Isabella Guzman

A new kid moves into Wondergrove. Everyone would like to be her friend. Everyone except for Chris, that is.

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Moving Emotions

" I can't wait to meet this new girl."

Chris and his friends were told through the newspaper a new friend was moving to Wondergrove, which prompted enthusiasm in the group.

" I'm so excited!" beamed Dee.

Peter smiled gently and comforted Maria, who was crying into his chest.

" Is there one day where Maria doesn't cry?" scowled Chris.

" She's just really happy, Chris." corrected Peter.

Maria wiped her eyes and tearfully gazed at Peter.

" You ok?" asked Peter.

" Yes." sniveled Maria, " I'm just so so so happy that we're going to make a new friend in Wondergrove. Oh, just thinking about friendship makes me want to cry my little eyes out!"

Groaning, Chris shook his head.

" Let it all out, Maria." he sneered.

" Thank you, Chris!" bawled Maria.

She continued to cry, much to Chris' irritation.

" I'm sorry, Peter." croaked Maria.

" Don't worry, Maria." empathized Peter, " I can see that you're really happy to make a new friend in Wondergrove."

" Thanks, Petey."

Just then, Marcus rushed over to the kids, excitement visible in his steps.

" The new friend is here!" he announced.

" Really?" quivered Maria.

A tearful grin spread across her face.

" Yes." replied Marcus.

" Let's meet her, guys." announced Dee.

While she and the others fled to The Wondergrove Door with the intentions of greeting this new kid, Chris just rolled his eyes.

" Great." he grumbled, " Just what I need."

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