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First Encounter

Engfa storming out of her office due to anger. Her dad is forcing her to get married to the son of his bussines partner and she did not like it.

Her dad doesn't like her response and slapped her hard which make Engfa pissed she just looked with grin in her to her dad and walk out of her office with tears falling down her eyes.

Engfa: How dare he! he does not even care about me since then and now suddenly he would ask me to marry someone i dont know . fuck you then. I hate you!!!

She got in to her car and drove off to her favorite bar. She ordered a drink and started getting drunk while crying. She is crying nonstop while drinking. until she saw a girl being harrassed by some guy.

She can see the girl is uncomfortable with the situation but couldn't fight she dont know how to act when the girl suddenly look at her seems to be asking for help . she didnot think twice and went over to wher the girl is . Engfa made her way to the girl grabbed her waist and asked the guys.

" What do you think your doing with my girlfriend??"

The girl was shocked with what happened but just went with the flow.

one of the guys answered, "Sorry bro we didnt know this pretty lady is taken" then suddenly one of them acknowledge who Engfa is.

"Were very sorry Ms.Waraha" we wont mess up with your girl again. and then all of them suddenly left while running.

The girl Engfa saved is still speechless she cannot belive what just happened "Did they just get scared of this woman??"

she has a lot of question didn't even notice Engfa has been talking. "Miss ? miss? helloo?? " She suddenly noticed " Are you Alright?? u look so shocked? " Engfa said with worry in her face.

The girl responded with a nod and said "Thank you but i have to go." and then walk out the bar.

Engfa was left without even knowing her name she look so shocked when the girl left , It seems that this girl had left an unexplanable feeling to Engfa she forgot about what happened that day in the Office with her dad.

Curiosity suddenly strikes her to know who the mysterious girl is she couldnot continue drinking anymore so she decided to go home. Smiling like an idiot, She suddenly remember how she grabbed her waist and look into the girls eyes.

She just realized it now that the girl she saved is as gorgeous as hell her lips are tempting and her eyes are deceiving. Engfa can't stop smiling. She suddenly said " hmmm??? who are you??? I hope i'll meet you Again."

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