michael-nichols Michael Nichols

These poems are from my heart for the most beautiful woman in the world, Sandra who broke my heart.

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The Love I feel...

When I see a rose,

I think of your smile.

When I feel the rain,

I see your eyes.

Then I feel the warmth of the sun,

Like your love warming my heart.

This life would be no fun

Without you in it.

I see the clouds,

I can touch the grass

It is your lips upon mine

The loving kind.

Holding your hand

Feeling your heartbeat

With you next to me

I can feel your heat.

I love the way you taste

Love the way you make me laugh

We may argue,

We may fight

But it is you,

Only you thats right,

for me.

Without you I would be lost

Could not bear the cost

I'd break down forever lost.

I love you so damn much

I need your love,

I want your touch...

Forever baby,


We can love and be happy.

You and me.



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