, Atticus. Mother requires our presence," Athena explains, her gaze steady. "Is that so..." Atticus murmurs, his suspicion evident as he regards Athena with a piercing stare. "Indeed. Do you doubt me?" Athena challenges, a hint of amusement coloring her voice. "Yes, I do," Atticus admits with a chuckle, his skepticism giving way to a shared moment of levity. With a shared understanding, they vanish from the forest, returning to the familiarity of their home.

Atticus' brow furrows in confusion as he addresses their mother, "You needed us, Mother?" Her response sends shockwaves through their beings, "Yes, you two are going to transfer to a Human school." Athena and Atticus exchange incredulous glances, their eyes widening in disbelief. "This is utterly atrocious, Mother!" Atticus protests vehemently, his tone laden with indignation. "Exactly! Why on earth do we need to attend a Human school?" Athena interjects, her voice tinged with frustration. Their mother's explanation only deepens their consternation. "Because within that school reside two beings, the last of the hybrids, though not native to our realm. We must eliminate them immediately upon discovery," she elucidates, her words carrying a weighty significance. "But aren't we hybrids ourselves? Wouldn't that mean we're extinguishing our own kind?" Atticus challenges, his sense of morality conflicting with their assigned mission. "Technically, yes," their mother concedes, "but these two are a threat, much like yourselves. They possess the potential to wreak havoc upon our realm." Athena's lips curl into a wry grin as she quips, "The irony is not lost on us, Mother." Their mother's demeanor grows stern as she admonishes them, "No time for jests, you two. Tomorrow marks your arrival, so prepare yourselves. This arrangement was made two months ago, and your dormitories await your occupancy." With a solemn nod, Atticus and Athena acknowledge their orders, mentally bracing themselves for the challenge that lies ahead.

As Atticus packs his bags, he notices his twin sister sitting on the bed after teleporting. "Well, greetings, Athena," he says, acknowledging her presence. "I can tell you're in a bad mood," Athena remarks, her perception sharp. Atticus, undeterred by her observation, responds with a hint of menace, "Is that your new way of greeting someone? Well, if it is, I want you out of my room." Athena quickly shifts the conversation, asking, "Are you done packing yet?" "Yes, I am," Atticus confirms, swiftly zipping up his bag. "What do you need?" he inquires, curious about Athena's sudden visit. "I came here to give you what Mother gave me after you left," Athena reveals, her tone softening slightly. Atticus seizes the opportunity to tease his sister, "Oh?" he responds playfully. "Have I piqued your interest?" Athena chuckles in response, acknowledging his jest, "Yes, you have." Handing him a piece of paper, Athena waits as Atticus reads through the contents. "I guess Mother has set rules... not that any of them are necessary," Atticus thinks to himself. "Alright, thanks, I guess," he says aloud, his tone indifferent. "Mhm," Athena responds, already mentally preparing for their upcoming journey as the weight of their responsibilities looms over them both.

(The note)

-The Next Day-

(Atticus' outfit)

As Atticus adjusts his watch, he's suddenly interrupted by his father's unexpected presence. "Father?" Atticus inquires, slightly taken aback by the interruption. "Don't mind your mother's instructions," his father advises, his tone grave. "Don't kill them, don't torture them. Just get to know them, become friends with them, maybe even more," he continues, his words laden with significance. Atticus is puzzled by his father's sudden counsel. "Why are you saying this to me?" he questions, searching for clarity in his father's words.

"Because I was in the same situation before," his father confesses somberly. "I ended up becoming friends with them. But my parents found out, and they didn't approve. They had to... take action," he explains, his voice trailing off with a hint of regret. Understanding dawns on Atticus as he absorbs his father's revelation. "Ah..." he murmurs, the weight of the past echoing in his thoughts. "Did you tell Athena yet?" he asks, curious about his sister's reaction to their father's advice. "Yes, I already did," his father confirms, his expression reflecting a mixture of concern and resolve. As Atticus processes his father's words, a newfound sense of determination stirs within him, guiding his actions as he prepares to embark on his own journey.

As Atticus and Athena navigate the bustling school hallways, their primal hunger for human blood threatens to overwhelm them. Desperate to quell their cravings, Atticus quickly retrieves a bottle of blood and begins to drink, the metallic taste providing a momentary reprieve. Following suit, Athena takes a sip, her expression betraying a mix of relief and discomfort. "Alright," Atticus exhales heavily, his thoughts already consumed by their primary objective. "Our main objective is to find the two hybrids." Athena nods in agreement, her resolve firm despite the gnawing hunger within. "Yeah... alright," she replies, her voice tinged with a hint of weariness. Determined to fulfill their mission, they make their way to the principal's office to retrieve their schedules, their senses heightened as they brace themselves for the challenges that lie ahead in this unfamiliar territory. As Athena makes her way through the library, an inexplicable chill runs down her spine, causing her to glance nervously over her shoulder. To her surprise, she locks eyes with a blonde-haired girl, her heart skipping a beat as she wonders if this could be one of the hybrids they seek.

Before Athena can react, the blonde swiftly closes the door and pushes Athena against the bookshelves, her touch sending a shiver down Athena's spine. "Ah... another hybrid in this school... how fascinating~," the girl purrs, her hands lingering on Athena's waist as she introduces herself, "Now... what is it that you want... my name is Violet, darling." Athena struggles to find her voice as she's caught off guard by Violet's sudden advance. "I uh—" she begins, but her words are cut short as Atticus intervenes, his protective instincts kicking in. "Hands off my sister," he growls, stepping forward to confront Violet. "Oh?" Violet murmurs, glancing back to see Atticus approaching. "Now now... the fun can't end now, can it?~" Another voice interjects, as a boy emerges from the shadows, his hand grasping Atticus' chin from behind. Caught in a tense standoff, Athena braces herself for the unexpected turn of events, her mind racing with uncertainty as she tries to make sense of the situation unfolding before her. "Ah... hello, Victor," Violet greets as Victor enters the scene. "Greetings to you too!" Victor responds with a smile. Meanwhile, Atticus struggles against Victor's grip, demanding to be released. "Let go of me!.." he asserts, his voice tinged with frustration.

"Now... where were we?~" Violet says, diverting her attention back to Athena. She steps closer, her words dripping with an unsettling charm. "You have such a pretty face, love," Violet compliments, her proximity causing Athena's heart to race inexplicably. Athena's thoughts whirl as she tries to make sense of her reaction to Violet. "She's close... my heart is racing... for some reason," Athena ponders, her instincts on high alert. Before she can dwell further, Atticus attempts to intervene, but his words are abruptly cut off by Victor. "Bye bye~" Victor quips as he teleports away with Atticus, leaving Athena alone with Violet. As Athena turns back to face Violet, she notices the enigmatic girl smiling, further heightening her suspicions. Instinctively, Athena pushes Violet away, realizing she cannot use her powers in her presence. "I can't use my power when I'm around her... it's probably like that with Atticus," Athena concludes, her mind racing with possibilities. "Now now, darling! You shouldn't be drifting away in thoughts! What is your name?" Violet inquires, her tone playful yet insistent. "My name is Athena," she replies cautiously, maintaining her guard. "Even your name is pretty!" Violet giggles, her demeanor remaining as enigmatic as ever. As Athena braces herself for what lies ahead, she can't shake the feeling that her encounter with Violet is just the beginning of something far more complicated and dangerous.

As Atticus demands to be released, Victor responds with a casual demeanor, "No need to get so mad, sweetie. I just came here to ask you a few questions." He takes a step back, hands in his pockets, leaning against the wall. Atticus's frustration boils over, "Sweetie!? Are you mad!?" he shouts, drawing attention to their heated exchange. Victor urges him to lower his voice, "Shh... chill, you do know this is a school, right? People can hear you." Unfazed by Atticus's outburst, Victor persists, "Anyway, why are you here and what do you plan on doing?" he asks, his tone measured yet curious. "I'm not answering your dense questions!" Atticus retorts, his resistance palpable. Victor raises an eyebrow, intrigued. "Dense? Now may I ask you, how is that dense?" he probes, edging closer to Atticus. Atticus braces himself as Victor draws near, his suspicions mounting. "Because I'm just starting to think you came here to kill me and my sister, hm?~" Victor suggests, his words a calculated jab. "Haa... you assume stuff a lot, ey?~" Atticus grunts, matching Victor's approach. "I like to assume a lot of things~" Victor responds, his demeanor playful yet enigmatic. Sensing the conversation reaching an impasse, Atticus decides to cut it short. "Well then, bye bye~" he quips before teleporting away, leaving Victor intrigued and hungry for more answers.

As Atticus teleports to Athena's side, he vents his frustration, "They annoy me already.." Athena nods in agreement, acknowledging the potential threat their adversaries pose. "Our mission may be impossible if they continue to act like that," she adds, her concern evident. "Yes, it might be," Atticus replies somberly, the weight of their predicament weighing heavily on his shoulders. Just then, as if to compound their troubles, Atticus bumps into someone—Violet. "Tch... not you again," Atticus mutters under his breath, frustration evident in his tone. Athena observes the situation, realizing the constraints they face with humans nearby. "I can't do anything to her because there are humans around," Atticus thinks, his gaze scanning the onlookers. Feeling the weight of the awkward encounter, Atticus grunts in frustration. "My bad, Violet," he says, extending his hand in a gesture of apology. A disarming smile plays across his lips as he attempts to diffuse the tension, eliciting blushing reactions from those around him. "Showoff," Athena mumbles teasingly, lightening the mood despite the tension. "Yes, thank you... Atticus," Violet replies, her response laced with a hint of amusement. As the crowd begins to disperse, Atticus and Athena exchange a knowing glance, silently acknowledging the delicate balance they must maintain as they navigate the complexities of their mission amidst human society.

As Violet stands up to Athena with a disarming greeting, "Well hello, darling!~" Athena freezes in place, her heart pounding faster with each passing moment. Atticus, ever protective of his sister, intervenes, "Darling? Have you taken a liking to my sister?" Violet's response is cryptic yet playful, "Maybe, maybe not... who knows..." she chuckles, her demeanor teasingly enigmatic. Athena finds herself at a loss for words, her mind racing as she struggles to respond. "Huh, my love? Did you say something?" Violet says, taking a step closer, her gaze fixed on Athena. "And yet you are saying 'my love' to her, I'm starting to think you just love her," Atticus remarks, his tone laced with suspicion. "Who knows?" Violet replies, tilting her head slightly and clasping her hands together, her smile enigmatic as ever. As the tension between them simmers, Athena and Atticus exchange a glance. "Haa... look at the time, I must leave now!" Violet chuckles, her voice breaking the tension with a light-hearted tone. Her sudden announcement injects a moment of levity into the atmosphere, momentarily easing the strain between them. "It would be better off if you would stay gone," Atticus mutters under his breath, his frustration palpable but his tone softened by Violet's departure. Caught off guard by Atticus's remark, Violet turns to him with a raised eyebrow, her curiosity piqued. "What?" she inquires, her gaze fixed on him expectantly.

"None of your business, go away," Atticus replies curtly, his tone leaving no room for further discussion. He averts his gaze, a flicker of irritation crossing his features as he avoids Violet's probing stare. Undeterred by Atticus's dismissive attitude, Violet maintains her playful demeanor, choosing to bid farewell with a lighthearted remark. "Very well! Goodbye, love!" she says, flashing a charming smile before turning to leave. "B-bye..." Athena's voice trails off softly, her response tinged with genuine warmth as she watches Violet's departure. Despite the lingering tension, Athena remains composed, her demeanor steady and unwavering. Sensing Atticus's curiosity, Athena turns to him with a calm expression, ready to address his inquiries. "What happened in the library," he demands, his tone firm but not accusatory. "Nothing much, really. She just startled me," Athena replies casually, her voice steady as she recounts the encounter. She offers no further explanation, trusting in Atticus's understanding. "Startled? More like charming," Atticus remarks, attempting to inject a note of levity into the conversation. Athena responds with a light punch to his arm, a playful gesture to signal her amusement. "Okay, fine, chill..." Atticus concedes with a chuckle, rubbing his arm where Athena had playfully punched him. Despite the tension lingering between them, there's a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding as they share a knowing glance, silently acknowledging the complexities of their situation.

-With Violet and Victor-

"They're so fascinating!" Violet exclaims, her eyes alight with excitement. Bowing her head slightly, she chuckles to herself before confessing, "I may have already taken a liking..." Victor lets out a resigned sigh, his expression reflecting a mixture of admiration and envy. "They really are! I'm very jealous we didn't hang out with them long enough," he admits, his tone tinged with regret. "Oh well... it's alright, we'll see them tomorrow," Violet reassures, her optimism shining through despite the missed opportunity. With a nod of agreement, Victor acknowledges her words, silently resolving to make the most of their next encounter.

(Violet and Victor)

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